How to Assess Without Compromise in a Digital World

60 mins

ASQA asserts that assessment serves as the gatekeeper of quality. Therefore, prioritising assessment and leveraging technology to enhance outcomes are crucial steps.

Why do we need to focus on assessment?

Focusing on assessment is essential for ensuring quality education, driving continuous improvement, promoting accountability, supporting decision-making and meeting standards and requirements.

With the rise of technology, there is a need to validate if the tech you choose is fit-for-purpose and enabling educators, managers and providers to improve in all of these areas.

How can we maintain the integrity of assessment delivery and ensure quality outcomes while utilising technology?

Join Alex Fuller, Head of Customer Success at Cloud Assess, as he delves into the impact of digital technology on assessment.

He explores key topics including:

  • The Principles of Assessment,
  • Methods and Modes of Delivery,
  • Suitability & Accessibility, and
  • The Human Factor.

Discover how & why to align these with technology in 2024 to assess without compromise.

This session was recorded live as part of Digital Learning Day 2024.

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