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How to Design Training for Online & Face-to-Face
Marc Miles explores key differences in designing online vs. face-to-face training, offering tips to keep your audience engaged. Learn about frequent breaks, strategic content presentation and more.

Tips for Beginners to Master Training Technology
Marc Miles tackles the initial steps beginners should take when starting with new technology for training delivery. Discover practical advice on how to overcome fears, commit to learning and develop the necessary skills.

How to Cater to Different Learning Styles in Group Delivery
Marc Miles from Spec Training tackles the challenge of adapting training content to suit different learning styles in both online and face-to-face environments.

Driving Value Through Training & Assessment
In this video, Rob Bright, Founder of Cloud Assess, shares his philosophy on training and assessment, emphasising tailored, effective learning experiences that meet diverse needs and drive tangible results in skills development.

Enhancing Workplace Learning
Discover how Cloud Assess transforms learning for RTOs, training centres and workplaces, as Founder Rob Bright explains the limitations of traditional LMS’s for deskless workers and vocational learners.

How Cloud Assess Supports Trainers & Assessors
Rob Bright, Founder of Cloud Assess, discusses how modern technology streamlines tasks for trainers and assessors, enhancing communication and improving learner outcomes.

Streamlined Assessment Powered by Cloud Assess
In considering the essential requirements in a solution like Cloud Assess, Kerri underscores key functionalities crucial for trainers & assessors including streamlining assessment compliance.

The Impact of AI on Training and Assessment
Kerri Buttery, CEO of VET Nexus & Digital Literacy Licence, anticipates that as AI garners increasing attention, there will be an impact on learners, trainers and RTOs over the next 1-2 years.

Why Cloud Assess Brings Value to the VET Sector
Kerri Buttery, CEO of VET Nexus and Digital Literacy Licence, discusses the invaluable benefits of Cloud Assess for the Vocational Education & Training sector.

Techfest 2023: The Need for Visibility of Skill in the Workplace
Alex Fuller, Head of Customer Success, explains why implementing an Assessment First strategy in workplace training is crucial.

Techfest 2023: Uninterrupted Training Despite the Pandemic
Justin Key, From McDonald’s, discusses how training continued seamlessly throughout the pandemic.

Techfest 2023: Supporting the Role of the Third Party in Workplace Training
Alex Fuller discusses how to successfully engage supervisors and other third parties in workplace training and assessment.

Streamline Your RTO Operations
Sarah Carrie, Registered Training Organisation (RTO) Consultant, shares her experience in the Vocational Education and Training sector and the future of training and assessment for RTOs.

Catalysts for Skill Evolution
Phill Bevan, vetr Comunity Advisor and all-round Vocational Education and Training (VET) specialist, discusses the importance of On-The-Job Training, Professional Development and the future of VET.

Harnessing Technology: Empowering Frontline Teams
Peta Williamson, Digital Training Specialist, gives us insight into her firsthand experience training frontline workers and how digital supports their outcomes.

Transforming Digital Literacy
Peta Williamson, Digital Training Specialist, explains some tips and tricks she uses with the Frontline Workforce to get comfortable using technology.

Prioritising Safety in the Workplace
The most important safety tip or practice which every workplace should prioritise

Prioritising Safety in the Workplace
The most important safety tip or practice which every workplace should prioritise

Inclusive Training Practices
Peta Williamson, Digital Training Specialist, discusses how to use technology to combat any roadblocks or pre-conceived ideas of a task in the workplace.

What Digital Trend do Learners Want in 2024?
Dr Deniese Cox discusses what learners want to see more of, other than using AI, in their training practices.

Technology – Putting the Human First
Alex Fuller discusses how technology needs to be used to support humans rather than hinder or remove the human element to training.

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