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A skills matrix is a helpful way to organise the skills and competencies that are needed to be successful in your organisation. Test out our free Excel Skills Matrix template here or learn more about skill matrices in our detailed guide.

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Some benefits of using a skill matrix for training include:

Identifying skill gaps

A skills matrix can help managers and HR professionals identify areas where employees need additional training in order to meet job requirements or company goals.

Facilitating career development

By providing employees with a clear view of their current skills and what they need to learn to advance in their careers, skills matrices can help employees set goals and plan their professional development.

Improving performance

When employees receive training to fill skill gaps identified in the skills matrix template, they are better able to perform their jobs and contribute to the overall success of the organisation.

Aligning training with business needs

By identifying the skills that are most important to the organisation, skills matrices can help managers and trainers align training programs with the needs of the business.

Prioritising training resources

By identifying the most pressing skill gaps, these skills matrices can help managers prioritise the use of training resources to ensure that they are being used most effectively.

Enhancing team dynamics

Skills matrix can also provide insight into how team members’ skills align, where cross-training opportunities may exist, and which team members may be best suited for specific tasks or projects.

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