Cloud Assess vs. aXcelerate

Cloud Assess vs. aXcelerate

Choosing a digital learning platform is a long-term commitment and should be taken seriously. It’s a big decision to make. Rushing to a conclusion or ‘picking a name from a hat’ is a sure way to guarantee a painful migration in your future.

In the registered training organisation (RTO) landscape, specifically within vocational education and training (VET), this choice becomes even more complex. This is why we’re looking at two notable players in the industry, Cloud Assess and aXcelerate.

We’ll analyse their strengths, main purposes, and much more as we work through this comparison.

Comparison Overview (TLDR)

Overall, Cloud Assess and aXcelerate are closely matched. Both platforms are designed with RTOs and VETs in mind, and both have been extended to facilitate workplace-based learning and assessments.

What sets Cloud Assess apart is their focus on skill-based learning. Tools like their digital skills matrix help businesses to track skill development throughout their business, further supported by features like evidence portfolios and log books.

If, on the other hand, you’re looking for an LMS that can accommodate a wider range of educational facilities including schools, aXcelerate may be a better fit for your needs. Their advanced student management makes the platform well suited education sector in particular.

Already Know aXcelerate’s Not Right For You?

We’ve put together a list of alternatives.

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Company Backgrounds

History of Cloud Assess

Cloud Assess was created in 2012 for RTOs within the Australian VET environment. It has since expanded its features and innovations making it a viable solution for workplace training and the UK vocational training environments.

It retains its appeal to the RTO industry with a strong compliance-focused foundation that remains intact.

History of aXcelerate

aXcelerate started in 1989 as an RTO. Along the way, they discovered the need to create an end-to-end platform to help manage the student experience. Their training management software has since grown to include businesses from various industries while maintaining their focus on RTOs.

Product Offerings & Use Cases

Cloud Assess

Cloud Assess is a training and assessment software that offers an intuitive learner experience from enrolment all the way through the learner journey. Built-in tools ensure compliance with regulations such as the Australian Skills Quality Authority (ASQA) for RTOs.

It provides a drag-and-drop course and assessment builder for creating detailed learning material based on the needs of individual businesses. There are also a host of tools that help to manage the learning experience and even automate parts of it.

Cloud Assess is a great fit for:

  • RTO’s serving the VET sector
  • Training providers who require branded learner portals
  • Awarding bodies across various sectors and industries
  • Enterprises with complex learning and compliance needs


aXcelerate provides a similar offering, with the ability to create courses from scratch or important SCORM content. It also offers a focus on compliance for meeting rigorous industry standards, to help avoid unnecessary fines.

Their platform is packaged into several different modules, including a student management system (SMS), a workplace learning solution, and a learning management system (LMS).

aXcelerate is a great fit for:

  • RTO’s serving the VET sector
  • Training providers who don’t need custom branding

Unique Selling Points

Cloud Assess USPs

User Friendly

Features a mobile learner app, intuitive UI, and support for multimedia content.


Accommodates diverse learning including practical assessments and structured observations.

VET Alignment

Designed for the vocational trianing, ensuring compliance with regulatory standards.

Digital Transformation

Converts traditional paper-based methods into interactive digital experiences.

Offline Capability

Supports offline access, crucial for on-site training with unreliable internet.

Robust Reporting

Provides detailed dashboards and real-time visibility into training outcomes.

aXcelerate USPs

Comprehensive Training

Integrates student, learning, and work-based training management into one platform.

High User Engagement

Over 2.8 million annual enrollments, 1,200+ organisations, and 80,000+ daily logins.