Change Management Plan Template

This Change Management Plan is a structured tool designed to guide organisations through the process of managing transformations within their operational, structural, and personnel frameworks. It leverages established principles from renowned models such as Prosci’s 3-Phase Process and the ADKAR Model, incorporating phases that cover preparation, implementation, and sustainability of change.

The template is organised into distinct phases, each with actionable steps, to ensure systematic and effective management of change. It helps identify the scope of change, stakeholder impacts, and necessary communications. By following this template, change leaders can ensure that transitions are not only implemented efficiently but are also sustainable and aligned with the organisation’s long-term goals, thus enhancing adaptability and minimising disruption.

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Here’s What’s Inside:

Our Change Management Plan Template includes the following sections to help you stay plan and manage change in your organisation:

1. Change management plan overview:

This section includes important planning information such as background information, the reason for implementing change, objectives & goals, and team members who will implement the change.

2. Change management plan phases & steps:

This section provides an actionable list of steps that will need to be completed in the three core phases of change management: Planning & Assessment, Implement Change, and Monitor & Sustain

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