What do Students Look for When Choosing an RTO?

What do Students Look for When Choosing an RTO?

What do students look for when choosing an RTO?

Meet Bruna.

Bruna is a Marketing Student from a Registered Training Organisation (RTO). After moving to the Gold Coast from Brazil, she wanted to update her skills to enhance her resume and make her more employable. After an intensive search for the right qualification and RTO, she hasn’t looked back and is flying high with her studies.

So what do students look for when they are choosing their course and where to study? We asked Bruna in this 5 minute interview and consolidated her answers and advice from ASQA in the following infographic.

What do students look for when choosing an RTO?

1. Tell us about why you chose a vocational qualification?

Vocational studies are a great way to gain skills in your chosen career pathway. I graduated from my degree in Marketing 6 years ago and I wanted to brush up on my skills as well as any knowledge gaps between my home country Brazil and here in Australia. I thought that a vocational pathway would be a great option to add more practical experience to my current theoretical knowledge from university.

2. When you started your search, what information did you find helpful from each provider?

In my research I was especially focussed on getting a lot of information about the content / modules of the courses. I wanted to start the vocational pathway to upgrade my current Marketing knowledge and to do so I needed to know beforehand what would be taught in each course. In my situation I specifically looked for Marketing courses that had Online Marketing at their core. Of course the prices played a big role for me as well. Some were just too expensive for my current financial situation. I preferred options where month by month payments were possible, instead of paying the full price of the course upfront.

3. What made you chose the course and provider you are with today?

It wasn’t just the reasonable pricing and how well they itemised their course content that made me choose my provider. The location of the school was very important as well because I don’t have my own transport. But the most important factor for myself was the reputation of the training organisation. I searched on their social pages to check them all out.

4. Why did you decide to study on the Gold Coast?

The Gold Coast is a vibrant, up and coming city in Australia. I have friends here who had recommended the area and an English school. When I arrived, I wasn’t disappointed. There is so much to offer for students with a real Australian laid back vibe. When I then looked where to start my vocational education it was the easiest and most efficient option to find something in this area.

5. Can you list a few factors that make learning easier for you and explain why?

Being organised is a key factor for me. I always want to have all the courses, assessments and materials easily accessible from anywhere I want. Having everything in a unique portal helps me comfortably organise myself without too much hassle. I really appreciate trainers who have a good knowledge of what they deliver and know how to create exciting classes. It is great when a trainer teaches with real-life examples and interactive learning methods. A quick turn around of feedback is also gratefully appreciated.

6. What would you like your RTO to offer you?

Great Facilities

My current RTO offers a few great extras to support us during our studies. We have access to a fully equipped kitchen that helps with keeping costs for food low. Clean bathrooms and a car park is also great!!


All classrooms have laptops and iPads that we can use during and after classes.

Trainer Access

The trainers have one day per week which is dedicated solely for student enquires. I take advantage of this frequently.


Obtaining support for work placements would be  great and employment assistance would be the icing on the cake.

7. How long do you expect to study for until you start working?

ASAP! I Can’t wait to get out there and implement the things I have learnt.

8. Are you able to finance yourself to pay all the bills?


Yes and I haven’t required a student loan. I love that I can pay the course fees with monthly payments and don’t need to pay everything upfront.

9. What sort of training delivery do you like?

I love Face to Face and practical training. When a trainer provides lots of examples and tells us how to utilise the learned skills in the practical world. I have a good photographic memory, that’s why it’s easier for me to remember materials that were taught using examples and interactivity.

10. Please list any other factors that influenced your decision for studying at your current RTO:

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