Mastering Compliance: How Energy Trust Scales Assessor Training and Assessment

Energy Trust began in 2008 as a family business, focusing on energy assessment in the building sector. Recognising the growing need for energy assessors after UK legislation mandated energy performance certificates, Energy Trust has since evolved to offer specialised training in this area.

Over the years, the company has navigated various industry changes, expanding its scope to include retrofitting older buildings to meet net-zero targets for 2030 and 2050. Adapting to modern demands, Energy Trust transitioned from paper-based systems to digital e-portfolios, further evolving to provide remote and digital assessment solutions, especially crucial during the COVID lockdowns.

Energy Trust - Training and assessment software - Cloud Assess

Thanks to the robust nature of Cloud Assess for training & assessment, we secured Direct Claim Status and government funding, which will support us in reaching our goal of net-zero targets by 2050.

Richard Elton - Energy Trust UK - Cloud Assess Case Study
Richard Elton

Managing Director, Energy Trust

Energy Trust, a training provider catering to a diverse mix of learners, faced challenges aligning their traditional teaching methods with the digital requirements of their demographic, which includes individuals from the property industry with varying levels of IT literacy.

As they transitioned to online and remote learning during lockdown, finding a comprehensive platform that could seamlessly support their assessment practices (including face-to-face assessment) and meet regulatory compliance proved to be a significant hurdle.

Energy Trust Cloud Assess Case Study

After exploring multiple learning management systems and e-portfolio platforms, Energy Trust discovered Cloud Assess, a solution that met their diverse needs.

Cloud Assess offered a user-friendly interface for both learners and assessors, effectively addressing the challenge of digital adoption among their demographic.

Its modular nature allowed Energy Trust to customise courses and assessments according to their preferences, providing the flexibility the company required.

Additionally, Cloud Assess facilitated seamless integration with third-party systems and offered robust reporting features, crucial for regulatory compliance and audit requirements.

Energy Trust Cloud Assess Case Study

Implementing Cloud Assess enabled Energy Trust to streamline its training operations and meet compliance standards effectively.

The platform’s intuitive design and comprehensive functionality improved the learning experience for students while simplifying administrative tasks for assessors.

Real-time progress tracking and detailed reporting provided valuable insights, contributing to the overall efficiency of the training process.

Moreover, as a result of implementing Cloud Assess Energy Trust was able to secure Direct Claim Status (DCS), as the solution offers great transparency of robust training and assessing. DCS allows Energy Trust to claim certification without waiting for an external quality assurance. In addition to this, they secured government funding to enhance and scale their offering. This highlights Cloud Assess’s role in the company’s continued success and growth.

As Energy Trust looks to the future, it envisions further evolution with Cloud Assess, exploring emerging technologies like virtual reality to enhance training experiences and maintain its position at the forefront of the industry.

In Summary

By partnering with Cloud Assess, Energy Trust overcame the challenges posed by digital transition and regulatory compliance, setting a new standard for training excellence in the industry.

The seamless integration, user-friendly interface, and robust features of Cloud Assess have not only enhanced the learning experience for students but also streamlined administrative processes, paving the way for future scalability and innovation.

As they continue to evolve with Cloud Assess, Energy Trust remains committed to delivering high-quality training that empowers individuals and contributes to a sustainable future.

“Thanks to the robust nature of Cloud Assess for training & assessing, we secured Direct Claim Status and government funding, which will support us in reaching our goal of net-zero targets by 2050.”

Richard Elton, Managing Director

Energy Trust Cloud Assess Case Study

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