10 Best Retail Training Courses

10 Best Retail Training Courses

The retail sector is one where effective training is a necessity rather than a nice-to-have. Without proper training, it is difficult for those in the sector to work productively and efficiently.

We’ve pulled together a list of free retail training materials that can help businesses meet a wide range of training challenges head-on. Whether retailers want their long-term staff members to learn new sales skills or need to do large-scale onboarding to open more retail stores in the next several weeks, this curated list of retail workers training courses has got you covered.

Retail Training Programs

1. Work Within Organisational Requirements Course

For those who need to efficiently onboard new hires, this retail employee training course can help you do that for free. While your new team members may have some prior experience working in the retail industry, this beginner-level course is also suitable for those entirely new to the sector.

Improve the performance of your entire team by keeping everyone in line with organisational requirements. This retail employee training course can also help you implement basic standards (such as those for attire) by outlining the reasons behind company policies and the many benefits of following them.


  • Complying with employment policies and procedures
  • Seeking advice from supervisors and managers
  • Interpreting staff rosters and providing notice of availability
  • Understanding attire and personal grooming standards

Best for: Newly hired retail staff and those who have never worked in retail

Cost: Free

2. Confirming and Responding to Workplace Requirements Course

If a lack of synergy is affecting your team’s performance, then this retail employee training course may be the solution you’re looking for. Even if this isn’t the case, the course is still great for improving teamwork and communication among staff. Ensure a conflict-free workplace and a positive company culture by developing your employees’ emotional intelligence and interpersonal skills. These training materials are especially suited to teams that have experienced miscommunication or are suffering from a lack of clarity regarding work arrangements.


  • Communicating work arrangements, instructions, and timelines
  • Building positive relationships for collaboration in the workplace
  • Resolving workplace conflict through open communication
  • Implementing constructive feedback in the workplace

Best for: New team members and retail employees of large teams

Cost: Free

3. How to Develop Product and Service Knowledge Course

Do you want to create a reputation among your customers for having knowledgeable and helpful employees? Have customers complained before about not getting the information they need to make a purchase? If you’ve answered yes to either of those questions, then this retail sales training course is just what you need. An often overlooked but important part of the retail selling process is having a deep understanding of products and services. This is why developing knowledge on your offerings is a critical part of retail staff training.

Ensure that your employees are trained on how to access, understand, and use information about products and services with this free retail employee training course. The result will be increased sales and improved sales techniques throughout your business.


  • Recognising reliable sources of product and service information
  • Identifying Unique Selling Points (USPs) and key benefits
  • Conducting a comparative analysis of products and services
  • Collaborating with colleagues and industry experts

Best for: Retail sales personnel and retail employees who are handling customer service inquiries

Cost: Free

4. Contribute to a Service Culture Course

Creating exceptional customer experiences is a must in any industry. This is especially the case in the retail sector. If you want to get repeat customers and build brand loyalty, you’ll need to have a strong service culture among your team. Train employees to align their behaviour with organisational standards for customer service and see customer satisfaction rates go up. This retail employee training course will help your sales team with understanding customer service, and ensure that customers feel welcome and have a good impression of your store.


  • Knowing the do’s and don’ts for positive customer interactions
  • Understanding the scope of personal responsibility in customer service
  • Recognising customer pain points and areas for improvement
  • Proactively seeking opportunities to enhance service standards

Best for: Retail customer service employees and other frontline retail staff

Cost: Free

5. Identify Potentially Disruptive Customers Course

Train new hires on how to recognise and successfully interact with difficult customers. The last thing you need is a wide-eyed employee freezing or escalating conflict when faced with an aggressive customer. In this online training course, your employees will learn strategies for resolving customer issues and even discover sales techniques for preventing customer disruptions from occurring in the first place. By the end of the course, your sales team will be able to tell the difference between a reasonable request and a potential disruption as well as know what to do in case of the latter.


  • Evaluating and monitoring customer behaviour
  • Asking relevant questions and actively listening
  • Developing a positive and empathetic attitude
  • Ensuring compliance when handling disruptions

Best for: Retail employees who don’t have much experience working with customers or are struggling with assisting difficult customers

Cost: Free

6. Documenting and Reporting Customer Misbehaviour Incidents Course

Customer misbehaviour incidents don’t just negatively affect staff. It can impact your entire retail business. Customers involved in such incidents might blame the staff or management for their conduct. That’s why it’s important that your employees are trained to document and report these incidents as soon as they occur and in the right way. With this sales training course, your staff will know what evidence to collect and who to report to after an incident. Even if you’ve never encountered customer misbehaviour in your store, it still pays to be prepared in case an incident does happen.


