10 Best Health Facility Cleanliness Courses

10 Best Health Facility Cleanliness Courses

Health facilities are expected to prioritise their cleanliness to the highest standard. This is because the healthcare industry encounters various illnesses, diseases and germs on a day-to-day basis. Frequent cleaning and sanitising is the key to preventing the spread of illnesses, especially during outbreaks.

Learn to keep your health facility sanitised with our line of healthcare cleanliness courses. Understand the unique cleaning methods used for infection prevention and control to limit the spread of diseases, prevent contamination and keep the facility well-organised to maintain sanitary operations. Here are 10 of our best cleaning and housekeeping courses for healthcare facilities:

1. Prepare For Cleaning Course

Cleaning standards in healthcare facilities are much stricter than the standard operating procedures in other industries. The cleaning staff don’t just ensure that the areas they’re disinfecting are completely free of contaminants, but they also have to stay alert to protect themselves from infection. Cleaning teams in healthcare settings typically start with full preparations for cleaning facility areas, particularly areas with bodily fluids or other hazards. Learn to thoroughly disinfect a healthcare facility while protecting yourself from infection. Our free online course will take you through a thorough rundown of healthcare cleanliness, including risk assessments, disease control and using the correct cleaning equipment. Learn to clean medical equipment, use the appropriate cleaning agents and prevent the spread of disease in isolation rooms or from patients who are being barrier nursed.


  • Wearing Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)
  • Checking and Setting Up Cleaning Equipment
  • Selecting and Preparing Cleaning Agents Safely
  • Barricading Work Sites and Installing Signs

Best for: Floor Care Technician, Isolation Room Cleaner, Linen Services Technician, Medical Equipment Sanitation Specialist, Patient Room Discharge Specialist
Cost: Free

2. Managing Waste in Clinical Areas Course

Removing waste from healthcare facilities is a delicate procedure. You can’t just toss out medical waste like you would regular household waste. There are national and local standards that you have to comply with when it comes to waste removal methods in a healthcare setting. This is to prevent human waste, used medical instruments and potential pathogens from infecting the general public. Learn the proper methods of waste removal in a healthcare setting through our free online course. In this course, you’ll find the best practices for managing medical waste in clinical areas while minimising odour build-up. You’ll also learn to run through a risk assessment before cleaning and understand the industry standards for waste removal to maintain compliance.


  • Assessing Waste for Risks and WHS Compliance
  • Proper Waste Removal for Cleanliness
  • Minimising Odour Build-up through Spot Cleaning

Best for: Environmental Services Technician, Biohazard Waste Technician, Sterile Processing Technician, Infection Control Specialist, Operating Room (OR) Cleaner
Cost: Free

3. Prepare and Maintain Beds Course

Hospital beds are meant to provide a form of comfort to patients while keeping its functionality as patients are moved and monitored as needed. As such, these beds require thorough, periodic cleaning to keep them sanitised between uses. This course on preparing, cleaning and maintaining hospital beds will show you the proper methods of bed upkeep for new occupancy or continued occupancy. Learn to use proper cleaning tools and solutions for infection control, prepare the bed properly according to facility standards and change the sheets between occupancies.


  • Preparing the Area for Bed-Making
  • Making the Bed
  • Leaving a Bed ready for Occupancy or Continued Occupancy

Best for: Pediatric Ward Cleaner, Mental Health Facility Cleaner, Floor Care Technician, Isolation Room Cleaner, Linen Services Technician, Long-Term Care Facility Housekeeper, Hospice Residence Cleaner
Cost: Free

4. Store Equipment and Cleaning Agents Safely Course

As a worker in the cleaning industry, you should have an adequate understanding of the dangers of mixing cleaning chemicals. Even household cleaning solutions can create hazardous substances when mixed together, so it is important to store and label cleaning agents safely to prevent accidental mixing. Learn the basics of janitorial services in our free online course on storing cleaning equipment and solutions safely. Understand the dangers of improper storage, learn the right way to store cleaning solutions and improve your efficiency with a well-organised stock area.


  • Cleaning and Drying Equipment Before Storage
  • Proper Storage of Cleaning Agents

Best for: Ward Cleaner, Linen Services Technician, Long-Term Care Facility Housekeeper, Hospice Residence Cleaner, Healthcare Janitorial Services Team
Cost: Free

5. Follow Food Safety Program Course

Food safety is a top priority in the kitchens of healthcare facilities. These kitchens are responsible for more than just providing patients with palatable food, they also have to follow specific diet restrictions for different patients. Healthcare facility kitchens have to ensure that their food is safe and healthy. Our food safety course is geared towards the food and beverage industry, but can also be used for training kitchen staff in hospitals and other healthcare facilities. Learn to keep storage areas clean and sanitised, use colour-coding on different food items and identify potential food hazards to prevent untoward incidents.


