12 Best Free Courses for Workplace Safety in the Industrial Setting

12 Best Free Courses for Workplace Safety in the Industrial Setting

The industrial setting encounters potential hazards on a regular basis, which is why health and safety training is a requirement for all employees working in the sector. Our free courses for workplace safety in the industrial setting will help you and your team maintain compliance with safety protocols.

Our free workplace safety courses are all conducted online and you can set your own pace in learning the content materials provided. At the end of these courses, you’ll find a series of assessments you can use to evaluate your progress and earn a shareable completion badge for finishing the course.

Here are 10 of our best free courses for workplace safety in the industrial setting:

1. Operate and Maintain Machinery (Transport) Course

Safety training starts with proper operating procedures, especially with regard to operating machinery. Knowing how to properly handle and maintain machinery in the transport industry will not only enable you to improve your performance, but you will also ensure your personal safety at work.

Our free course on operating and maintaining transport machinery will equip you with the skills and knowledge you need to handle machinery used in transportation. The course includes the basics of common transportation machines, safety procedures and maintenance practices.

Scope: introduction to transport machinery, safety guidelines for operating transport machinery, routine maintenance and inspection, troubleshooting issues with machinery, best practices for operating machinery.

Best for: Factory workers, Construction workers, Warehouse employees, Dock workers, Shipment workers, etc.

Average Completion Time: 45 mins.

2. Operate and Maintain Machinery (Construction) Course

Operating and maintaining construction machinery takes skills and proper safety precautions. Before a worker can operate machinery, they must undergo comprehensive training to properly and safely operate the machines. Machine operation training is a compliance requirement to ensure that the employee has the right safety skills to handle construction equipment without causing harm to individuals or property.

Our safety training course features workplace safety procedures for operating and maintaining machinery used in construction. You’ll learn the safety practices of operating these machines to minimise workplace hazards.

Scope: safety precautions for machinery operation, operating construction machinery, troubleshooting and problem-solving, best practices for efficiency and safety

Best for: Construction workers, Deskless workers

Average Completion Time: 45 mins.

3. Scaffold Safety Course

Scaffording forms the foundation in which workers stand on, so it is vital to ensure its safety. Site workers and managers must understand the risks that come with working on scaffolding and prioritise their safety in the workplace.

Our course on scaffold safety introduces the risks and proper handling techniques of scaffolding, including the safety considerations of different types of scaffolds. The course provides information on assembling and dismantling scaffolding safely and how to inspect scaffolds for potential hazards.

Scope: scaffold hazards and risks, types of scaffolds and safety considerations, scaffold assembly and dismantling, fall protection and safe work practices, inspections and maintenance

Best for: Construction workers, Engineers, Site managers, Project managers, Deskless workers, Employees that work at heights, Warehouse workers.

Average Completion Time: 45 mins.

4. Forklift Safety Course

Forklifts can be convenient to use when transporting heavy objects, but these machines can also cause harm to persons or property when operated without proper gear and training. The UK health and safety act for workplace compliance states that lifting equipment, inclusing forklifts, must be supervised by a knowledgeable person while in use (LOLER 1998). If you regularly work with forklifts, then it is pertinent to understand forklift safety.

Our free safety courses include a forklift safety course that will equip you with the skills to safely and properly operate forklifts. We’ve included content on doing inspection and maintenance on forklifts to ensure that they are functioning properly.

Scope: forklift hazards and risk mitigation, pre-operational checks and safe operating techniques, forklift maintenance and repair

Best for: Warehouse employees, Construction workers, Factory workers, Inspectors, etc.

Average Completion Time: 45 mins.

5. Tool Training Course

Improper use of work equipment and tools is the major cause of occupational health hazards in the industrial setting. It is often due to a lack of safety awareness and tool training as well as insufficient knowledge on the potential hazards of operating these tools. 

Our free workplace safety courses offer tool training and personal protective equipment (PPE) usage for the industrial setting. These courses go hand-in-hand as they promote workplace safety, especially in sites that are prone to occupational health hazards. In these courses, you’ll learn safety training on tools and PPE usage to minimise the risk factors associated with them.


  • Proper usage of common tools
  • Safety risks associated with improper tools usage

Best for: Construction workers, Factory workers, Warehouse workers, Miners.

Skills: Communication, Teamwork, Thinking

Average Completion Time: 45 mins.

6. PPE Usage Course

Certain workplaces and scenarios require the use of Personal Protective Equipment, or PPE. PPE prevents workers from injuries and reduces their exposure to hazards specific to their workplace. Different organisations may use various forms of PPE depending on the potential risks present in the work environment. 

