Identify Skill & Compliance Gaps With Ease

Fostering unparalleled visibility and collaboration among HR, Training, Safety, Operations and Leadership teams, our Skills Matrix streamlines the identification and management of critical skills and certifications. Adhere to safety standards, quickly address skill gaps, and promote a culture of continuous learning across all levels in the most efficient way possible.

Online Skills Matrix - Cloud Assess - Training & Assessment platform

Meet Your New Skills Matrix

Say goodbye to spreadsheets. Quickly visualise and address gaps in one easy platform.

Identify Skill Gaps

Easily view the skills available within your workforce and identify gaps where additional training is needed. This is particularly important in high-risk environments where the lack of specific skills can lead to serious safety incidents. By identifying these gaps early, companies can enrol workers into training programs to mitigate risks.

Online Skills Matrix - Cloud Assess - Training & Assessment platform

Organisational View

Easily define your organisational structure to visualise completion rates across different business units and training requirements.

Skills Matrix - Skills by City

Job Roles

Map individuals to job roles to quickly identify required qualifications and skills, and efficiently enrol in training to address gaps.

Skills Matrix - Job Roles
Skills Matrix View

Generate your skills matrix to view training requirements for each role based on role profiles to quickly identify and address skill gaps.

Capability matrix view

View and search the competencies of active personnel within specific workgroups to better understand the skills and capabilities of your workforce.

Job view

Employers can see at a glance what jobs employees are assigned to in order to identify gaps or suitable fits for role changes.

Role Association

Associate workers with specific roles to assist with organising and assigning training in an efficient manner.

Create new training

Create new training programs and assessments and assign those in need to quickly address skill gaps.

Create new roles

Identify similar roles when creating a new role to ensure appropriate competencies are assigned to it.

Quick Reporting

Create reports which capture which skills are needed for a Job Role and where there are still gaps for employees. Apply filters by structure to focus on particular areas of interest.

Third Party Integration

Integrate Cloud Assess with third party HR, LMS, Payroll and Student Management Systems to streamline your operations.

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