  • Accessing Information from Food Safety Program
  • Monitoring Food Safety and Documentation
  • Controlling Food Safety Hazards
  • Corrective Actions for Non-Compliance and Hazards
  • Recording Food Safety Information

Best for: Healthcare Facility Kitchen Staff, Cafeteria Workers, Cooks for Specialised Diets
Cost: Free

6. Clean Medical Imaging Equipment and Environment Course

Medical imaging equipment is used multiple times a day for different patients, with some patients having potentially harmful and infectious diseases. It is standard to clean medical imaging equipment and its environment frequently, especially before and after it is used on a patient. Our free online course on cleaning medical imaging equipment will show you how to properly conduct infection control in the examination room through thorough disinfection and sterilisation of medical equipment and its surroundings. The course focuses on cleaning and maintaining medical imaging equipment, including PAT testing to ensure that the equipment is safe to use.


  • Cleaning medical Imaging Equipment
  • Infection Control and Examination Room Cleaning
  • Maintaining a Tidy and Clean Medical Imaging Environment
  • Waste Disposal and Compliance

Best for: Ambulance Cleaning Technician, Dental Office Cleaner, Endoscopy Technician, Environmental Services Technician, Biohazard Waste Technician, Sterile Processing Technician
Cost: Free

7. Clean and Store Podiatry Equipment Course Course

Likewise, podiatry equipment is used on different patients with varying conditions. Some of these conditions can be infectious, so podiatrists need to ensure their equipment is sanitised according to healthcare standards and principles. Our online course on cleaning and storing podiatry equipment will enable you to maintain cleanliness standards in your clinic. Learn the proper disposal methods for biological waste, prepare equipment for cleaning between uses and maintain equipment to ensure their good working conditions.


  • Dispose of Biological Waste Material
  • Prepare Reusable Equipment for Sterilisation
  • Store Equipment
  • Report Equipment Faults

Best for: Podiatry Clinic Cleaner, Clinic Facilities Cleaner, Sanitation Specialists
Cost: Free

8. Clean and Store Equipment for Physical Therapy Course

Physical therapy helps patients regain their motor abilities and movements after a treatment. However, the equipment used in physical therapy are often reused for different patients according to the form of therapy they need. These equipment are cleaned and stored between uses to prevent the spread of potential pathogens and to maintain a sterile environment for patients coming in for therapy. Cleaning physical therapy equipment falls under medical equipment sterilisation. You will need to know and understand the industry standards when it comes to cleaning equipment to know the proper methods of sterilisation. Learn how to properly clean, store and maintain physical therapy equipment in our free online course.


  • Clean and Store Equipment
  • Check and Maintain Equipment
  • Tag and Report Faults

Best for: Sanitation Specialists, Floor Care Technician, Medical Equipment Sanitation Specialist, Sterile Processing Technician
Cost: Free

9. Clean and Store Materials and Equipment Course

Medical equipment, whether they are used for treatments, diagnosis or for educational purposes, must be thoroughly sterilised before and after use. This will prevent the spread of disease around the facility and ensure a sterile environment for all workers, patients and guests. Storing medical equipment when not in use is also important as it prevents misuse of the equipment and keeps the facility organised. Learn to properly disinfect medical equipment and educational materials with our free online course. Understand the proper methods to store equipment out of reach of non-personnel, keeping them organised in their correct storage areas. You’ll also learn to assess and report any faults in the equipment to maintain their good conditions.


  • Clean Equipment
  • Store Educational Materials and Equipment
  • Report Equipment Faults
  • Report Shortages of Material

Best for: Sterile Processing Technician, Infection Control Specialist, Operating Room (OR) Cleaner, Medical Equipment Cleaner, Healthcare Janitorial Services Team
Cost: Free

10. Maintain Personal Hygiene Standards Course

In the healthcare industry, it is not enough to maintain cleanliness in the facilities or clinics, but you need to consider your own personal hygiene as well. Keeping yourself clean will not only prevent you from catching diseases, but it will also prevent you from spreading germs around the facility and to other coworkers or patients. Our free online course will help you to understand the importance of maintaining personal hygiene, specifically in the food safety setting. However, you can use the same principles to maintain your personal hygiene at work.


  • Hand Hygiene
  • Wearing Appropriate Clothing and Footwear
  • Hair and Wound Management for Food Safety
  • Reporting Health Issues and Illnesses

Best for: All Healthcare Professionals
Cost: Free

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