10 Best Electrical Courses in the UK | Industry Training Programs

10 Best Electrical Courses in the UK | Industry Training Programs

Becoming an electrician can be a challenging and rewarding career choice in the UK. It’s a vital field and offers plenty of opportunities to work with reputable employers. Many training centres also offer government funded electrical training, so if you’re between jobs or deciding on your first career, keep reading.

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1. Electrical Safety Course

Provider: Cloud Assess

Location: Online

Online Electrical course by Cloud Assess

Safety is paramount to any jobsite, and any trade profession. That’s why it makes sense to place safety at the forefront of any training initiative. This short course provides a detailed breakdown of safety guidelines and hazard identification for electricians.


  • Electrical hazards to look out for when conducting risk assessments
  • Essential safety procedures
  • Strategies for a safe workplace
  • Guidelines for electrical safety at home

Best for: Electricians, Safety Officers, Site Supervisors

Cost: Free

2. Electrical Installation Levels

Provider: East Sussex College

Location: East Sussex

Electrical courses by East Sussex College, UK

Electrical installation levels 2 and 3 diplomas are required on your journey to become an electrician in the UK. East Sussex College presents courses across levels one to three, helping learners to enter into and complete their studies on the way to becoming an electrician.

From the basics of scientific theory through to advanced electrical science principles, these electrical training courses will help your career progress.


  • Practical and theoretical learning in the scientific principles
  • Install, inspect, and test electrical wiring systems
  • Regulatory requirements of renewable energy
  • Safe inspection and testing procedures
  • Wiring Regulations (17th edition)

Best for: Prospective electricians, highschool graduates, electrical apprentices

Cost: Dependent on levels

3. Basic Electricity and Electronics

Provider: Reed Courses

Location: Online

Basic electric course for electricians

This course is a fantastic introduction into the electrical trade. It offers a broad understanding of basic principles, including units of measurement, electrical units, UK safety laws and regulations, and more. It’s a good fit for those curious about a career as an electrician.


  • Professional electrical terminology
  • Electrical hazards identification
  • Relationship between voltage, current, and resistance
  • Types of electricity and how they’re produced

Best for: Prospective electricians, high school graduates, electricians moving to the UK, practising electricians.

Cost: £12 incl VAT

4. Electrical Microlearning

Provider: City & Guilds

Location: Online

Microlearning electrical courses online

Access a vast array of electrical courses through City & Guild’s knowledge hub. Instead of a single course, they offer various courses on topics that apply to both learner and experienced electricians. From learning how to use various tools, to blog posts and more, City & Guilds offer a community for electricians and apprentices.


  • Micro courses on tools and how to use them
  • Microlearning tips such as how to remove a stripped screw
  • Practical courses such as how to make a 90 degree bend in a conduit
  • Differences between cable housing and more

Best for: Electricians, apprentice electricians, anyone interested in the electrical field

Cost: Free

5. Combined Level 2 & 3 Electrical Course

Provider: Able Skills

Location: Dartford, Kent

Electrical courses level 1 and 2 combined

To become an electrician in the UK, you need levels 2 & 3 electrical installations courses. Able Skills have combined both into one course for a more efficient learning experience. This presents a saving over booking the courses separately.

It’s a great starting point for hopeful electricians to get their initial qualifications.


Best for: Apprentice electricians, hopeful electricians, highschool graduates

Cost: £5,695.00 or £4,250.00 for home study

6. AMD2 Electrical Regulations

Provider: Dudley College

Location: Dudley

18th Edition regulations electrical course in Dudley, UK

This course guides learners through the IET Wiring Regulations Eighteenth Edition. It’s a great practical guide for those working professionally in the sector. It also forms an introduction into the world of electrical professions, and anyone older than 16 years of age can enrol and obtain this qualification.

This course can be completed in 5 weeks in a full-time capacity, or 10 weeks in a part-time capacity.


  • Practical understanding of wiring regulations in the UK
  • Update knowledge for existing tradesmen
  • Design, erection, and verification of electrical installations
  • Examination at the end of the module

Best for: Apprentice electricians, electrical designers, electrical inspectors, highschool graduates, electricians.

Cost: Not disclosed

7. Electrical Installation Diploma Level 1

Provider: BMet

Location: Birmingham

Electrical course in installation with diploma

While electrical installation levels 2 and 3 are a prerequisite to becoming an electrician, the level 1 diploma forms a great introduction to the field. This 35-week course can help you gain entry into an electrical apprenticeship and form the starting point of your career as an electrician.

Students aged 16-18 can complete this course for free, and those on benefits may also qualify for free enrolment.


  • Preparation for an electrical apprenticeship or level 2
  • Practical tasks and skill building
  • Testing and fault finding
  • Lighting circuits, ring finals circuits, and radial circuits

Best for: Highschool graduates, prospective electricians, unemployed persons

Cost: Free (Conditions apply)