Training Matrix Template

A training matrix is a structured tool used by organisations to monitor and record the completion and requirements of employee training and professional development. It helps in mapping out completed training programs against those still required, thereby facilitating effective management of workforce skills development and ensuring all employees are aligned with organisational training objectives.

Test out our free Google Sheets Training Matrix Template here. You can also learn more about what a training matrix is and how it can benefit your company.

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A free Training Matrix Template created with Google Sheets. You can make a copy of the template to use for your own organisation.

The sheet will allow you to track employee training completion percentage by making note of every professional development opportunity that has been completed. The following areas are available for you to complete:

  • Employee full name
  • Employee ID code
  • Employee Department
  • Employee Role
  • Training relevant to the employees that can be marked as Completed, In Progress, or Not Started
  • Completion statistics that automatically update based on how you fill in the Training Matrix

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