Communicate the Risk Treatment Processes to Relevant Personnel

Communicate the Risk Treatment Processes to Relevant Personnel

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Communicate the Risk Treatment Processes to Relevant Personnel



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  • Understand risk treatment processes in mining, focusing on measures to mitigate, control, or eliminate identified risks for enhancing safety and productivity.
  • Identify relevant personnel involved in risk treatment, including management, supervisors, frontline workers, safety officers, and environmental specialists, to ensure effective communication and implementation.
  • Tailor communication strategies to the audience’s knowledge and experience level, using clear language and visual aids to improve understanding and engagement.
  • Explain the risk treatment plan, detailing risk identification, assessment, and selected treatment strategies to equip personnel with the knowledge to manage risks effectively.
  • Provide training and resources, covering hazard recognition, risk assessment, the use of controls, and emergency response to ensure a competent workforce.
  • Implement and monitor risk treatment measures, focusing on continuous improvement, legal compliance, and effective record-keeping for transparency and accountability.
  • Engage in interactive learning through quizzes and summaries to reinforce understanding and application of risk treatment processes in mining operations.


In the “Communicate the Risk Treatment Processes to Relevant Personnel” course, tailored specifically for the mining sector, participants will delve into the essential steps of identifying, assessing, and implementing strategies for managing risk effectively. This course covers the full spectrum of the risk management process, from the initial risk identification through to the development and execution of a comprehensive risk management strategy.

It emphasises the critical role of effective communication in ensuring that all relevant personnel, including management, supervisors, and frontline workers, understand and are equipped to apply risk treatment measures. The course aims to equip these key stakeholders with the knowledge and tools necessary to mitigate potential risks, safeguarding both personnel and the organisation’s assets.

The curriculum also places a strong emphasis on the principles of risk management, highlighting the importance of a proactive approach to identifying risk and tailoring risk treatment plans accordingly. Through a combination of theoretical knowledge and practical training, participants will learn to navigate the risk management process, leveraging controls and resources to enhance safety and productivity in mining operations.

Key topics include risk identification, the hierarchy of controls, and implementing risk management measures, all aimed at reducing incidents and improving overall performance. By the course’s conclusion, attendees will not only understand their risk appetite but also be adept at conducting risk reviews and adjusting their risk management strategies to align with evolving industry standards and regulations.




  • Introduction To Understanding Risk Treatment Processes


  • Relevant Personnel
  • Identifying Relevant Personnel
  • Tailoring Communication To The Audience
  • Risk Treatment Plan Explanation
  • Providing Training And Resources


  • Quiz
  • Summary


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