10 Best Retail Management Courses

10 Best Retail Management Courses

Improve the management of your retail business now with these free online training courses. Beginners can complete these retail management courses at their own pace to gain practical knowledge in topics such as ensuring the availability of products and services to clients. Skills training providers can use these free courses for their retail training programmes. Upon course completion, learners can take the built-in assessment for free. No previous qualifications are required to enrol on these courses.

1. Planning Your Retail Career Course

This course is the gateway to having a successful career in the retail industry. With this retail management course, you’ll be able to figure out which role fits you best. Discover the core set of skills you’ll need to develop for retail employment. Gain a better understanding of the available career paths for retail workers. This online course will guide you through the process of planning a successful retail management career. Enrol now for free.


  • Introduction to Planning Your Retail Career
  • Exploring Career Opportunities and Preferences
  • Identify Skills Development Requirements
  • Planning Retail Career Progression

Best for: Retail employees that are new to the industry and other professionals interested in retail management
Cost: Free

2. Analyse Your Sales Target Course

This retail management course is great for beginners and experienced professionals. After taking this free online course, you’ll be able to conduct a customer behaviour analysis to determine factors affecting retail sales. Align individual targets with business objectives and organisational standards. Learn how to adjust sales strategies using customer base preferences and recent market research. This course will help you gain knowledge of the essential components of achieving your sales targets. Enrol in this training course for free.


  • Introduction to Sales Targets
  • Understanding Sales Targets
  • Analysing Personal Sales Targets
  • Monitor Progress and Analysing Customer Behaviour

Best for: Store supervisors, retail sales associates, and professionals who want to develop their analytical skills
Cost: Free

3. Goal Setting Course

One of the most important things to do at any job is to set goals and achieve them. A retail manager such as yourself might be asked to set goals based on sales targets and other business needs. Upon successful completion of this free online course, you’ll be able to create a detailed framework for setting goals, taking steps to meet them, and finally achieving them. Manage your team’s attitude and actions towards goals. Enrol in this training course for free.


  • Setting Effective Goals
  • Goal Setting Techniques
  • Developing an Action Plan
  • Maintaining Motivation and Overcoming Obstacles

Best for: Store supervisors, retail managers, and professionals looking to improve their prioritisation skills
Cost: Free

4. KPI Training Course

KPIs are the clear milestones that help you identify whether you’re on the right track towards achieving your targets and/or goals. Hitting KPIs can signify that the retail store is succeeding while missing KPIs can signify that the retail store is failing or in need of much improvement. Given their importance to teams and stakeholders, KPIs must be chosen carefully. With this free online course, you’ll gain a better understanding of what KPIs are as well as how to select and implement them. Don’t let the wrong KPIs mislead your efforts. Enrol in the KPI Training Course.


  • Introduction to KPIs
  • Defining Relevant KPIs
  • Implementing KPIs
  • KPIs and Performance Improvement

Best for: Store supervisors, retail managers, and professionals who want to develop their strategic planning skills
Cost: Free

5. Communicating Targets and Goals with The Retail Team Course

Efficient teams start with great communication. A lack of communication or miscommunication within teams can bring the entire business down. With this retail management course, you’ll be able to lead your teams to success using effective communication skills. Clarify individual responsibilities so that retail employees perform their tasks according to instructions and well-defined business standards. Ensure that the quality of customer service and other interactions with clients is consistent throughout the team. Enrol now on this free online course.


  • Effective Retail Team Communication
  • Organisational Vision and Responsibilities
  • Setting Expectations for Work Standards and Behaviours
  • Providing Information on Sales Targets and Goals

Best for: Store supervisors and other retail professionals in leadership roles
Cost: Free

6. Monitor Retail Team Performance Course

Offering products and services to consumers isn’t a one-person job. To succeed in retail, you need complete coordination across different areas such as customer service, marketing, and merchandising. Upon successful completion of this free online course, you’ll be able to maximise the potential of each member so that the entire business benefits from individual capabilities. With this retail management course, you’ll gain knowledge of how to manage retail teams effectively. Enrol in this course for free.


  • Understanding Retail Team Dynamics
  • Providing Constructive Feedback
  • Recognising Efforts and Progress
  • Identifying Training Needs

Best for: Store supervisors, retail managers, and professionals interested in honing their management skills
Cost: Free

7. Promoting Retail Team Morale: A Guide for Leaders Course

Amidst a retail environment with challenging customers and shifts in the purchasing behaviours of consumers, maintaining high morale can seem like a lost cause. But once you’ve completed this retail management course, you’ll have the knowledge needed to boost morale and leverage motivation. Inspire teams to do their best work with this free training course for leaders. Ensure that every voice in the business is heard and valued. Learn how to improve productivity by providing adequate support for your teams to grow and enhance their skills. Enrol in this online course for free.


  • Identifying Group Motivators
  • Strategies to Uncover Motivators
  • Creating a Supportive Retail Team Environment
  • Encouraging Feedback and Participation

Best for: Retail professionals in a management position (e.g., store supervisors)
Cost: Free

8. Customer Experience Management Course

Improving the experiences of customers can have wide-ranging effects such as increased customer satisfaction and word-of-mouth marketing. Explore the different types of customers and the touchpoints where they interact with your retail brand, such as an online channel, a physical store, or a customer service call. Once you’ve completed this free course, you’ll also know how to collect and analyse feedback from consumers. Discover how data analytics can help you in the personalisation of experiences offered to customers. Learn about omnichannel retailing and building a customer-centric culture. Enrol in this retail management course for free.


  • Leveraging Data Analytics in Customer Experience Management (CEM)
  • Designing and Delivering a Seamless Experience
  • Managing Customer Complaints and Service Recovery
  • Implementing CEM in Your Organisation

Best for: Managers of retail marketing and customer service teams as well as other retail professionals who want to improve customer satisfaction
Cost: Free

9. Inventory Management Course

Inventory management is a crucial element of retail logistics. It can assist in supplier management, cash flow management, and even customer service. In this free online course, you’ll learn terms such as Stock Keeping Unit (SKU) and safety stock. Once you’ve completed this course, you’ll have knowledge of inventory management methods such as Just-In-Time (JIT) inventory management, ABC analysis, and perpetual inventory system. As a retail manager, it’s also important for you to know about the best practices for inventory optimisation. Enrol in this retail management course for free.


  • Importance of Inventory Management
  • Key Concepts and Terms
  • Inventory Management Methods
  • Best Practices for Optimising Inventory Levels

Best for: Stock controllers and merchandising managers of retail outlets
Cost: Free

10. Loss Prevention Course

Implementing loss prevention strategies is important to any business, but most especially for those in retail. Losses can quickly derail the profitability of stores and even lead to bankruptcy. As a retail manager, minimising inventory shrinkage due to theft is likely one of your top concerns. With this retail management course, you’ll have knowledge of how to identify vulnerabilities in your physical security and supply chain. Gain vulnerability management and incident management skills upon completion of this free online course. Enrol now to protect your retail assets from threats.


  • Risk Assessment and Analysis
  • Security Measures
  • Employee Training and Awareness
  • Incident Response and Investigations

Best for: Loss prevention managers of retail outlets and professionals who want to improve their vulnerability management skills
Cost: Free

Other Retail Industry Courses

To get more free online courses that you can include in your retail training programmes, take a look at our curated lists for the retail industry:

If you want to increase your knowledge in other areas or are looking for further information on available online courses and assessment opportunities, check out our Course Library. No previous qualifications are required to enrol in any of our free courses.

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