Integration With Your Student Management System

Integration With Your Student Management System

Your RTO may already have various functional systems for accounting, marketing and student management. In an ideal world all of these systems would ‘talk’ to each other, saving you time and effort by avoiding double entry. What if it also felt like you were working with one system..?

The tech team at Cloud Assess have been working hard to enable such functionality. Your RTO has the ability to combine Cloud Assess’s powerful assessment platform with a host of Student Management Systems (SMS) including:

  • VETtrak
  • JobReady
  • Sky PowerPro
  • ish onCourse
  • Wisenet
  • Axcelerate

With Cloud Assess you can export enrolments and transfer results automatically leaving you with a compliant set of records and no doubling up of data.

Dynamic, Instant, Compliant

Here are 2 main features of how Cloud Assess shares relevant information with your SMS:

Auto Enrolments

You can access your enrolments from your SMS and pull them into Cloud Assess by simply using the drop-down menu. For example, you could request the records of enrolments in your SMS from the last 24 hours and Cloud Assess will bring those details into your assessment platform. No doubling up on data entry.

Online Enrolment

Cloud Assess’ cutting edge Online Enrolment Engine gives you the ability to push relevant AVETMISS data to your SMS. You can build any enrolment form required and then effortlessly present on your website for your customers.

With seamless integration allowing for the flow of information, the Enrolment Engine is a fantastic tool for your team and RTO. Reliable and easy to use, you can be confident that you’re collecting the right data and processing the correct information.

Live Resulting

Once unit results are in Cloud Assess they can be automatically transferred to your SMS with our Live Results Transfer feature. This means no wasted time entering the information twice and the results are seamlessly transferred.

If you are interested in managing your assessment online or if you use another SMS then we are happy to discuss with your team how a seamless solution could be developed. If you have any questions or queries then call us on 1300 00 ASSESS or email:

UPDATED: 3 December 2020

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