Product Sales Reporting

Product Sales Reporting

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Product Sales Reporting





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Short course

Course Excerpt

Sales data encompasses all information related to a company’s sales activities. This includes product quantities sold, sales revenue, customer demographics, sales channels, and timeframes. Understanding sales data is vital for measuring performance, setting goals, and aligning strategies.

Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) for Sales

Understanding and selecting the right metrics and KPIs is crucial for assessing sales performance.

Some important metrics include:

Sales Volume
Profit Margin
Customer Acquisition Cost

Common Visualisation Methods

Explore these various methods used for creating compelling visual representations.

Charts and Graphs
Heat Maps
Data Mapping

The Art of Strategic Reporting

Strategic reporting goes beyond mere data presentation; it’s about communicating insights in a way that informs decision-making.

Tailored Communication: Different audiences require different levels of detail. Learn to craft reports for executives, managers, and technical teams, focusing on what each group needs to know.
Visual Aids: Enhance comprehension by using visuals like graphs and charts. We’ll cover principles of effective data visualisation and tools that can be used.
Key Insights and Recommendations: Understand how to synthesise findings and propose actionable recommendations that align with business objectives.

Course Impressions


  • Course Overview
  • Understanding Sales Data
  • Analysing Sales Performance
  • Visualising Sales Information
  • Strategic Reporting and Action Planning
  • Quiz
  • Summary

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  • eLearning
  • Assessment
  • Access on tablet and mobile
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