SuccessFactors Integration with Cloud Assess Training Alternative

SuccessFactors Integration with Cloud Assess Training Alternative

In the world of Human Resources, SuccessFactors has long been a trusted name for managing HR needs. But, as businesses evolve, so do their training and assessment requirements. Enter Cloud Assess, a leading training and assessment software, designed to revolutionise the way businesses approach employee training and development

While some may argue that integrating two software solutions adds complexity to HR processes, we beg to differ. In fact, SuccessFactors integration with Cloud Assess enhances your workplace training and assessment experience, providing a seamless and efficient solution for employee growth. 

In this article, we’ll dive into how Cloud Assess, when integrated with SuccessFactors, can significantly improve your organisation’s training outcomes while keeping your HR processes streamlined and cost-effective. So, let’s explore the benefits of combining the best of both worlds!

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Why SuccessFactors Integration with Cloud Assess is a Game-Changer

While talent management is their speciality, SuccessFactors Learning can be limited in capability when it comes to workplace training and assessment, where mobility, flexibility and ease of access are important.

Cloud Assess sets itself apart in its capability to manage workplace learning. Our intuitive 2-click experiences engage learners in the workforce, paving the way for positive training outcomes and enhanced employee satisfaction. 

Cloud Assess’ employee training system will work seamlessly with SuccessFactors to create the optimal training experiences and compliance outcomes for your business at a fraction of the cost.

Learn more about the success (excuse the pun) of this integration by downloading our SuccessFactors Whitepaper that explores how you can boost your organisation’s training.

Is SuccessFactors Integration with Cloud Assess Difficult?

Not at all. You can seamlessly integrate between Cloud Assess and SuccessFactors as soon as you are ready. We will help you effortlessly transfer employee data between our software and your existing SAP system. Employees, trainers and assessors can work within SuccessFactors staff portals and easily launch Cloud Assess using single sign-on integration. 

Benefits of SAP SuccessFactors Integration with Cloud Assess

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Integrating SuccessFactors with Cloud Assess improves your workplace training and assessment. Here are the main areas where you will experience improvements when making this decision:

1. Enhanced Face-to-face Training

SuccessFactors has limited capabilities when it comes to face-to-face training, offering checklist-style templates that may not be engaging or effective for your learners. On the other hand, Cloud Assess gives you the flexibility to design assessments that are not only engaging but also highly effective at meeting the unique needs of your learners. This includes a variety of response types, interactive feedback, evidence gathering, and multimedia, which results in a more dynamic and effective training experience.

2. Offline Stability with Cloud Assess

SuccessFactors requires permanent internet connectivity for its training and online assessment features, which can be a major drawback in situations where internet access is limited or unreliable. Cloud Assess, however, provides the ideal online and offline training solution, with assessment apps and built-in integration to SuccessFactors. This ensures consistent employee experiences and usability across any environment or downtime failures, as data and evidence are synchronised when devices are back onto stable internet connections.

3. Customisation Benefits

With limited customisation options in SuccessFactors, it may be challenging to tailor your training and assessment tools to fit the unique needs of your business and workforce. Cloud Assess offers a wide range of customisation options, allowing you to create bespoke solutions that align with your specific goals and objectives. This level of customisation leads to more effective and relevant training experiences for your employees.

4. Interactive Learning Experiences

SuccessFactors does not offer interactive learning response type options, which can limit the effectiveness of the training material. Cloud Assess, however, provides dynamic tools like sketch pads and optimised tables to enable learners to actively engage with the material. These interactive response types foster deeper learning and retention, ultimately enhancing the overall learning experience for your employees.

5. Flexibility & Control

SuccessFactors offers limited flexibility and control over marking criteria and processes, which can hinder the creation of effective and personalised learning experiences. Cloud Assess gives you complete control over the timing and placement of feedback within your learning and assessment process, allowing for greater flexibility in incorporating feedback. By offering more control over the learning experience, Cloud Assess empowers you to create training and assessments that better align with your goals and objectives.

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What Do Our Customers Think About Integrating SuccessFactors with Cloud Assess?

While there are glaring differences between SuccessFactors Learning and Cloud Assess, it’s important to consider real-life scenarios to see how your training and assessment can be improved. Here are two great examples of clients that recently integrated SuccessFactors with our learning software. 

1. Macmahon Mining Reduced Reportable Incidents by 25%

Macmahon Mining manages a workforce of 8,000 staff across 35 locations, training more than 1,000 individuals per year to maintain high levels of competency and quality. 

Macmahon initially attempted to use SuccessFactors to create their VOC and site-specific equipment training and assessment – but encountered design limitations that compromised the rigor of the assessments. The mobile solution was not user-friendly and required a stable internet connection, otherwise the learner and assessment process would fail. 

Macmahon’s training management was transformed within just seven weeks of implementing Cloud Assess. The flexible and easy-to-use app experience works seamlessly, regardless of internet connectivity issues, providing a smoother learning experience for staff.

Integration with SuccessFactors ensured that Macmahon’s complex student management and reporting system for accredited training was also covered. This led to them being able to:

  • remove paper processes
  • have real-time visibility on training completions
  • Achieve a significant reduction in training management times
  • improve their safety and quality outcomes, reducing their reportable incidents in 2022 by 25%. This was their biggest quantifiable win.

2. Government Transport Provider Increased Training Engagement by 300%

A government transport provider in NSW was using SuccessFactors as their sole LMS to deliver learning content to their users. However, the challenges of applying the SuccessFactors learning module meant that the majority of their training and assessment was still done on paper. 

Cloud Assess was able to deliver a solution that included a tailored integration with SuccessFactors, enabling two-way data integration, and with single sign-on transforming the user experience directly from their staff portal. 

The onboarding programs have seen engagement increase over 300% over previously using SuccessFactors alone. Managers and staff have seen huge benefits to their working day, with increased efficiency, more engaging training experiences and enhanced learning outcomes.

Revolutionise Your SuccessFactors Experience with Cloud Assess

Integration shouldn’t be a difficult process, and with Cloud Assess it isn’t. Our friendly support team will ensure that your software is configured in a way that will suit your business execution needs. 

Book a demo to get a full breakdown on how you can improve your talent management process with Cloud Assess. It’s time to take your business’ training and development to the next level.

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