10 Best Courses for Renovation Workers

10 Best Courses for Renovation Workers

Renovation work falls under construction work as they are similar. Renovation projects are typically done to already-existing structures and are usually smaller, simpler projects compared to construction works. However, renovation workers are exposed to the same hazards and dangers as construction workers. They also require the same construction skills and training. Our free construction courses include an array of modules that are suitable for renovation workers. Learn to work safely and efficiently while staying compliant with relevant construction legislation.

1. Prepare to Work Safely: Free Construction Safety Course

Construction training courses for workplace safety are essential training modules focusing on safety management. Hazards are prevalent in the construction industry, so all renovation workers need to understand and abide by the safety regulations put in place to prevent untoward incidents. This online course equips workers with the practical skills to complete the construction process. In this course, you’ll learn the basics of renovation work, including practical training on preparing yourself and your worksite for safe operations.


  • Common Hazards in Construction
  • Risk Mitigation Strategies
  • Roles and Responsibilities

Best for: HVAC Technician, Demolition Worker, Plasterer, Roofing Technician, Flooring Installer, Insulation Installer, General Labourer
Cost: Free

2. PPE Usage Course

Personal protective equipment, or PPE, is an integral safety precaution in construction operations. As workers encounter hazards on the renovation site, wearing the right PPE helps with risk management as it can prevent you from getting hurt from major injuries and accidents. PPE usage is a basic factor that you need to know to pursue a construction career. Learn the essentials of using PPEs, as well as the essential skills to determine the right kind of PPE to use for your workplace. This course will show you how to select, assess and maintain your PPE for your safety.


  • Selecting PPE
  • Problems when using PPE
  • Maintaining PPE

Best for: Plumbing Engineer, Landscape Architect, Decorator, Flooring Technician, Industrial Painter, Elevator Mechanic, Stucco Mason
Cost: Free

3. Manual Handling Course

Manual handling in renovation projects can cause irreversible injuries to the back, shoulders, wrist and knees when done improperly. This construction training course will show you the proper way of lifting heavy objects, minimising the pressure on your body and preventing you from getting injured by heavy lifting. Learn to work efficiently while maintaining a safe work environment with this construction course.


  • Risk Factors
  • Risk Control
  • Principles of Biomechanics: Back
  • Principles of Biomechanics: Shoulders & Wrist
  • Proper Lifting Techniques

Best for: Warehouse Worker, Forklift Operator, Construction Labourer, Mover, Landscaper, Materials Handler
Cost: Free

4. Hazard Reporting Course

There are various hazards in renovation sites as construction tools, debris and other hazards are constantly present. Hazard reporting is meant to report and rectify these hazards to make the workplace safer for everyone involved. Hazard reporting is part of construction management and will help in the health and safety of renovation workers. Learn to properly assess and report hazards in the industrial setting. Understand the common hazards in your line of work and the correct reporting procedures to ensure that the responsible departments are aware of these hazards.


  • Common Hazards in Industrial Settings
  • Reporting Procedures

Best for: Environmental Consultant, Restoration Specialist, Site Inspector, Quality Control Inspector, Accessibility Specialist, Fire Sprinkler Installer, Historic Preservationist
Cost: Free

5. Tool Training Course

Before you can start taking on renovation projects, you’ll need to know the common tools and equipment used in construction. These tools may come in handy when you’re working on the project, but they can also be the cause of injuries. All renovation workers need to be familiar with their tools before they start working. Our line of construction courses includes a tool training course, where you can learn the safety precautions surrounding the tools and equipment used in renovations. Develop proficiency using these tools and improve your work performance.


  • Safety Precautions
  • Developing Proficiency in Using Tools

Best for: Window and Door Installer, Cabinetry Installer, Siding Installer, Countertop Installer, Welder, Surveyor, Concrete Finisher, Landscaper
Cost: Free

6. Fatigue Management Course

Renovation work, like most work in the construction sector, relies on manual handling and physical labour. These can cause extreme fatigue in workers and construction managers, which can cause a decrease in productivity and an increase in workplace accidents. Fatigue management is a construction management course that can help your team stay awake and alert. This free online course also falls under construction project management as it will help you manage the workload of your team. Learn to effectively manage your exhaustion and know your limits when it comes to working while fatigued.


  • What is Fatigue Management?
  • How to Effectively Manage Fatigue

Best for: All Renovation Workers, Construction Project Managers, Health and Safety Inspectors
Cost: Free

7. Safe Approach Distances (SADS) Course

Unlike most construction projects that start from scratch, renovation works are done on existing foundations. Some renovation works are done to fix problems with structures or electricity, which can pose additional dangers to workers. This course on safe approach distances will equip you with the knowledge you need to tackle electrical issues during renovation. You’ll learn the safe way of handling faulty wires and potential energy sources, especially with the distance in which to approach electrical sources.


  • What is Safe Approach Distances (SADs)?
  • Recommended SADs

Best for: Flooring Technician, Elevator Mechanic, Electrical Engineer, Electrician, HVAC Technician
Cost: Free

8. Occupational Health & Safety Regulations Course

Occupational Health and Safety (OHS) regulations include a list of standards to promote the health and safety of individuals in a workplace. For renovation companies, these organisations will need to comply with safety measures to ensure that their workers are safe from injuries or illnesses while working on-site. Ensuring compliance with OHS regulations will not only minimise accidents in the workplace, but it can maintain the well-being of your workers who encounter sharp objects, heavy machinery and potentially hazardous chemicals daily. Our free online course on OHS regulations will help you to stay compliant with these standards and to understand the regulations that need to be followed in your workplace.


  • What are Occupational Health and Safety Regulations?
  • Importance of Compliance with OHS Regulations

Best for: Site Inspectors, Project Managers, Supervisors, Health and Safety Officers, Compliance Officers, Building Code Consultant
Cost: Free

9. Machine Safety & Usage Course

Machines used in the construction industry can be particularly hazardous as they are often built to exert incredible pressure and force. Some machines are designed to cut through touch materials, which can easily injure renovation workers as well. Machine safety training is part of health and safety management when it comes to tackling a construction project. Keep your renovation and construction projects safe with our machine safety and usage course, where you’ll learn the basics of safely handling construction equipment. Familiarise yourself with the industry-standard guidelines for safe machine usage and learn to maintain equipment in good working condition to minimise the chances of accidents.


  • Risk Assessment and Mitigation
  • General Guidelines for Safe Machine Usage
  • Machine Maintenance and Inspection

Best for: HVAC Controls Technician, Aquatic Facility Technician, Solar Energy Technician, Forklift Operators, Machine Operators, General Workers
Cost: Free

10. COSHH Chemical Safety Course

There may come a time in your renovation work when you will need to handle dangerous and harmful substances. Many of the solutions and chemicals used in construction can cause harm to your skin, respiratory system or other organs, so it is vital to undergo adequate training before you handle these substances. Our online course on chemical safety management abides by the regulations set by the construction industry. In this course, you’ll understand the purpose of COSHH, learn to handle potentially dangerous chemicals with personal protective equipment (PPE) and know the proper procedures for storing or disposing of these substances.


  • What is Control of Substances Hazardous to Health (COSHH)?
  • Hazardous Substances
  • Risk Assessment and Control Measures
  • Safe Handling, Storage, and Disposal
  • Emergency Procedures

Best for: Renovation Workers, Water Treatment Specialist, Floor Coating Applicator, Industrial Flooring Technician, Environmental Impact Assessor
Cost: Free

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