Cloud Assess vs Moodle

Cloud Assess vs Moodle

Finding the learning management system (LMS) to suit your training needs can be a complicated process. The perfect solution is likely to incorporate a number of elements into a single platform.

Cloud Assess and Moodle are two long-standing LMS providers that offer all-in-one solutions. In this comparison of Cloud Assess vs. Moodle, we look at the history of the two companies and their use cases and compare their features and pricing.

Comparison Overview (TLDR)

Moodle offers an open-source platform designed for K12 and higher education. This helps educators to reduce the cost of their training initiatives. The software itself is also extensively customisable. However, institutions don’t have the skills required to set Moodle up easily. Where they save money on the fee for the LMS itself, they spend it on server hosting and outsourcing the development of training materials.

Already Know Moodle’s Not Right For You?

We’ve put together a list of alternatives.

Cloud Assess provides Vocational Education Trainers (VETs), Registered Training Organisations (RTOs) and businesses with a multi-faceted training platform. The feature-filled software is intuitive for both educators and learners, making it easy to adopt and use. Given that the platform isn’t open-source like Moodle, it’s to be expected that it would come at a higher cost. However, with pricing starting at $50 AUD per month, it is still an affordable option with no hidden or unexpected costs involved in its setup.

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Company Background

History of Cloud Assess

Launched in 2013, Cloud Assess was developed as an LMS for VETs and RTOs. Since its launch, the company has expanded the platform to accommodate employee training and to extend its global reach. Over its 12-year history, Cloud Assess has transformed from being an LMS to becoming an all-in-one solution. They offer course management, content management, student management and training management features all under a single convenient dashboard.

History of Moodle

One of the earliest online learning solutions, Moodle was introduced to the world in 2001. The internet, and the world itself, has come a long way in the past 24 years, and so has the platform itself. Moodle has grown from a simple LMS to an advanced learning too. As an open-source platform, it offers as much customisation and functionality as its users’ imaginations and development skills allow for.

Product Offerings & Use Cases

Cloud Assess

Cloud Assess aims to simplify and automate every aspect of training to the point where there is never a risk of it falling through the cracks. This is why they have developed features to accommodate different learning styles alongside various forms of management. Features like blended learning help RTOs and VETs accommodate in-person and online training. Workflow automation and simplified enrolment, combined with advanced and customisable reporting, make student management easier and help administrators easily keep track of learner progress. On top of this, you can brand training materials and easily create and distribute courses. These factors all contribute towards making Cloud Assess a one-stop shop for:


Moodle aims to make education and training accessible to all. This is why they have developed an open-source platform that learners and educators can access at no cost. It also makes for an endlessly customisable training environment. This is why the platform is often adapted to accommodate corporate training and professional certifications or to develop courses which can then be resold to a global audience. However, the customisation does come with a steep learning curve, which makes Moodle ideal for:

  • K12 and university-level educators who want to access and share free existing courses
  • Businesses with in-house IT or development teams to help them customise the platform
  • Educators and institutions that want to create training content for resale.

Unique Selling Points

Cloud Assess USPs

Train and Assess

Focus on skill development and accommodate a wide variety of assessment methods

Ensure Compliance

Ensure learners meet industry standards and regulatory requirements with trackable modules.


Streamline administrative tasks with automated enrolment, scheduling and communication.

User Friendly

Take advantage of a training environment that is easy to use and enhances learner experiences.

Digitise Content

Work with the Cloud Assess team to bring your existing training content into an online platform.

Customer Support

Get the support you need, when you need it with friendly and reliable customer support.

Moodle USPs

Open Source

Make use of the learning platform itself at no cost.

Advanced Customisation

Tailor content to meet your unique needs.

Global Support

Take advantage of a large community of learners and educators.

Feature Comparison