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Training & Assessment Expert Insights

Techfest 2023: The Need for Visibility of Skill in the Workplace:
Alex Fuller, Head of Customer Success, explains why implementing an Assessment First strategy in workplace training is crucial.

Techfest 2023: Uninterrupted Training Despite the Pandemic:
Justin Key, Systems Manager at McDonald’s discusses how Cloud Assess supported them during the pandemic ensuring training continued seamlessly.

Streamline Your RTO Operations:
Insights and lessons from a Registered Training Organisation (RTO) consultant

Catalysts for Skill Evolution:
On the job learning, professional development and AI mastery

Training in High Risk Industries:
Adopting a comprehensive approach to safety training

Prioritising Safety in the Workplace:
The most important safety tip or practice which every workplace should prioritise

Building a Seamless Student Journey:
How a health & wellness training provider creates better student experiences and mentor programs

Streamlining onboarding and employee training:
How the tourist hotspot, Australia Zoo, over trains 500 staff of differing age groups

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