Top 10 Free Warehouse Safety Courses

Top 10 Free Warehouse Safety Courses

Working in a warehouse can expose you to specific workplace hazards. It is important to know how to navigate around the workplace safely to avoid accidents that may cause harm to you or your coworkers.

Our warehouse safety training courses are designed for different industries from industrial to retail and even food sectors. Through these courses, you’ll gain an understanding of the health and safety risks associated with the warehouse and stockroom so you can be aware of the safety measures to prevent injuries and accidents. Here are 10 free courses for working safely in a warehouse:

1. Machine Safety & Usage Course

Warehouse operators often use machinery to move products around, reach high shelves and carry heavy loads. The staff that handles these machines must undergo warehouse safety training to ensure that they have a proper understanding of manual and mechanical handling and safety measures when operating these machines.

This free warehouse safety course is designed for the industrial setting and equips learners with the skills and knowledge needed to operate machinery safely. You’ll learn to assess the risks in operating heavy equipment, as well as the general guidelines to safely operate machines in a warehouse environment.


  • Risk Assessment and Mitigation
  • General Guidelines for Safe Machine Usage
  • Machine Maintenance and Inspection

Best for: Warehouse Operators, Forklift Operators, Stockroom Supervisors, Material Handlers, Warehouse Managers, Inventory Control Specialists, Logistics Coordinators, Shipping and Receiving Clerks, Order Pickers, Warehouse Safety Inspectors
Cost: Free

2. Maintain Stock Handling And Storage Areas Course

Warehouses deal with different types and variations of products that the company may offer or handle as raw materials. Regardless of the type of item stored in your warehouse, it is important to maintain the cleanliness and organisation of the storage areas to minimise losses, prevent damaged goods and avoid pest infestations.

This free course on warehouse maintenance covers employee responsibilities to upkeep the storage area. Learn how to maintain cleanliness despite the number of products stored in the warehouse, remove waste products, report any potential warehouse hazards and maintain the proper environmental conditions for storing specific items.


  • Maintaining Cleanliness
  • Environmental Conditions for Storage
  • Waste Removal and Disposal
  • Hazard Reporting

Best for: Warehouse Technicians, Inventory Control Specialists, Stockroom Supervisors, Logistics Coordinators, Supply Chain Managers, Materials Handling Operators, Warehouse Managers, Storekeepers, Distribution Center Staff, Facilities Maintenance Personnel
Cost: Free

3. Compliance: Regulations & Standards Course

Warehouse employees must comply with strict regulations to avoid warehouse injuries, keep the operation areas clean and other standards. Following these compliance requirements is mandatory for all warehouse organisations, so it is important for employees to understand the importance of compliance.

This free compliance course will take you through the regulations and standards in the Australian regulatory space. You’ll learn to identify the different requirements for various industries and determine the compliance guides suitable for your organisation.


  • The Importance of Compliance with Regulations and Standards
  • Complying with Regulations and Standards

Best for: Warehouse Health and Safety Officers, Regulatory Affairs Specialists, Quality Assurance Managers, Compliance Analysts, Environmental Health and Safety Officers, Regulatory Compliance Officers
Cost: Free

4. Working at Heights Course

Warehouse operations typically involve working at heights, particularly with warehouses that have high shelves and require lifts to properly handle merchandise. In these work environments, employees need to undergo training to work at heights.

This will help you avoid injuries and accidents in the workplace. Our warehouse safety training course on working at heights will help in maintaining safety in the workplace. You’ll learn to identify the proper equipment and tools you need to work on high platforms and establish safety measures in case of accidental falls. Learn to stay safe while working at heights.


  • What is working at heights?
  • Equipment and Tools
  • Fall Prevention and Fall Arrest Systems
  • How to stay safe when working at heights

Best for: Warehouse Workers, Roofing Technicians, Tower Climbers, Scaffolders, Window Cleaners, Industrial Maintenance Personnel, Building Inspectors, Warehouse Technicians, Warehouse Inspection Personnel
Cost: Free

5. Forklift Safety Course

Large warehouses that handle heavy merchandise may require the use of forklifts to move products around. Forklift operators are responsible for the safe usage and maintenance of their equipment, so it is essential for them to undergo training to ensure that they are properly equipped to operate forklifts.

Our free course on forklift operations offers a comprehensive review of forklift hazards and safety measures. Learn to inspect and maintain forklifts for safe workplace operations, mitigate potential risks associated with the equipment and repair any minor faults to prevent damage or injury.