  • Comprehensively documenting key information for reports
  • Approaching witnesses and obtaining reliable statements
  • Formatting and submitting incident reports professionally
  • Identifying alternative approaches to prevent incidents

Best for: Retail staff of stores with previous customer misbehaviour incidents

Cost: Free

7. Managing the Personal Impact of Negative Customer Behaviour Course

When staff members don’t have the tools to address the emotional challenges of working in retail operations, they might be prone to absenteeism, outbursts, or decreased productivity. One way to help them as a leader is to enrol them in this sales training course so that they know how to manage their mental health after a challenging interaction. Though the course focuses on the personal impact, the entire business may suffer if most employees are demotivated due to negative customer behaviour.


  • Using self-reflection and debriefing procedures
  • Promoting emotional regulation and stress reduction
  • Identifying signs that professional support is needed
  • Creating a personal response plan to build resilience

Best for: Retail employees who have just experienced a customer misbehaviour incident

Cost: Free

8. Accepting Stock Delivery Course

Unfortunately, many things can go wrong with stock delivery. However, you can prevent mistakes from occurring by enrolling your employees in this course. If your stock delivery process has led to customer complaints regarding damaged items or insufficient stock, then this retail employee training course is certainly a worthwhile investment. Especially since it doesn’t cost a thing! Your staff will know what to do when there are discrepancies and other issues with quality or delivery. Prevent problems further down the line by training your staff in checking stock and accepting delivery.


  • Verifying incoming stock quantities against order documentation
  • Assessing stock upon delivery and inspecting stock quality
  • Recording stock deliveries and safely handling stock
  • Organising stock and using designated storage locations

Best for: Stock receivers, inventory managers, and quality control personnel

Cost: Free

9. Replenishing Stock Levels Course

If your store has been struggling to maintain just the right amount of stock for customers, then enrol your entire team into this retail employee training course for free. After taking this course, your retail staff will be highly skilled in managing stock. They’ll even get guidelines on stock presentation, visual merchandising, and product placement so that your customers are primed to buy once they enter the store. Use this sales training course as a tool to prevent stockouts, overstocking, and stock loss.


  • Rotating and replenishing stock
  • Presenting stock on the shop floor
  • Recording stock waste and shrinkage
  • Maintaining optimal stock levels

Best for: Retail employees that need to brush up on their stock management skills or are interested in becoming retail operations managers

Cost: Free

10. Employment Rights and Responsibilities in the Retail Industry Course

Acts of discrimination and harassment are not only illegal but can permanently damage the workplace environment and the reputation of retail companies. Enrol your employees in this free retail staff training course and help them understand why certain behaviours are prohibited and their protected characteristics. Ensuring the psychological and physical safety of everyone at work is not only good for legal compliance, but also leads to increased productivity and better team communication. Employers should take this course to familiarise themselves with Equal Employment Opportunity (EEO) laws and the 11 minimum National Employment Standards (NES) entitlements.


  • Accessing information on employment rights
  • Verifying compliance with employment standards
  • Understanding contractual terms and conditions
  • Reporting breaches of employment laws and policies

Best for: Regional and district managers as well as employers of retail workers

Cost: Free

Retail Staff Training FAQs

Which course is best for retail workers?

The best course for retail workers depends on their specific needs. For new hires, the Work Within Organisational Requirements course is ideal for onboarding and understanding basic standards. For improving teamwork and communication, the Confirming and Responding to Workplace Requirements course is highly recommended. Sales personnel can also benefit from retail sales training programs that include the How to Develop Product and Service Knowledge course.

Is this a complete list of the training for retail employees that you offer?

Not at all! We offer a wide range of courses to learners in all industries, including retail employees. While this list provides a good starting point, we suggest that you check our free course library for more training materials.

Who can benefit from retail employee training?

Our courses are designed to be accessed by retail sales teams, retail managers, business owners and more. Whether you’re new to the retail sector, want to improve skill development within your business, or are looking for courses to help you manage a retail store and retail sales teams, you’ve come to the right place.

What is a retail training program?

A retail training program is a structured learning experience designed to equip retail employees with the necessary skills and knowledge to perform their roles effectively. These programs cover various aspects, including customer service, product knowledge, retail sales training, stock management, conflict resolution, and compliance with organisational standards and employment laws. The goal is to enhance employee performance, ensure customer satisfaction, and maintain operational efficiency in your retail store.

Other Retail Courses

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