How Technology Is Changing Learning

How Technology Is Changing Learning

What technology is there for teaching and learning?

eLearning was the first concept to emerge that brought learning from a traditional classroom setting to a computer via the internet. The benefits were fantastic as they supported self-paced study and remote learning. eLearning remains a very attractive option for study, with recent reports stating that online enrolments are up as high as 400% on some platforms.

But not all learning using technology needs to be eLearning modules. You can facilitate learning in whatever delivery method you chose as soon as you use the right software. This blog unpacks the different technology out there for teaching and learning.

When looking for software to facilitate learning, you can become overwhelmed with the amount of choice on the market. Not to mention the different options of implementing this software as an enterprise-wide (i.e a “Jack of All Trades”) option, or procuring specialised “Best-of-Breed” solutions that can fulfil specific RTO requirements.

What is eLearning?

eLearning is learning utilising the internet and either mobile or desktop computers to access educational curriculum outside of a traditional classroom. eLearning can also be described as distance education, internet learning, online learning and more.

eLearning is a great way to attract students to education who have barriers, such as travel or time constraints. However, training providers found a shortfall as the VET space also requires learning that incorporates on the job and face-to-face training. They encountered a range of difficulties in engaging students and delivering elements of a course that just couldn’t be conducted online.

It’s important to understand that eLearning can only play a part in how some training providers will deliver a unit, course or qualification. In a recent Velg survey, 74% of respondents stated that they didn’t use online learning for every course because, “We Still Need Face-To-Face Course Delivery Experience”, which reinforces this opinion.

What are Learning Management Systems? (LMS)

An LMS is a tool that was influenced by the concept of eLearning. They offer an extended solution to an organisation, encompassing administration, document management, tracking and reporting. They are, though, more commonly used for Higher Education within universities and most recently, within schools. The majority of the features, focus on “learning” and academic testing requirements, and less on assessment and evidence gathering to show competency.

LMSs are great tools for interoperability and accessibility plus they offer some features that align to training providers. As the Australian Vocational Education and Training sector is a very niche market within the Education industry, an LMS doesn’t have all the features to support the ongoing complexities of managing compliance requirements in line with your Training and Assessment Strategies.

Training providers can procure a generic LMS like Moodle and spend a great deal of time and effort customising it to suit the specific needs of assessment, however, this comes at a cost. It will need adapting or enhancing to meet your requirements as well as hosting.

You will also spend time specifying what you need. In the age of the technological revolution, there is a high chance there will be a system that can support your specific needs already. If you go down the route of procuring a generic tool, it may lack the flexibility of a best-of-breed solution that will adapt to your process.

The design and interface for the end user may be compromised if you have budget constraints, which could be a competitive disadvantage when marketing to your potential customers. You will need to invest in an in-house or external IT team to be available on an ongoing basis, as it will be down to you to keep it up and running for your users.

The reality of using any of these options means that paper may still need to be used within your organisation which can involve laborious and costly delays.

What are Training and Assessment Software Solutions?

Training and Assessment software is a similar tool to an LMS, however, it allows you to perform all parts of assessment from authoring, conducting and managing assessment and training. It bridges the gap between face-to-face and online all in the one mobile solution.

As a niche product, Cloud Assess is a solution that was created out of the need to deliver not only course content online, but also to gather and retain evidence. It supports you in fulfilling the specific requirements of your Training and Assessment Strategies without the need for paper.

Cloud Assess is a solution that offers an efficient approach to doing things in the right way. Built specifically for Australian VET, with assessment at its core, Cloud Assess offers industry-relevant features to provide you with compliance peace of mind. A best-of-breed solution that is fit-for-purpose and helps you put money back in the bank with massive efficiency gains.

Cloud Assess is the future of assessment. Don’t get left behind, try Cloud Assess for free today.


UPDATED: 11th July 2022

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