Plan For Group Sessions

Plan For Group Sessions

Elderly group of patients in group therapy session in nursing home guided by a doctor

Plan For Group Sessions


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  • You’ll learn to spot what’s outside your job’s scope as an Allied Health Assistant, helping to keep things professional and safe.
  • You’ll get the know-how to assess and confirm the benefits group sessions have on patients’ health and recovery, ensuring their time is well-spent.
  • You’ll discover the right way to check if patients can and want to join in on these group sessions, making sure everyone’s on board and ready.
  • By the end of it, you’ll be able to effectively contribute to the planning and running of group sessions, making a real difference in the holistic care of patients.
  • You’ll sharpen your communication skills, making sure you can chat effectively with both the healthcare team and the patients you’re supporting.
  • Learn the importance of peer support and learning in patient care, demonstrating how group sessions can improve patients’ quality of life and treatment adherence.


This course dives deep into the essentials of creating a supportive environment that caters to the diverse needs and fitness levels of participants, ensuring every class member can progress at their own pace. Through a structured curriculum, learners will develop a comprehensive understanding of how to identify requirements beyond their scope, assess the impact of group sessions on patients’ recovery, and confirm participants’ availability, aligning with specific objectives to deliver great class experiences.

By focusing on the key points of efficient resource use, enhanced communication, and peer support, this program aims to elevate the quality of patient care and adherence to treatment plans, demonstrating the cost-effective benefits of well-planned group sessions.

Furthermore, the course emphasises the importance of professional development in facilitating group training, ranging from low-impact exercises to high-intensity interval training, accommodating different fitness levels. It prepares learners to address the varying learning styles and develop sessions that encourage community and peer learning among new and existing members. By integrating practical exercises and a comprehensive quiz, participants will have the opportunity to apply their knowledge, evaluate their planning skills, and refine their approach to meet the holistic needs of their ideal clients.

Whether catering to large groups or designing specific programs for two groups, this course provides the necessary resources, practice examples, and next steps to effectively plan, create, and deliver engaging and beneficial group fitness classes, fostering a sense of belonging and progress within the community.




  • Introduction to Plan for Group Sessions


  • Identify Requirements Out Of Scope
  • Identify And Confirm Impact Of Program
  • Confirm Patient’s Availability


  • Quiz
  • Summary


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