Cloud Assess vs SC Training (Formerly EdApp)

Cloud Assess vs SC Training (Formerly EdApp)

Training teams is the number one priority for businesses around the world. With the right knowledge and skills behind them, your teams will become more productive, efficient, and effective in the work that they do.

Finding the right employee training software is an important step in integrating learning into your company. The right tool can help you onboard new employees into your company through branded training, or see your team members upskill themselves in critical areas. However, finding the right tool can be a detailed and complex process, especially with so many options to choose from.

Comparison Overview (TLDR)

Two popular options for training teams are SC Training (formerly EdApp) and Cloud Assess. In this comparison of Cloud Assess vs. SC Training, we look at the history of the two companies and their use cases and compare their features and pricing.

SC Training is a good option for companies that want to expand internal learning on their systems and processes. It’s a good fit for sales, product, and even customer training. The company’s focus on microlearning makes it easy to integrate into any work schedule. Their use of AI in training and course creation also makes the platform easy to adopt.

Cloud Assess, on the other hand, focuses more on skill development within a business. The training software is filled with features that help administrators identify and address skill gaps and ensure compliance with regulations. This sees learning becoming an integral part of daily operations, and fosters a growth mindset. The platform also provides microlearning opportunities alongside a wide range of assessment tools, including options for online and offline learning.

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History of Cloud Assess

Designed with Vocational Education and Registered Training Organisations in mind, Cloud Assess was launched in Australia in 2013. Since then, the company has expanded to offer workplace training solutions in both Australia and the UK. With extensive training & assessment and compliance tools on offer, Cloud Assess is on a mission to help workplaces and training providers make learning part of every day.

History of SC Training

The first prototype of EdApp, as the company was formerly known, was created in 2016. The aim was to create a platform where workers could access meaningful training that was about more than just ticking boxes. Since then, the company has rebranded as SC Training and has opened offices in Australia, the USA, the Philippines and the UK.

Product Offerings & Use Cases

Cloud Assess

Cloud Assess provides businesses with the tools that they need to make training an ongoing process. The aim is to make training so simple and automated that there is never a risk of it falling through the cracks. The company focuses on developing long-term workplace skills, accommodating many types of learning styles to make training engaging and memorable. These include both online and offline learning opportunities, helping employees to access training materials even as they work.

These factors and focus areas make Cloud Assess well-suited to:

  • Companies that can benefit from on-the-job training
  • Businesses that want to identify skill gaps and address them with targeted training
  • Industries that need to ensure compliance with regulations and standards
  • VET providers that want to manage and assess learners’ skills

SC Training

Where SC Training excels is with product, sales and customer training. The focus is less on skill development, but on helping employees understand a company’s unique solutions. Of course, the platform does also accommodate other areas of learning including leadership and compliance training, but the focus is more on internal company training, rather than developing workplace skillsets.

This makes SC Training a good fit for:

  • Global companies that want to offer localised training
  • Businesses that want to accommodate customer training to reduce support demands
  • Companies in fast-paced industries that benefit from microlearning modules.

Unique Selling Points

Cloud Assess USPs

Blended Learning

Accommodate in-person and virtual training and make use of varied assessment types and multimedia elements.

Evidence Collection

Includes features like log books, observation checks, evidence portfolios and recognition of prior learning.


Reduces time spent on administrative tasks and ensures a cohesive experience for both learners and educators.

Skills Matrix

Helps trainers identify skill gaps and address them through further training and customised learning paths.

SC Training USPs

Create with AI

Uses artificial intelligence to quickly and easily create new courses.

Course Templates

Pre-formatted templates also contribute towards simplified course creation.

Social Learning

Encourages employees to engage with each other and with training materials.


Deliver training in bite-sized chunks that fit into any working schedule.

Feature Comparison

Cloud Assess
SC Training (EdApp)
Easy course creation