How Cloud Assess aligns to ASQA’s student-centred audit approach

How Cloud Assess aligns to ASQA’s student-centred audit approach

The “Student-Centred Audit Approach” aims to focus on the experience training organisations provide to their students. 

ASQA suggests that good practice is more important than audit preparation. Having a purpose-built solution by your side like Cloud Assess will help you streamline each student’s journey from enrolment to completion and beyond, but how?


Gather data before enrolment – Your prospective students go through a seamless journey from start to finish. There are a number of ways you can engage your learners at enrolment and the first step might not be simply gathering AVETMISS data. For example, before they enrol you can guide them through a series of questions presented through your website to check they are suitable for the course using our WebForms solution.

You could even use an LLN assessment that could be issued to potential students before they enrol, to assess their Foundation Skills Vs AQF Levels and validate that they are on the right course.

Gather information you need – Your Enrolment Engine forms can be fully customised to ensure your students are shown exactly what they need to see and how you want them to see it, with no irrelevant and confusing fields.

Create as many forms as you like to make the enrolment process tailored to specific courses or student requirements. You could even embed certain enrolment forms into landing pages on your website as part of a marketing campaign, ideal for short courses.

Automate your process – Once your learners have enrolled through the Enrolment Engine, you can automate any communication you would like sent using Cloud Assess Workflow. You can even notify your team to take the relevant action.

Support and Progression

Once enrolled on a course you can document interviews and save formal feedback from your learners along the way. Using workflow you can ensure all learners receive the same communication at the same points within their journey including formal feedback surveys to ensure you know they are on the right track.

Automating parts of your process with Cloud Assess can also remove repetitive, manual tasks and guarantees events in your process take place.

Training and Assessment

With Assessment at its core, Cloud Assess was built with your compliance requirements front of mind.

Authoring – Impress your students where it matters most, with their assessment. Ensure they have access to all information required within their assessment, rather than requiring them to navigate elsewhere. Embed multimedia resources including video, images and audio. Make it easy for your students to complete their assessments by applying the correct space, number of check boxes for answers and the ability to record and upload. Provide an interactive experience by including Sketch Pads that can be utilised through a mobile device or desktop.

Assessment – designed for RTOs to deliver the most seamless experience for students without the need for paper, your students can access their assessments through their user-specific dashboard. They can run through their assessment criteria on their own, in the classroom or even during a practical observation. Cloud Assess supports Student-Centred Audit Approachall assessment types.

Analysis – Using Mapping within Cloud Assess you can instantly analyse if there are any gaps within your assessment instrument to ensure that you are aligned to unit requirements.

Trainers and Assessors – Create and distribute professional development forms for your Trainers and Assessors to keep on top of their PD requirements. You can analyse if there are any gaps in skills and create an action plan.


The many assessment features of Cloud Assess ensure that your learners are receiving their AQF certificates only when they have met all the relevant course or training package requirements. These include:

Quality Checks – This is a feature that appears on your Admin and Power User Dashboard and enables a nominated member of your team to check student outcomes and ensure the Principals of Assessment and Rules of Evidence have been applied.

Internal Audit Forms – Ensure your process aligns with ASQA’s requirements by creating your own set of internal audit forms for self-assessment against your criteria.

Stats – Cloud Assess Stats is a dynamic and informative feature to support your assessment analysis.

Continuous improvement of assessment outcomes is an important part of any RTO, whether you want to support your obligations towards assessment validation, or continuous improvement. At some point, you will need to go through a collection of assessment records and take note of where things are going well and look into where there needs to be improvement.

Reports – Transparent processes and actionable information are of great value, especially to the highly audited VET system.

Access the information you require in an instant with Cloud Assess Reports. Providing you with statistics in a numeric and visual form, you are able to create reports giving information about outcomes applied or due, enrolment rates, learner progression and much more.

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