  • Forklift Hazards and Risk Mitigation
  • Pre-Operational Checks and Safe Operating Techniques
  • Forklift Maintenance and Repair

Best for: Forklift Operators, Warehouse Supervisors, Safety Inspectors, Logistics Coordinators, Material Handlers, Warehouse Managers, Inventory Control Specialists, Distribution Center Staff, Facilities Maintenance Personnel
Cost: Free

6. Accept Stock Delivery Course

Accepting stock delivery may seem like a straightforward process, but there are procedures that need to be followed to properly record, store and display deliveries. Especially in the retail industry, organisations must train warehouse and stockroom employees to document the deliveries they receive so they can keep track of inventory and accurately tally their products.

This free course was designed for the retail industry, as retail companies typically receive stock of their displayed products as they make sales. You’ll learn to manage, check and inspect the stock that arrives, take note of any losses or damaged products and safely handle the items to store or display them for future use.


  • Checking Stock Quantities
  • Inspecting Stock Quality
  • Recording and Reporting
  • Safe Handling Techniques
  • Storing and Displaying Stock

Best for: Warehouse Staff, Receiving Clerks, Stockroom Supervisors, Inventory Control Specialists, Supply Chain Coordinators, Warehouse Managers, Distribution Center Personnel, Procurement Specialists, Retail Store Receiving Teams, Facilities Management Staff
Cost: Free

7. Replenish Stock Levels Course

Replenishing your stock enables you to keep your store looking full and ready for your team to increase your sales. Out-of-stock items tend to disappoint customers, so keeping extra stock on hand helps in maintaining customer satisfaction and loyalty. It is a general rule to replenish fast-moving items before they run out so you can always have these products on hand.

This course is geared towards the retail industry, particularly those that carry multiple SKUs in-store. You’ll learn to manage, rotate, document and maintain adequate levels of stock without over- or under-ordering your goods. This course is ideal for inventory management roles as well as stockroom personnel, warehouse employees and other similar roles.


  • Rotating and Replenishing Stock
  • Presenting Stock for Maximum Visibility and Sales
  • Recording Stock Waste and Shrinkage
  • Maintaining Optimal Stock Levels

Best for: Stockroom Personnel, Inventory Control Specialists, Warehouse Staff, Retail Store Associates, Replenishment Coordinators, Supply Chain Managers, Merchandise Planners, Distribution Center Teams, Procurement Specialists, Store Managers
Cost: Free

8. Document And Report Incident Course

Warehouses have multiple potential hazards from trips and falls to electrical hazards. Minimise warehouse accidents and major injuries by providing a comprehensive report and risk assessment of the workplace. By reporting common hazards to the proper personnel responsible for rectifying these hazards, you can create a safer work environment for everyone.

This free warehouse safety training course will help prevent accidents such as falling objects, trip hazards and the like. Learn the common injuries in the workplace, especially during manual handling of warehouse items and machine operations. Determine the proper channels to submit reports and identify alternative approaches to prevent slips, trips and falls.


  • Comprehensively Documenting Incidents
  • Obtaining Witness Statements and Contact Details
  • Preparing and Submitting Incident Reports
  • Identifying Alternative Approaches to Prevent Incidents

Best for: Safety Officers, Incident Report Writers, Compliance Officers, Health and Safety Inspectors, Security Personnel, Risk Analysts, Environmental Health Specialists, Quality Assurance Managers, Regulatory Affairs Specialists, Workplace Safety Coordinators
Cost: Free

9. Lockout/Tagout Procedures Course

Lockout/Tagout (LOTO) procedures are pertinent in warehouses that carry potentially hazardous substances. Your warehouse may work with energy sources that can cause injuries, so it is best to train yourself and your team on the proper LOTO procedures taken in the event of Lockout or Tagout.

Our free warehouse safety course on LOTO procedures involves electrical safety, safety measures for manual and mechanical handling, mechanical aids and more. You’ll learn the steps to implement LOTO procedures in a safe manner while complying with regulatory authorities.


  • What are Lockout/Tagout Procedures?
  • Steps Involved in Implementing LOTO Procedures

Best for: Health and Safety Managers, Safety Coordinators, Compliance Officers, Warehouse Safety Inspectors, Warehouse EHS (Environment, Health, and Safety) Directors, Occupational Health Nurses, Safety Committee Members
Cost: Free

10. Occupational Health & Safety Regulations Course

Occupational health and safety differs from industry to industry but the basics are the same. Understanding the common causes for injuries in the workplace, when to use personal protective equipment (PPE) and proper hazard reporting measures can create a safer working environment for your company.

This free safety training course covers the basics of health and safety regulations in the workplace. You’ll learn the importance of compliance according to OHS regulations, how to identify potential hazards and upgrade your skills at work.


  • What are Occupational Health and Safety Regulations?
  • Importance of Compliance with OHS Regulations

Best for: Warehouse Safety Training Coordinators, Safety Engineers, EHS (Environment, Health, and Safety) Directors, Warehouse Health and Safety Management Personnel, Warehouse Employees
Cost: Free

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