Learner Self-Assessment Checklist

Having students self-assess encourages them to reflect on their learning progress and take responsibility for their learning. This will help them become more autonomous learners and gain awareness of their strengths and weaknesses.

Using a checklist like this one will provide a framework for self-assessment and keep students on track and invested in their learning journey. We encourage you to download it and share it with your students.

This checklist is a good start, however, you can also consider our top 3 tips for engaging remote learners to inspire confidence and success in your students.

student self-assessment checklist download

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Here’s What’s Inside:

Our self-assessment checklist includes the following sections to help your students stay on top of their studies:

  1. Goal setting checklist
  2. Progress tracking checklist
  3. Reflection checklist
  4. Detailed goal-setting section
  5. Detailed after study reflection section

Download our Student Self-Assessment Checklist

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