Award winning VET sector author features Cloud Assess

Award winning VET sector author features Cloud Assess

Lee Perlitz is an award-winning author and consultant in the Vocational Education & Training sector (VET). She has a reputation for being an honest and authentic writer and received Australian Publishing Association Award for Best VET and TAFE Text Book Series in 2002 and first runner-up in 2007. Her latest book, “Vocational Training and Assessment”, is in print and features Cloud Assess in Chapter 12, “Information Management and Reporting”.

As the National VET Conference has just kicked off and Lee will be there, we thought we’d interview her to give you an insight into this training and assessment professional’s career to date.

Lee is a qualified trainer and assessor with 20 years experience in the industry. Passionate about people learning and sharing her knowledge, Lee states that she loves doing what she does to make sure kids learn. When asked how her colleagues would describe her she says, “Fun, strong-minded, creative and caring”. This is certainly true as you look at the amazing career she has led.

Before her time in the VET sector, she worked in corporate travel with British Airways and Lufthansa in Europe and Australia. She then moved into management within hospitality and telecoms before she decided to move into training on the Gold Coast. Upon administering a training course in Tourism she felt the resources were so poor she took it upon herself to write her own course content. It was from here that her work started to become renown and she was approached by publishers to create text books and learning material. Lee was almost destined to write. If you ask her what she would take on a desert island it would be a crate of books!

Lee’s success as an author has been applauded at many levels as her well written books have cut through the complexity around the requirements Registered Training Organisations (RTOs) face. As such, the first edition of her book, Vocational Training and Assessment sold over 50,000 copies. The second edition is due out this month and contains the many answers to questions RTOs face when starting up an RTO and managing quality and current processes. Lee also refers to Cloud Assess in her latest book. Chapter 12 is about Maintaining training and assessment information and Cloud Assess is cited as an example of how to capture and store assessment data. To order her book click here

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Lee is now semi-retired but still writes and runs her own business, Lee Perlitz Training Consultancy. Her training material in Tourism, Hospitality, Retail and Training & Assessment is available for purchase from her website. For more information click here.

Looking back at her career Lee thinks her fondest memory was when her very first class did a speech for her to say thank you on their graduation day. It is the growth her students show that really warms Lee’s heart.

The biggest lesson you learn from Lee is that hard work, passion and determination are the secrets to her success as she lives by her favourite saying from Aristotle – Excellence is never an accident.

If you are a character of interest in the VET sector contact us and we will feature you in one of our forthcoming biography posts.

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