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Skills Audit Template

Conducting a skills audit is a vital part of strategic workforce planning. Try out our free downloadable template to save time and get started immediately.

Continuous Professional Development (CPD) Log Template

Last year alone, 123 people in the UK died at work, with a further 521,000 suffering injury or illness in the workplace. This report acts as a valuable resource to all businesses who want to better protect their workforce.

Training Matrix Template Download

A training matrix is a valuable resource to help you keep track of employee's training. Download this template to identify completed, in progress, and incomplete training opportunities.

Fatal Negligence – Training for Safety (UK)

Last year alone, 123 people in the UK died at work, with a further 521,000 suffering injury or illness in the workplace. This report acts as a valuable resource to all businesses who want to better protect their workforce.

Rules of Evidence Infographic Download

The Rules of Evidence are one of the most important parts of the RTO assessment process. This infographic will help you identify everything you need to consider to remain compliance.

Professional Development Plan Download – Guide & Template

This free Professional Development Plan is everything you need to help grow your organisation. It contains everything you need to improve employee performance.

Training and Assessment Strategy Template

Create your own Training and Assessment Strategy with this easy-to-use template. It includes everything you need to kickstart your organisation's professional development.

10 Tips for Choosing Online Assessment & Training Software Infographic

Discover the most important things to consider when choosing assessment and training software with this free infographic.

Training Needs Analysis Template

This training needs analysis helps you discover what your employees know and can do now. You can then measure this against requirements for your organisation to thrive.

Fatal Negligence (Training for Safety Report)

Last year alone, 160 people in Australia died at work, with a further 497,300 suffering injury or illness in the workplace. We investigated the connection between fatalities and the quantity and quality of training provided. The insights are game-changing.

The Demands of the Deskless Worker – Industry Report

Learn more about what makes the modern deskless worker tick and help you develop training strategies that will engage this invaluable talent pool.

Engaging with the Learner

Find out how you can create an engaging and rewarding learner experience to ensure exceptional outcomes.

Why SAP SuccessFactors Needs Cloud Assess

Learn how to drastically increase learning assessments and training outcomes and how our integration helped this customer reduce their reportable incidents by 25%.

Request for Proposal (RFP) Template

We’ve created an RFP template designed for corporate training needs. It includes all the critical components, ready for you to customise.

Risk Assessment Matrix Template

Try our free downloadable risk assessment matrix to quickly get ahead of the curve. With just a click of a button, you can be assessing risks in a reliable manner today.

Capability Matrix Template

A capability matrix is an important tool for business leaders to track employee skill sets, knowledge, expertise and behaviour in relation to business goals and strategy.

Competency Matrix Template

One of the easiest ways to level up your business and identify any areas for improving employee competency is with a competency matrix.

15 Formative Assessment Techniques

Formative Assessment can be a way to add excitement and rigour to your lesson material and a chance for some interactivity from your students.

Skills Matrix Template

A skills matrix is a helpful way to organise the skills and competencies that are needed to be successful in your organisation.

Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) Template

Try out our carefully curated free SOP template to define routine workflows and tasks, leading to consistent and efficient organisational operations.

Have Questions? We Have the Answer!

  • Cloud Assess places a strong emphasis on training and assessment. It provides tools and features specifically designed for creating and delivering training content, conducting assessments, and tracking learner progress. It offers features like competency-based training, assessment authoring, compliance management, and industry-specific templates. Cloud Assess is also compatible with deskless workers and on-the-job training, which traditional LMS’s are not.

    In contrast, a traditional LMS typically focuses on managing and delivering e-Learning content. It facilitates the creation, distribution, and tracking of online courses, modules, and multimedia resources. An LMS often includes features such as content management, learner enrolment, progress tracking, and discussion forums. However, it may have limited assessment capabilities compared to Cloud Assess.

  • Cloud Assess offers a comprehensive employee training solution that is designed to cater to a wide range of industries and skill sets. Our training programs focus on enhancing workplace skills and bridging the skills gap in various sectors, including but not limited to manufacturing, logistics, rail, construction, hospitality, and retail. We provide a flexible and customisable platform that allows organisations to develop and deliver tailored training content to meet their specific industry needs.

  • Our platform incorporates various features and mechanisms to ensure compliance throughout the training process.

    Firstly, we provide a robust assessment framework that allows organisations to create and administer assessments aligned with specific compliance requirements. These assessments can evaluate employees’ knowledge, competency, and adherence to regulatory guidelines.

    Additionally, our platform offers tracking and reporting capabilities, allowing organisations to monitor and document employee training progress. This feature helps in demonstrating compliance to auditors or regulatory bodies, providing transparency and accountability.

    We also offer built-in compliance content and templates, which can be customised to align with industry-specific regulations. This ensures that employees receive the necessary training on compliance topics relevant to their roles.

  • Cloud Assess understands the importance of providing effective training solutions for deskless workers who may not have regular access to traditional learning environments or desktop computers.

    Our platform is built with a mobile-first approach, ensuring that deskless workers can access training materials and assessments anytime, anywhere, using their smartphones or tablets. This enables them to acquire and reinforce critical skills on-the-job while minimising disruptions to their workflow. Our platform also supports offline functionality, allowing deskless workers to continue their training even in areas with limited or no internet connectivity.

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