Cloud Assess are all geared up for Love to Ride 2016

Cloud Assess are all geared up for Love to Ride 2016

With Love to Ride right around the corner, Cloud Assess is gearing up to participate and get the entire office involved. Last year, we had the honour of winning our business category as well as coming together as a team to ride. We are aiming to achieve that again and hope we can be a positive influence to other business owners and RTOs to participate in the future.

Love to Ride is all about showing how enjoyable riding can be. For those skeptics out there, including one of our very own, we have put together a little list of some of the benefits that come form cycling:

In This Article:

Help the environment

One of our main values at Cloud Assess is sustainability and cycling is a great way to reduce waste and help keep the environment healthy and happy.

Boost concentration levels

With a small team, everyone at Cloud Assess has to be constantly on the ball to keep everything running smoothly. We credit our support response time of under 2 minutes to cycling which keeps us alert and focused on what really matters: our clients!

Improve your workload management

Going along with concentration, you’ll be able to handle more workload. Studies have shown that people who cycle or exercise before work are better at handling stress and have more motivation to work.

Build work relationships

Cycling as a team brings out new understanding of coworkers and a higher sense of belonging in that community. This is important for places like Cloud Assess and RTOs where departments have to continuously work together to achieve the same goal.

Boost your immune system

Cycling or moderate exercise has been shown to create more activity in immune cells, making them more likely to fight infection. That’s why we’re always working at Cloud Assess; we rarely have to take sick days!

You’ll be happier

Ever wonder why we’re always smiling here? We’re passionate about the things we do and cycling is one of them!

Competition details

For those of you on the Gold Coast, you can enter your business here:

Those who participate can win prizes along the way and compete in their business size category.

This challenge isn’t restricted to Gold Coast, most cities have the opportunity to participate in a Love to Ride challenge or get involved in local cycling groups.

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