Engaging the Learner

40 mins

Ensuring learner engagement is no mean feat. Tune in to discover proven methods to maximise engagement and ensure great learning outcomes.

Why do we need to focus on learner engagement?

Ensuring learner engagement, whether you work in a Training Organisation or a Company, is a balancing act and one we can continuously improve on. However, from enrolment to result or onboarding to mastering, it’s imperative to keep a consistent form of interaction with your learners or employees respectively, to achieve the desired outcomes.

Why is it so important? Our research shows that the need for training in 2023 is undisputed. 97% of HR Managers and 81% of deskless workers agree that training and development is important to their company’s success. Although united in the notion that training is of great importance, the need for engaging and relevant training was also portrayed with over 2 thirds of workers stating that training could be improved, but how?

Many studies prove that the efficacy of learning is much greater when a learner is actively engaged in a practical task rather than left with an elearning module, but how can this be conducted efficiently and effectively?

How to engage the learner throughout the learner journey

Cloud Assess veterans Josh Hooper and Jake Main have developed a framework for success to help you manage your learner engagement every step of the way. Access their methodology in this FREE webinar.

Walk away from the webinar with:

  • A framework designed to maximise learner engagement
  • How to use Cloud Assess to engage with your learners
  • Tips to know when you need to interact with learner

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