10 Best Courses for Accountants | Free Training Options

10 Best Courses for Accountants | Free Training Options

Accounting and bookkeeping are responsible for the financial side of organisations. These responsibilities are becoming increasingly complex and multidimensional, which requires modern accounting professional to hone their soft skills to stay relevant to the demands of today’s job market.

Our free course library offers a variety of training programs for you to improve your performance at work. From soft skills like time management skills to more technical skills, we have a course for you! Browse through our courses suitable for any accounting profession and demonstrate strong soft skills in your workplace.

Here are 10 of the best soft skills courses you can train for as an accountant or bookkeeper:

1. Attention to Detail Course

Accounting and bookkeeping professionals deal with large volumes of financial and numerical data, which requires a keen eye and attention to detail. Even a small mistake can have major consequences, so improving your attention to detail is essential for maintaining the integrity of your financial information and ensuring compliance with industry regulations.

Our free online course library offers an attention-to-detail course, where you can learn the critical thinking skills you need to improve your concentration and focus. You’ll learn to observe your work, focus on important details and incorporate attention to detail in your daily routines in and out of your line of work.


  • Introduction to Attention to Detail
  • Enhancing observation skills
  • Developing concentration and focus
  • Attention to Detail
  • Incorporating Attention to detail in daily routines
  • Overcoming challenges and building resilience

Best for: Tax Accountants, Auditors, Forensic Accountants, Cost Accountants, Credit Analysts

Cost: Free

2. Organisational Skills Course

Organizational skills are fundamental in accounting and bookkeeping as professionals in this industry must maintain well-organized records, monitor financial transactions and meet deadlines. They may also handle technical knowledge of the company or work with multiple clients at once.

Learn to organise, optimise and manage your workload with our free online course on organisational skills. This course focuses on effective data management, time management and nurturing a productive work culture so you can enhance your work skills.


  • Organising and managing resources
  • Time management and prioritisation as a leader
  • Fostering an organised and productive work culture

Best for: Financial Analysts, Bookkeepers, Accounts Payable Clerks, Payroll Administrators, Budget Analysts

Cost: Free

3. Use Effective Work Habits Course

Successful accountants constantly work on improving their work habits to stay efficient. Developing effective work habits helps establish routines for maintaining consistency at work while managing the numerous daily tasks you may have each day.

Train yourself to maintain better time management and improved productivity with our online course on effective work habits. In this course, you’ll learn vital soft skills in improving your work performance, understand the code of conduct and show initiative at work wherever necessary.


  • Acting Promptly on Instructions and Information
  • Code of Conduct
  • Showing Initiative at Work

Best for: Accountants, Accounts Receivable Specialists, Financial Planners, Financial Controllers, Investment Accountants

Cost: Free

4. Respond To Security Breaches Course

Accountancy jobs are constantly evolving and nowadays, most financial professionals use accounting software to do their work. These platforms often have strict security measures as the information their users work on is highly sensitive and top secret. However, it is always a good measure to learn to respond to security breaches and overcome this modern challenge in the industry.

Our free online course will show you the proper response in the event of a security breach. Using any type of online platform can be risky, so it pays to know preventive measures and identify risks in your accounting practice.


  • Introduction to Security Risks in Retail
  • Identifying and Assessing The Risks
  • Preventive Measures
  • Responding to Security Breaches

Best for: Forensic Accountants, Compliance Officers, IT Auditors, Risk Analysts, Internal Auditors

Cost: Free

5. Analyse The Collected Information Course

Analyzing financial data is at the core of bookkeeping. Accountants can use these skills to make informed financial decisions and enhance their financial planning and reporting. Accountants don’t just calculate data, but they will need to open discussion, interpret information, brainstorm and present their findings as well.

Hone your accounting skills with our free online course. Learn to collect and analyse relevant information, create action plans and set up meetings to discuss any potential problems or opportunities with stakeholders.


