Deliver Lasting Skills & Protect Your Team From Avoidable Risks

Cloud Assess empowers you to seamlessly deliver training and confidently verify workplace skills and capabilities — ultimately prioritising the safety of your workers.

Trainers can’t take the paper out in the helicopter. We need to be able to access records and checklists, and capture evidence quickly even when in the air. Cloud Assess enables us to do just that!

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Ineffective Training Can Cost
You Millions & Your Reputation

Employee training tends to fall between the cracks when work gets busy. Minor issues can quickly lead to a drop in productivity or, worse, workplace accidents.

Low-quality work
Reputational damage
Low work productivity
Poor customer service
High employee turnover rate


Workplace Injuries*


Quality Defects*

*based on Institute of Work & Health Research(2012) &
The Journal of Quality Management (2011)

Develop Your Employees Long-Term
Skills Faster & With No Paperwork

Enhance the quality of work
Prevent workplace injuries & incidents
Onboard employees faster
Maintain high-quality customer service
Prove compliance & prevent government fines
Create and verify long-term skills

Your Training Platform Delivering
Skills for the Workforce

Traditional LMS Aren’t Built for On-The-Job Training in High-Risk Environments

Doesn’t develop long-term skills
Doesn’t take place where the work is done
Poor record maintenance of training

Paper-based systems cost you 10x in human errors and admin overhead.


Deliver On-Site Employee
& Increase the Completion Rate

Let your employees complete assignments in a practical setting with the mobile Learner app.

Train Your Mobile Workforce the Way They Learn

Deliver a blended learning experience, allowing workers to learn where the work happens.

Instructor-led training
Hands-on training
Coaching or mentoring
Management-specific activities
Case studies
Simulation employee training
Cloud Assess - Employee Training Software - Retail


Verify Competence &
Long-Term Skill Retention

Cloud Assess provides a variety of assessment types, so you can be sure your employees not only work through the material but also develop long-lasting skills.

Observation checks
3rd party reports


Identify Skills and Compliance
Before They Become Liabilities


Reduce Admin Time and Increase
Employee Engagement

Utilise tools that make employee skills training management easier.


Schedule courses, modules & tests to be on top of the deadlines.


Keep all your training in one place customised according to your role.


Automate the information collection process from the learners.


Easily communicate with trainers, students & third parties.

Assessor Notes

Automate repetitive training tasks to save time.


Notify learners about upcoming events.


Update your trainees on changes in courses or deadlines.


Assign learners to a group to manage their learning process.


Automate Repetitive Training Processes to Save Time

Course Invitation
Email Notifications
Unit Auto-Release
New Attempts Automation

Companies & Training Organisations Love Cloud
Assess for Workplace Skills Training

Years in business
Assessments created each year
Sheets of paper saved each year

Get Real-Time Support for
Simple & Fast Onboarding

Our experts are happy to assist you every step of the way. We offer a 4-step onboarding process that will ensure you and your team are set & ready to go.

30 Seconds

Median response time

1 day

Rapid onboarding with certified consultants


Support satisfaction rate

Effortlessly Integrate Into Your Existing
Workflow With Zapier Integration
Across 5000+ Apps

Use Cloud Assess with the software you already use. Integrate with various HR & Student
Management Systems, payment systems & CRMs.

Can’t find your tool? Contact us for custom integration.

Have Questions? We Have the Answer!

  • Cloud Assess places a strong emphasis on training and assessment. It provides tools and features specifically designed for creating and delivering training content, conducting assessments, and tracking learner progress. It offers features like competency-based training, assessment authoring, compliance management, and industry-specific templates. Cloud Assess is also compatible with deskless workers and on-the-job training, which traditional LMS’s are not.

    In contrast, a traditional LMS typically focuses on managing and delivering e-Learning content. It facilitates the creation, distribution, and tracking of online courses, modules, and multimedia resources. An LMS often includes features such as content management, learner enrolment, progress tracking, and discussion forums. However, it may have limited assessment capabilities compared to Cloud Assess.

  • Cloud Assess understands the importance of providing effective training solutions for deskless workers who may not have regular access to traditional learning environments or desktop computers.

    Our platform is built with a mobile-first approach, ensuring that deskless workers can access training materials and assessments anytime, anywhere, using their smartphones or tablets. This enables them to acquire and reinforce critical skills on-the-job while minimising disruptions to their workflow. Our platform also supports offline functionality, allowing deskless workers to continue their training even in areas with limited or no internet connectivity.

  • Absolutely! Cloud Assess’s employee training is designed to cater to both deskless workers and desk workers alike. While our mobile-first approach primarily benefits deskless workers, our platform is versatile enough to accommodate the training needs of desk-based employees as well. For desk workers, Cloud Assess provides a user-friendly web interface accessible from desktop and laptop computers. Our platform offers a seamless learning experience across devices, ensuring that all employees, regardless of their work environment, can benefit from our training programs.

  • Our platform incorporates various features and mechanisms to ensure compliance throughout the training process.

    Firstly, we provide a robust assessment framework that allows organisations to create and administer assessments aligned with specific compliance requirements. These assessments can evaluate employees’ knowledge, competency, and adherence to regulatory guidelines.

    Additionally, our platform offers tracking and reporting capabilities, allowing organisations to monitor and document employee training progress. This feature helps in demonstrating compliance to auditors or regulatory bodies, providing transparency and accountability.

    We also offer built-in compliance content and templates, which can be customised to align with industry-specific regulations. This ensures that employees receive the necessary training on compliance topics relevant to their roles.

  • Cloud Assess offers a comprehensive employee training solution that is designed to cater to a wide range of industries and skill sets. Our training programs focus on enhancing workplace skills and bridging the skills gap in various sectors, including but not limited to manufacturing, logistics, rail, construction, hospitality, and retail. We provide a flexible and customisable platform that allows organisations to develop and deliver tailored training content to meet their specific industry needs.

  • Yes! The majority of our clients use Cloud Assess to continue delivering face-to-face. Cloud Assess can be used to deliver online too. It’s extremely flexible and allows you to deliver according to your assessment requirements.

Deliver Your Skills Training Without Compromise