ASQA’s “student-centred audit approach”

ASQA’s “student-centred audit approach”

In 2016, ASQA created a “student-centred audit approach”. The aim is to focus on the experience training organisations provide to their students from marketing through to completion. We explore the changes below and in this blog, we look at how online assessment can provide a holistic solution that aligns with this new order.

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Why has ASQA changed their audit approach?

According to their online Training Provider Briefing in May, this is one of a series of changes in the approach to VET regulation, driven by a range of issues including, “The need to focus regulation on student outcomes rather than inputs, outputs and processes.”

All audits carried out within 2017 and moving forward will be with the new methodologies.

The following slide is taken from the briefing and shows the difference between the old approach and the new one.

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Instead of being curriculum centred or, in this case, Standards-centred, it is learner-centric.

What does it mean for RTOs day to day process?

Training organisations need to ensure transparency and consistency of process across each learner’s journey. A well-documented process should align to the process and trainers and assessors should meet the required standards.

What practices and behaviours are checked?

The slide below shows the 5 key areas of the learner journey and the examples of practices and behaviours the governing body will check are in place.

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Tips for preparing for your audit

The governing body suggests that good practice is more important than audit preparation. Most importantly to ensure that self-assessment is conducted regularly as well as actions within RTOs are the same as what is documented.

Sustainability of the new approach

In conclusion, it is good to see independent reviews have already taken place to evaluate the sustainability of the new model and how it has been received.

Assistant Minister for Vocational Education and Skills, Karen Andrews, said

“ASQA’s new approach to audit builds on innovative regulatory practices in Australia and internationally. It shifts the focus from compliance of systems and procedures to quality outcomes with greater emphasis on students.”

“The initial implementation of the new approach has now been independently evaluated and found more effective in taking action against poor quality training providers. The evaluation has recommended it be used for all future audits and said it was ready to roll out. ”

Australian Skills Quality Authority Chief Commissioner Mark Paterson said they would continue to refine the audit approach including introducing enhancements to audit tools and building capability among its team of auditors.

“ASQA’s experience has been that the overwhelming majority of RTOs have a genuine desire to provide high-quality training and assessment so their students get the skills they need to be a productive member of the workforce,” Mr Paterson said.

“And it’s those providers that are welcoming of ASQA’s new approach – focusing on the student experience is what providers and our auditors see as most valuable.”

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