10 Risk Management Courses

10 Risk Management Courses

Every workplace has its own specific hazards that can potentially cause harm to employees and other individuals. Risk management is an essential aspect of the workplace that enables organisations to mitigate potential hazards before they become problems. Risk management is a combination of adequate safety training, hazard reporting and problem-solving to create a safe and healthy environment for everyone.

Whether you work in retail, hospitality or the industrial setting, you need to know the possible risks you may encounter in your workplace. Our free course library includes a number of risk management courses for various industries, so you can learn about risk mitigation and improve your management skills when it comes to workplace hazards. Here are 10 of our online risk management courses you can take:

1. Risk Assessment Course

Even if your workplace seems safe and secure today, you won’t be able to tell the potential risks that you may encounter tomorrow. It’s always better to prevent workplace accidents before they happen and conducting a risk assessment enables you to find common causes for accidents. Risk assessments are also required in certain industries.

Our risk assessment course utilises distance learning to help you understand when and how to manage risk in your workplace. Learn to conduct a proper risk assessment to prevent injury and illnesses in your workplace and create a safer working environment.


  • What is a risk assessment
  • When to conduct a risk assessment
  • How to conduct a risk assessment

Best for: Risk Analysts, Safety Coordinators, Project Managers, Compliance Officers, Quality Assurance Specialists, Environmental Health and Safety (EHS) Managers, Business Continuity Planners, Insurance Underwriters, Financial Analysts, Operations Managers
Cost: Free

2. Moving Objects Risk Course

The industrial setting deals with heavy machinery and hazardous equipment. Without proper training, those operating these machines can potentially cause damage to property or harm to individuals, especially when moving objects from one area to another. Industrial sites often clear the way for moving objects and knowing the risks associated with this helps in understanding the preventive measures you need to take to avoid injury.

Our course on the risks of moving objects is part of risk management training for the industrial setting. The course content was designed to provide a broader understanding of the risks of moving industrial materials and the role of proper communication in preventing accidents. You’ll also learn to respond to injuries in case of emergencies.


  • Identification of Moving Object Hazards
  • Risk Assessment and Management
  • Communication and Awareness
  • Emergency Response and Preparedness

Best for: Warehouse Supervisors, Forklift Operators, Material Handlers, Logistics Coordinators, Manufacturing Engineers, Health and Safety Inspectors, Production Line Workers, Packaging Technicians, Plant Managers, Maintenance Technicians
Cost: Free

3. Advanced GDPR Course

Today’s digital world is increasingly shifting online and with so much of our data available virtually, we are constantly at risk of data breaches. The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) was put in place to protect users’ privacy online and organisations are now training for data security skills as part of their enterprise risk management.

Our advanced GDPR course will equip you with everything you need to know to stay compliant with the data protection standards and ensure that your data, your company’s data and your client’s data are kept secure. This GDPR course is a must for all data security teams as it can help prevent risks of breaches and leaks. You’ll learn to prevent the leak of personal data during transfers and to manage breaches if and when they happen.


  • Legal Bases for Processing Personal Data
  • Cross-Border Data Transfers
  • Data Protection by Design and Default
  • Data Breach Management
  • Challenges and Considerations for GDPR Compliance

Best for: Data Protection Officers, Information Security Managers, Compliance Officers, IT Security Analysts, Privacy Consultants, Cybersecurity Specialists, Legal Counsel specialising in data protection, Risk Management Professionals, Chief Information Security Officers (CISOs), Data Privacy Auditors
Cost: Free

4. Respond To Security Breaches Course

Good risk management doesn’t just happen in the physical office but in the virtual workplace as well. Security breaches, data leaks and hacking incidents can cause customers to lose trust in your organisation and cause your company to lose important data. It is essential in our digital world to know how to properly respond to security threats.

In line with our GDPR course, we offer a risk management course for data breaches. This course will provide you with in-depth knowledge of what to do in case of a data leak as you identify and assess security hazards through a risk analysis. Learn to conduct preventive measures and to respond to breaches according to effective risk management protocol.


  • Introduction to Security Risks in Retail
  • Identifying and Assessing The Risks
  • Preventive Measures
  • Responding to Security Breaches

Best for: Incident Response Coordinators, Cybersecurity Analysts, IT Security Managers, Network Administrators, Security Operations Center (SOC) Analysts, Forensic Analysts, Chief Information Security Officers (CISOs), Risk Management Professionals, Legal Counsel specialising in cybersecurity, Compliance Officers
Cost: Free

5. Assess and Identify Unacceptable Risk Course

Part of risk management is identifying unacceptable risks in the workplace. By managing risk, you can prevent accidents and injuries, especially in industries with increased potential for hazards such as construction and mining.

In our free online course on assessing and identifying unacceptable risks, you’ll learn the common types of risks as well as methods to mitigate them according to industry experts. Improve your risk management capabilities and develop strategies to mitigate and manage unacceptable operational risk in the workplace.


