Reports & Guides to
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Make sure your training runs as smoothly as possible with our wide selection of
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Employee Rota Form Template

The Employee Rota Template is the perfect tool to manage work schedules and weekly wages. Try out this free template today!

360 Performance Review Template

The 360 Performance Review Template can help you holistically evaluate your employees so that you get the best idea of their performance.

Eisenhower Time Management Matrix Template

The Eisenhower Time Management Matrix can help you evaluation and assign tasks according to organisational urgency and importance.

Training Agreement Form Template

Use this free Training Agreement Form template to help set out the terms and conditions of employee training.

Training Evaluation Form Template

Our free Training Evaluation Form template will help you track the success of professional development in your organisation.

Training Feedback Form Template

Download our free Training Feedback Form template. This training asset will ensure all training is effective and well-received.

9-Box Talent Grid Template Download

Download our free 9-Box Talent Grid template. This free resource will help you manage talent in your organisation.

Objectives & Key Results (OKR) Template

Download our free Objectives & Key Results (OKR) template. This free resource will help you set objectives and track their progress.

Succession Planning Template

Download our free Succession Planning Template. This free resource will help you plan out succession strategies to prevent skill gaps.

Change Management Plan Template Download

Download our free Change Management Plan Template. This free resource will help you successfully manage change in your organisation.

Onboarding Checklist Template for New Employees

Download our free Onboarding Checklist. This free resource will help your organisation successfully onboard new employees.

RTO Compliance Checklist for Annual Obligations

Download our RTO Compliance Checklist. This free resource will help you remain compliant with Annual Obligations.

RTO Self-Assessment Tool

Download our RTO Self-Assessment Tool for RTOs. This free resource will help you ensure compliance according to ASQA requirements.

Learner Self-Assessment Checklist

Using this checklist to provide a framework for self-assessment and keep students on track and invested in their learning journey.

Principles of Assessment Infographic

Our infographic succinctly presents the four core principles of assessment critical for compliance within Registered Training Organisations (RTOs): Validity, Reliability, Flexibility, and Fairness.

Skills Audit Template

Conducting a skills audit is a vital part of strategic workforce planning. Try out our free downloadable template to save time and get started immediately.

Continuous Professional Development (CPD) Log Template

A CPD (Continuous Professional Development) Log is a comprehensive tool designed for individuals to easily document and reflect on their learning and professional growth opportunities.

Training Matrix Template Download

A training matrix is a valuable resource to help you keep track of employee's training. Download this template to identify completed, in progress, and incomplete training opportunities.

Fatal Negligence – Training for Safety (UK)

Last year alone, 123 people in the UK died at work, with a further 521,000 suffering injury or illness in the workplace. This report acts as a valuable resource to all businesses who want to better protect their workforce.

Rules of Evidence Infographic Download

The Rules of Evidence are one of the most important parts of the RTO assessment process. This infographic will help you identify everything you need to consider to remain compliance.

Professional Development Plan Download – Guide & Template

This free Professional Development Plan is everything you need to help grow your organisation. It contains everything you need to improve employee performance.

Training and Assessment Strategy Template

Create your own Training and Assessment Strategy with this easy-to-use template. It includes everything you need to kickstart your organisation's professional development.

10 Tips for Choosing Online Assessment & Training Software

Discover the most important things to consider when choosing assessment and training software with this free infographic.

Training Needs Analysis Template

This training needs analysis helps you discover what your employees know and can do now. You can then measure this against requirements for your organisation to thrive.

Fatal Negligence (Training for Safety Report)

In 2023, Australia had 497,300 people suffering injury or illness in the workplace. We investigated the connection between fatalities and the quantity and quality of training provided to produce key takeaways and insights on how to rectify this.

The Demands of the Deskless Worker – Industry Report

Learn more about what makes the modern deskless worker tick and help you develop training strategies that will engage this invaluable talent pool.

Engaging with the Learner

Find out how you can create an engaging and rewarding learner experience to ensure exceptional outcomes.

Boosting Training Outcomes by Integrating Cloud Assess With SAP SuccessFactors

Learn how to drastically increase learning assessments and training outcomes and how our integration helped this customer reduce their reportable incidents by 25%.