5 Simple Things For RTOs to Do That Will Make a Big Difference!

5 Simple Things For RTOs to Do That Will Make a Big Difference!

It’s the start of the 2021/22 financial year, interest rates have been cut and the Morrison Government promises, “A world-class, modern and flexible vocational education and training (VET) system”. Times are exciting for RTO Managers who want to grow their businesses and provide the best training possible. What are the top 5 things to do that will cost little and give more? Check out the top 5 here:

1. Attend an ASQA Webinar

ASQA has adapted their communication strategy to align with the current pressures brought on from COVID-19 lockdowns. Keep abreast of when they are hosting the next free webinar here.

Use social media

Things For RTOs to Do

  • If you spend time on Linked In you could follow the regulator via their Page: https://www.linkedin.com/company/australian-skills-quality-authority/


  • Create a group to discuss topics of interest this could be an online gathering or a Facebook group.
  • Contact your peers in the industry and see what info they can give you.

Contact ASQA

  • Contact ASQA with the details below and watch their videos on-demand:

Contact ASQA

Videos On Demand

2. Plan your PD

There are lots of opportunities on the market for Professional Development from providers like Velg Training, Insources and VDC. They host workshops, online training and conferences throughout the year. If you sign up as a member of Velg Training you are entitled to a free PD session a month. There are also Consultants offering free support tools from anything and everything RTO related from finance, to marketing to compliance.

To help you get your PD planning underway, download our Professional Development Plan template.

In the VET sector, the flow of information is extremely rapid and RTOs need to move fast. RTO Managers need to approve the use of information from a variety of sources, however, how do you ensure you are following Copyright Laws? ASQA recently published this post to help you: 5 Things RTOs Should Know About Copyright

4. Ensure your Training and Assessment Strategies are going to plan

“ASQA cannot teach providers specifically how to comply with the standards and cannot provide private rulings. This is because it is important for training providers to design tools and systems that meet their specific business needs and for each unique business to demonstrate to ASQA how the standards are being met.” This is where the Training and Assessment Strategy comes in handy. It is a documented strategy that is tailored to your business and helps to support your compliance requirements.

Access our free TAS Template here.

5. Invest in good tech

Now is the best time to plan your budget for the year. If you are not happy with your systems you can often snap up a good deal at year end and into the new financial year. Set aside some time to research tools out there that are designed to support your business type.

Check out this guide to choosing RTO software.

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