PPE usage is essential in select roles and operations. This course covers the basics of PPE usage, its importance and when to use PPE to stay safe at work. You’ll learn the different PPEs available and how to select the right kind for your line of work. 


  • PPE usage
  • Importance of PPE usage
  • When to use PPE.

Best for: Construction workers, Factory workers, Warehouse workers, Miners.

Skills: Communication, Teamwork, Thinking

Average Completion Time: 45 mins.

7. Occupational Health and Safety Regulations Course

While it’s the legal responsibility of management to provide a safe workspace, employees should also be active participants in promoting their health and safety. Everyone in the organisation should be aware of the cost of not taking health and safety seriously. 

In this free course, you’ll learn about health and safety legislation and why it’s important for employers and employees to comply with their health and safety requirements. Learn the OHS regulations to follow for your organisation and keep a safe workspace for everyone.


  • Introduction to Occupational Health and Safety Regulations
  • Identifying hazards and potential risks in the workplace
  • Control measures
  • Compliance with OHS regulations
  • Minimising risk and ensuring employee safety

Best for

Skills: Communication, Teamwork

Average Completion Time: 45 mins

8. Hazard Reporting Course

Hazard reporting goes beyond providing feedback to your employer. It is important to assess and report any potential hazards in the workplace to avoid accidents on the job. By properly reporting safety concerns, your workplace would be able to course these workplace health hazards through the right channels and fix any issues that may affect the health and safety of its employees.

This free safety training course will enable you to work safely. You’ll learn the basics of hazard reporting in the industrial setting, its importance and what to do when you spot a workplace safety concern.

Scope:  Importance of hazard reporting, common hazards in aged care, and reporting procedure.

Best for: Mining workers, Construction workers, Site workers, Site managers, Supervisors, Floor managers, and Deskless employees.

Average Completion Time: 45 mins.

9. Harassment in the Workplace Course

Workplace hazards are not limited to construction, illness, or electrical hazards. Harassment can challenge your workers’ safety, causing them stress and resulting in decreased motivation. Harassment in the workplace can lead to workplace violence as well, and may cause good-standing employees to quit.

There are different forms of harassment that may present in the workplace. This course is designed to show you how to identify harassment and what to do if you’re a witness or a victim of harassment in the workplace.

Scope: how to spot harassment in the workplace, what to do when you or someone is a victim of harassment in the workplace, preventing harassment in the workplace.

Best for: Site managers, Project manager, Supervisors, Deskless employees, Employees in the industrial setting.

Average Completion Time: 45 mins.

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10. Injuries and First Aid Course

Administering first aid at the site of an accident or injury can provide life-saving assistance to the victim by stabilising their condition. First aid can reduce the risks of complications before a medical professional can properly assess the injury. It is vital that all employees in the industrial setting can efficiently deliver first aid in times of workplace emergencies, according to safety practices and protocols.

Our health and safety courses in an industrial setting will equip employees with a basic understanding of first aid techniques, enabling them to respond to workplace accidents as needed and prevent injuries from becoming more serious. This course aims to promote a safe environment for all workers.

Scope: proper accident protocols, first aid response, common injuries and causes, administering first aid for cuts, administering first aid for muscle and bone injuries.

Best for: All workers and employees.

Average Completion Time: 45 mins.

11. Fire Safety Course

Fire can break out from anywhere – from electrical to chemical causes. Ensure employees understand the potential hazards of handling flammable materials and develop a safety plan when it comes to fire emergencies. Our fire safety course will equip employees with the knowledge they need to respond to a fire emergency, including the use of fire extinguishers.

Scope: fire hazards in the workplace, how fires start and spread, what to do in case of a fire, how to properly use a fire extinguisher, fire safety plans.

Best for: All workers and employees.

Average Completion Time: 45 mins.

12. Manual Handling Course

Health and safety training in the industrial setting includes safety courses on manual handling. The industrial setting generally involves a lot of heavy lifting, which can cause injury or damage when done improperly. You can injuring your back, legs and arms, or risk stumbling over as you lose your balance. In jobs that require heavy lifting, it is essential to understand the biomechanics of manual handling to prevent musculoskeletal disorders.

This health and safety training course will take you through the basics of biomechanics for your back, shoulders and wrists. You’ll learn how to properly life heavy and bulky items while understanding the potential safety risks associated with manual handling.

Scope: understanding the risks, risk factors, risk control, biomechanics: back, biomechanics: shoulders and wrists, proper lifting techniques.

Best for: Deskless workers, Workers in the construction industry, Mechanics, Factory or warehouse workers.

Average Completion Time: 45 mins.

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