  • Key Steps in the Risk Assessment Process
  • Common Types of Unacceptable Risks in Mining
  • Methods for Risk Identification and Analysis
  • Strategies to Mitigate and Manage Unacceptable Risks

Best for: Risk Assessors, Safety Managers, Environmental Health and Safety (EHS) Officers, Operations Managers, Industrial Engineers, Plant Supervisors, Quality Control Inspectors, Maintenance Technicians, Production Managers, Compliance Specialists
Cost: Free

6. Communicate the Risk Treatment Processes to Relevant Personnel Course

Identifying risks is just one aspect of risk management. You will need to report these hazards to the right departments in charge of rectifying them and communicate with them on the proper preventive measures to take.

This course will help you to develop risk treatment plans by communicating with the right personnel. You’ll be able to communicate the common risks faced in your workplace and find solutions to prevent harm to your team. You’ll also find training modules and other resources to equip your team with the skills and knowledge they need to avoid workplace accidents.


  • Identifying Relevant Personnel
  • Tailoring Communication to the Audience
  • Risk Treatment Plan Explanation
  • Providing Training and Resources

Best for: Risk Communication Specialists, Safety Trainers, Health and Safety Coordinators, Project Management Teams, Team Leaders, Environmental Health and Safety (EHS) Managers, Operations Supervisors, Human Resources Managers, Quality Assurance Managers, Compliance Officers
Cost: Free

7. Risk Assessments: Hazard Reports & Actions Course (Mining)

The mining industry involves numerous operational risk factors that can jeopardise the health and safety of its workers. Risk management training is a prerequisite in the mining industry as all employees must learn to identify, assess and report workplace hazards.

This free online course was specially tailored to the mining industry as it provides information on the types of hazards in mining. You’ll learn to identify these risks, report minor incidents and near-misses, complete reporting records and take action to mitigate these risks.


  • Understanding Hazard Identification and Risk Assessment
  • Types of Hazards in Mining
  • Incident Reporting and Near Misses
  • The Elements of Complete Written Records and Reports
  • Reporting Procedures
  • Analysing and Using Hazard Reports

Best for: Mine Safety Officers, Mining Engineers, Safety Inspectors, Quarry Managers, Health and Safety Coordinators, Environmental Health and Safety (EHS) Managers, Drill Operators, Blasting Technicians, Heavy Equipment Operators, Mining Supervisors
Cost: Free

8. Identify, Assess And Implement Risk Treatments Course

Besides reporting workplace hazards, it is important to take action to avoid accidents. In the mining industry, risk management can save lives so finding solutions to workplace hazards is a must. Risk managers, safety coordinators and project managers need to communicate and collaborate on rectifying risks before they become accidents.

Our course library features various training courses for the mining industry, including a risk management course that will help you to identify, assess and execute risk treatments in the workplace. Learn to implement solutions, monitor these treatments and promote a safe work environment for all employees.


  • Identifying Hazards and Assessing Risks in Mining
  • Risk Treatment Strategies for Mining
  • Implementing Risk Treatments in Mining
  • Monitoring and Reviewing Risk Treatments
  • Safety Culture and Training in Mining

Best for: Risk Managers, Compliance Officers, Safety Coordinators, Project Managers, Quality Assurance Specialists, Environmental Health and Safety (EHS) Managers, Operations Managers, Financial Analysts, Business Continuity Planners, Insurance Underwriters
Cost: Free

9. Plan And Prepare For Risk Control Course

Risk control is a delicate process as you need to be able to find a solution to the hazards in your workplace. While the solution to some risks may seem straightforward, implementation is a different aspect as you need to ensure that your organisation is complying with industry regulations without disrupting daily operations.

Learn risk controls in our free online course. Gain a comprehensive understanding of the different risks you might encounter in your workplace and what you can do about them to prevent injuries or illness. Develop implementation plans for risk management strategies, monitor the treatments and get feedback on your plans to improve health and safety at work.


  • Risk Identification
  • Developing Risk Control Measures
  • Implementing Risk Control Strategies
  • Monitoring and Review

Best for: Risk Analysts, Safety Coordinators, Project Managers, Compliance Officers, Quality Assurance Specialists, Risk Management Professionals, Business Continuity Planners, Financial Analysts, Operations Managers, Insurance Underwriters
Cost: Free

10. Clean Medical Imaging Equipment and Environment Course

The healthcare industry handles different germs and pathogens daily. These can cause illnesses to individuals with compromised immune systems, so frequent and thorough sanitation is a requirement in healthcare facilities. Cleaning medical equipment between uses will limit the spread of diseases and will improve the overall sanitation of the area.

Learn to properly sanitise and disinfect medical imaging equipment with our helpful online course. You’ll learn the important areas to sanitise, as well as techniques to maintain a tidy workplace for the benefit of your team and your patients.


  • Cleaning Medical Imaging Equipment
  • Infection Control and Examination Room Cleaning
  • Maintaining a Tidy and Clean Medical Imaging Environment
  • Waste Disposal and Compliance

Best for: Radiologic Technologists, Imaging Technicians, Biomedical Equipment Technicians, Radiology Nurses, Medical Equipment Cleaners, Infection Control Specialists, Environmental Services Staff, Health and Safety Coordinators, Quality Control Inspectors, Facility Managers
Cost: Free

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