Maintaining Your Equipment & Work Area in Food Retail

Maintaining Your Equipment & Work Area in Food Retail

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Maintaining Your Equipment & Work Area in Food Retail



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  • Learn how to distinguish between cleaning and sanitising to maintain a hygienic work environment in food retail, preventing foodborne illnesses.
  • Master identifying and reporting equipment wear and tear to ensure timely maintenance, reducing the risk of contamination and equipment breakdown.
  • Understand the procedures for handling damaged food handling utensils, including safe disposal to maintain food safety standards.
  • Gain knowledge on pest and vermin control measures to keep food-handling areas free from contamination and uphold hygiene standards.
  • Acquire skills in developing and adhering to a cleaning and sanitising schedule, ensuring all areas of the food retail environment are consistently maintained to high standards.


This free online training course is a comprehensive program designed to equip food retail workers with essential skills and knowledge in maintaining cleanliness, hygiene, and equipment functionality. This course delves into crucial aspects of food safety, including cleaning and sanitising procedures, identifying and reporting maintenance requirements, and handling damaged food-handling utensils. By focusing on preventing food-borne illnesses and contamination, the course underscores the responsibility of food handlers in ensuring a spotless and sanitised work environment. Participants will learn through a blend of lessons covering various facets of a food safety program, from the basics of cleaning and sanitising to the intricacies of pest and vermin control, all aimed at enhancing the efficiency of food handling operations and maintaining a positive customer impression.

Emphasising practical application, the course provides interactive exercises, real-world scenarios, and a quiz to consolidate learning outcomes. Through detailed guidance on the use of work equipment, the importance of equipment maintenance, and the implementation of precautions to uphold workplace regulations, learners will acquire the tools necessary to maintain equipment and work areas responsibly. The curriculum is meticulously crafted to include online training modules that address the maintenance of tools and machinery, ensuring food retail workers are well-versed in maintaining a hygienic and efficient workspace. By the end of this online training course, participants will not only understand the difference between cleaning and sanitising but will also be equipped to identify signs of wear and tear in equipment, effectively report and manage maintenance needs, and adopt preventive measures against pests and vermin, thereby upholding the highest standards of food safety and workplace cleanliness.




  • Introduction to Maintaining Your Equipment and Work Area in Food Retail


  • Food Safety Program
  • Cleaning and Sanitising Procedures
  • Identifying and Reporting Maintenance Requirements
  • Handling Damaged Food Handling Utensils
  • Pest and Vermin Control


  • Quiz
  • Summary


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