  • Schedule a Meeting
  • Agenda Preparation
  • Presentation of Findings
  • Data Visualization
  • Open Discussion
  • Interpretation and Insights
  • Impact on Business Goals
  • Brainstorming Solutions
  • Priority Setting
  • Action Plans
  • Feedback Collection
  • Next Steps and Follow-Up
  • Meeting Minutes and Documentation
  • Continuous Communication

Best for: Cost Accountants, Management Accountants, Financial Analysts, Revenue Accountants, Compliance Analysts

Cost: Free

6. Monitor Retail Team Performance Course

Many accounting firms cater solely to clients in the retail industry as these organisations often require more strenuous work. It helps to gauge the status of the company when you monitor retail team performance to find causes for any financial ups and downs for the company.

Our free course on monitoring retail performance is not limited to retail teams, but accounting and bookkeeping professionals can take this short course to brush up on how retail teams work. This will help in assessing the financial health of retail operations, track sales and manage inventory efficiently.


  • Following Up on Allocated Tasks
  • Providing Constructive Feedback
  • Recognizing Efforts
  • Addressing Performance Issues
  • Identifying Training Needs

Best for: Retail Accountants, Store Accountants, Retail Financial Analysts, Sales Analysts, Inventory Accountants

Cost: Free

7. Product Sales Reporting Course

Sales reporting focuses on the collection, analysis and reporting of sales data for products or services. Understanding the sales report enables accountants to gain insights into the company’s financial trends and sales tactics, which can relate to its fluctuation in cash flow.

Learn to analyse and visualise sales reports through our online course. Provide comprehensive insights into product performance and contribute to strategic decisions regarding retail strategies. You’ll learn to improve your financial reports with information on the company’s sales strategies as well.


  • Understanding Sales Data
  • Analysing Sales Performance
  • Visualising Sales Information
  • Strategic Reporting and Action Planning

Best for: Sales Accountants, Inventory Accountants, Sales Analysts, Retail Financial Analysts, Market Analysts

Cost: Free

8. Analyse Sales Targets Course

Professionals in the financial sector often play a role in setting and achieving sales targets. This entails developing analytical skills for evaluating sales targets and optimising the financial planning and performance assessment for the company.

Our course will help you understand sales targets and how they are calculated in the retail industry. This way, you’ll be able to supplement your financial reports with additional information and monitor the progress of the company’s retail and sales teams.


  • Understanding Sales Targets
  • Analysing Personal Sales Targets
  • Monitoring Progress and Analysing Customer Behaviour

Best for: Sales Analysts, Budget Analysts, Sales Planners, Market Analysts, Sales Strategists

Cost: Free

9. Communicate With the Retail Team Course

Even the most successful accountant may face challenges communicating with others as they often focus their work on numbers and the financial matters of the company. However, developing strong communication skills can be beneficial in working with cross-functional teams to analyse the financial health of the organisation.

Learn to communicate better with retail teams through our ready-to-take online course. Employ active listening skills and effectively communicate with cross-functional teams to set sales goals, simplify financial terminology and provide a review of their team performance through your financial analysis.


  • Organisational Vision and Responsibilities
  • Setting Expectations for Work Standards and Behaviors
  • Providing Information on Sales Targets and Team Goals

Best for: Retail Account Managers, Financial Controllers, Retail Financial Analysts, Store Accountants, Sales Coordinators

Cost: Free

10. Evaluate E-Commerce Models Course

There’s a lot of planning that goes into shifting a business online. Companies have to refine their customer service skills, work on online security and navigate the complex tax laws on online sales. Besides these considerations, there are also financial concerns about shifting retail online. Many successful accountants develop the hard skills to cater to e-commerce clients.

Learn to identify and analyse the cost implications of shifting your company operations online and assess whether your organisation is ready to go digital. Our free online course can help you with the skills and considerations you need to make the shift and include advisory services as part of your financial planning.


  • E-commerce Models: A Comprehensive Analysis
  • Applicability to Your Organisation
  • Ranking Compatible E-commerce Models
  • Resourcing, Technical, and Security Requirements
  • Cost Implications
  • Determining the Most Appropriate E-commerce Model

Best for: E-Commerce Accountants, Financial Planning Analysts, E-Commerce Financial Planners, E-Commerce Financial Analysts, Digital Commerce Strategists

Cost: Free

Other Upskilling Courses

If you’re looking for more courses related to Soft Skills, check out more of our curated lists:

You can also browse our complete Course Library to find many more free training and assessment opportunities.

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