Top 10 Change Management Training Courses

Top 10 Change Management Training Courses

Change is a constant in business. Companies must adapt their processes effectively to stay competitive as technologies and operational methods evolve. However, implementing change requires strategic effort and the ability to overcome resistance from both leadership and staff.

To equip you with the necessary skills to manage change successfully, we’ve compiled a list of the top online change management courses. These courses are designed to help you develop and refine your adaptability skills in a business environment.

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1. Effective Change Management Course from Cloud Assess

This change management training course helps business managers and leaders to understand their role in leading change. It also provides techniques for overcoming resistance.

This comprehensive learning module delves into the core principles and strategies of change management, ensuring you emerge as a capable and confident change leader. You will explore the critical components of this discipline, from the significance of clear communication skills to strategies for conquering resistance to change. By the end of this course, you will be well-versed in the art and science of initiating, executing, and sustaining change initiatives.


  • Introduction to change management concepts
  • Effective communication in change management
  • Minimising resistance to change
  • Overcoming challenges in organisational transitions

Best for: Mid to senior-level management, Team leaders

Cost: Free

2.Adaptability And Flexibility Course from Cloud Assess

Change management may start from the top down, but it’s important to cultivate an adaptive mindset within your teams as well. This will better prepare them for accepting change readily, and understanding why it’s necessary.

This course free Cloud Assess course can be incorporated into course management training across your company. It will see your workforce understanding their roles in responding to change and accommodating different perspectives. It can also help them to develop a growth mindset that will enhance their problem-solving skills and see them incorporating change into their daily lives.


  • Introduction to adaptability and flexibility
  • Developing adaptable and flexible skill sets
  • Applying adaptability and flexibility to real-world scenarios
  • Action planning and reflection

Best for: Employees

Cost: Free

3. Change Management – Foundation & Practitioner Certification from Acudemy

For those businesses who want to qualify as a Change Management Practitioner, this course by APMG is a great choice. Offered through Acudemy, the training course from the change management institute take place over five days. It provides an in-depth and well rounded understanding of change and the challenges that businesses face when embracing it.

The course includes two exams – one for the foundation phase, and the Change Management Practitioner exam.


  • Developing strategies for adaption
  • The models and processes of change
  • Change drivers
  • How to prepare staff for change
  • The impact and sustainability of change
  • The stakeholder engagement process
  • Defining change management roles
  • How to build and support an effective change team

Best for: Senior-level management

Cost: £2,400.00 (on special for £1,799.00 at time of writing)

4. Change Management Foundation Online Training Course From Learning247

APMG’s change management certification is well recognised and comes highly recommended. However, the pricing for them can be restrictive.

This online training course from Learning 247 makes the APMG Change Management Foundation course available to businesses and individuals at a vastly reduced rate. The course does not include the Foundation examination or change management certification. It does, however, provide businesses with tools for accepting and managing change within their organisations.


  • Change and the individual
  • Change and the organisation
  • Communication and stakeholder engagement
  • Change management practice

Best for: Mid to senior-level management, Team leaders, Aspiring leaders, Employees

Cost: £199.00 (on special for £79.00 at time of writing)

5. Change Agility in the Workplace: Become a Change Agent Course from Udemy

This change management course from Udemy is well suited to different levels of change management within your business.

From an employee perspective, it provides practical skills for becoming more adaptable. For management, it aids in developing strategies to guide teams in accepting change initiatives.

This makes it another change management course that can be implemented as part of training across your workforce.


  • Situational awareness
  • 5 Stages of change
  • Ideation techniques
  • How to make decisions without knowing the full picture

Best for: Employees and Mid-level management

Cost: Free

6. Removing Barriers to Change Course from Coursera

This course designed by the University of Pennsylvania focuses on ways to inspire change within teams and businesses in general.

It offers a beginner’s guide to change management strategies over 4 one-hour modules. The aim of the course is to develop the soft skills team leaders and managers need to persuade, influence, and inspire those around them. This skill set will be critical in managing resistance to change within your business.


  • The challenge of change
  • Removing reactance and endowment
  • Overcoming confirmation bias and uncertainty
  • The importance of corroborating evidence

Best for: Team leaders and Aspiring leaders

Cost: Free

7. Diploma in Change Management from Alison

Professional Academy has designed this CPD-accredited course around leaders in particular.

It aims to provide managers and key stakeholders with an understanding of why change is necessary in business. It also addresses why people find it difficult to come to terms with change. From there, the course delves into strategies and approaches that managers can take to overcome resistance and implement effective change within their business.


  • Change management and communications
  • Theory and practice of change management
  • Factors for success
  • Leading organisational change

Best for: Mid to senior-level management, Team leaders

Cost: Free

8. Managing Disruptive Change Course from edX

Developed by RWTH Aachen University, this course in change management helps leaders identify and proactively manage the disruptions that change can cause. It provides management with the tools and insights that they need to evolve and adapt to an ever-changing environment.

It focuses on the strategy behind managing changes within your business and helps you to leverage them for growth.


  • How to spot disruption patterns
  • Ways to assess the stage, speed and impact of disruptions
  • Developing appropriate counter initiatives

Best for: Mid to senior-level management, Team leaders

Cost: Free to access. Certification costs $249.00

9. Change Management: How To Drive And Adapt Course from Skillshare

Change management starts with individuals. This course from Skillshare is designed for employees. It helps them prepare for and take the guesswork out of managing evolving situations. This change management course isn’t theoretical – it provides practical solutions for growth and development. This can help your workforce to actively embrace changing scenarios and environments.


  • Why change, and what is change to you?
  • Effective communication
  • Framework to implement change
  • Dealing with adversity

Best for: Employees, Team leaders, and Aspiring leaders

Cost: Subscription-based

10. Unlocking the Risk Matrix: Project Risk and the Change Management Process Course from Futurelearn

Change management and project management go hand in hand. This objective-led change management training course looks at how project managers can identify and control risk. It works through creating a risk-management strategy based on qualitative vs quantitative risk analysis and sees managers adapting smoothly to changing scenarios.


  • Evaluate variances in project scope, cost and schedule
  • Construct a prioritised risk register based on the nature of risk and opportunity
  • Develop a quantitative risk assessment
  • Implement an effective risk response plan

Best for: Project management

Cost: Subscription-based

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