Basic Kitchen Operations Course

Basic Kitchen Operations Course

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Basic Kitchen Operations Course


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  • You’ll master kitchen safety, learning how to dodge hazards like sharp knives and hot surfaces to keep the cook-up safe.
  • Knife skills are on the menu, where you’ll learn to chop, slice, and dice like a pro, keeping your fingers intact.
  • We’ll run through the essential culinary tools and how to use them, making sure you’re equipped to tackle any recipe.
  • Food prep and organisation will be a breeze as you learn to measure, mix, and manage ingredients efficiently.
  • Recipe reading and execution is covered, ensuring you can follow and adapt recipes like a seasoned chef.
  • Presentation and plating skills to make your dishes not only taste great but look stunning on the plate.
  • Time and task management strategies to keep your kitchen running smoothly, ensuring cleanliness and top-notch sanitation practices.


Embarking on the Basic Kitchen Operations course offers an immersive dive into the culinary world, tailored for budding chefs and cooks keen to master the foundational elements of cooking and kitchen management. This course, designed with an emphasis on practical skills and food safety, equips participants with the know-how to handle culinary tools and equipment efficiently, ensuring hygienic food preparation and the creation of healthier dishes. Through hands-on lessons on knife skills, cooking techniques, and the art of food presentation, learners will gain the confidence to prepare a variety of dishes, employing best practices to enhance food safety and kitchen operations.

Central to the course is the concept of mise en place, a cornerstone of kitchen efficiency, teaching participants to organise food items and equipment ahead of food preparation, thereby streamlining the cooking process. With a focus on both the technical and artistic aspects of cooking food, from meat to vegetables, the curriculum guides learners through recipe reading and execution, culminating in the ability to plate dishes attractively. Moreover, the course delves into time and task management within the kitchen environment, ensuring that cleanliness and sanitation are upheld to the highest standards. As learners progress, they’ll also develop troubleshooting and problem-solving skills, essential for overcoming common kitchen challenges and innovating on traditional recipes.




  • Introduction to Kitchen Safety


  • Culinary Tools And Equipment
  • Knife Skills
  • Culinary Tools And Equipment
  • Food
  • Food Preparation And Organisation
  • Recipe Reading And Execution
  • Food Presentation And Plating
  • Prioritisation
  • Time And Task Management
  • Cleaning And Sanitation
  • Troubleshooting And Problem Solving


  • Quiz
  • Summary


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