RTO Compliance Checklist for Annual Obligations

The Annual RTO Compliance Checklist is an essential tool designed to assist Registered Training Organisations (RTOs) in Australia with maintaining compliance with the Australian Skills Quality Authority (ASQA) regulations.

By following this checklist, RTOs can systematically manage key compliance activities. This list is provided as a reminder only. RTOs need to meet other obligations and deadlines to comply with the requirements of ongoing registration. Visit our RTO compliance guide for more information.

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Here’s What’s Inside:

Our RTO compliance checklist includes the following sections to help you stay on top of your annual compliance obligations:

  1. Check that ASQA can contact you
  2. RTO Activity Reporting
  3. Annual Declaration of Compliance Submission
  4. Quality Indicator Submission
  5. Prepare for Annual Registration Charge
  6. Pay your Annual Registration Charge invoice
  7. Renew and keep up-to-date

Download our RTO Compliance Checklist

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