10 Best Skills Courses for the Modern Worker

10 Best Skills Courses for the Modern Worker

Today’s current job market is the most competitive it has ever been. Hiring managers now look beyond employee resumes, looking for the right skills and experience required for modern workers. Honing your skills according to the demands of the job market can improve your career prospects and enhance your ability to work. Our free course library offers courses on in-demand skills for the modern workforce. Learn to improve your communication skills, work on your problem-solving and undergo personal development through these short courses. Here are the top 10 skills you need to get ahead in the modern workplace:

1. Strategic Thinking Course

Critical thinking is an irreplaceable and in-demand skill in the workplace. As companies increasingly utilise AI technologies for specific functions, the modern worker needs to rely on unique skills to stay relevant. Strategic and strong innovation skills are among the in-demand skills employers look for in candidates. Soft skills like strategic thinking aren’t limited to office work. Such skills can be used in practically any work environment as you analyse and assess workplace scenarios. Our free course on strategic thinking includes short sessions on developing strategy skills in the workplace. Gain decision-making and analytical skills, implement strategies and secure your position in the job market.


  • Developing a Strategic Mindset
  • Analytical skills for Strategic Thinking
  • Strategic Decision-Making
  • Implementing Strategic Thinking

Best for: Business Development Teams, Product Development Managers, Innovation Managers, Operations Managers, Project Managers, Strategic Planning Managers, Strategic Analysts, Market Researchers
Cost: Free

2. Information On Employment Rights & Responsibilities Course

The modern workplace can be challenging to navigate, which is why understanding modern employment rights can establish a more impartial workplace for employees. Both employers and workers need to know information regarding employment rights and responsibilities to remain compliant with workplace standards. Our short course will present information on employment rights and responsibilities. This course is ideal for hiring managers and business owners, but it can also be beneficial for any employee to know so they are aware of the rights they have as employees of the company.


  • Accessing Current Sources of Information
  • Understanding the Laws
  • Anti-discrimination and Harassment Laws
  • Equal Employment Opportunity Law
  • National Employment Standards and Specific Employment Arrangements
  • Compliance with Employment Requirements

Best for: HR Directors, Talent Acquisition Managers, Workers and Employees
Cost: Free

3. Work Effectively With Diversity Course

In this globalised world of work, you’re bound to meet people whose cultures and backgrounds differ from yours. It is an important skill in the modern workplace to be culturally sensitive to these differences. Being able to work effectively in a diverse workplace will not only improve your relationship with your coworkers, but you can learn to apply inclusivity in your personal life as well. Our free course on diversity in the modern workplace focuses on the mining industry, but it is also suitable for general workplace training. In this course, you’ll learn the challenges of working with individuals from different cultures and backgrounds, foster proper communication with others and establish an inclusive workspace for all.


  • Benefits of a Diverse Workforce
  • Challenges of Diversity in Mining
  • Strategies for Fostering Inclusivity
  • Effective Communication in Diverse Teams

Best for: All Workers and Employees, Mining Workers
Cost: Free

4. Identify Functions Provided By Social Media And Online Platforms Course

Among the in-demand skills that are used in the modern workplace is the ability to optimise marketing plans and campaigns using social media and other online platforms. Consumers are heading to the digital space for their shopping and other activities. Companies are also making the shift online as social media platforms offer a vast array of business tools from business analytics to project management software. Learn to identify the beneficial functions for your company with our short course. You’ll learn to weigh the pros and cons of each function, determine the non-beneficial function and match tools and software with your company needs according to your objectives and budget.


  • Key Platform Functions for Organisations
  • Benefits, Costs, and Non-Beneficial Functions

Best for: Market Researchers, Business Development Teams, Social Media Marketers, Digital Marketing Teams, Marketing Managers, E-commerce Managers, Product Teams
Cost: Free

5. Source Information On Social Media And Online Platforms Course

As previously mentioned, social media can be a powerful marketing tool for companies to reach out and engage with their audience. Understanding how the information provided in these tools can greatly benefit your work as you develop analytical skills and insights about your target market. This way, you can further develop your business to ensure that you’re keeping up with the trends that cater to your audience. Most social media platforms have professional business tools that report on the account’s audience, engagement and activities. However, these tools may be useless without the proper training to understand and utilise them. Our free online course will help you to understand and measure the data, source information and effectively communicate with your audience.


  • Introduction to Social Media and Online Platforms
  • Measuring Popularity and Reach of Categories and Brands
  • Understanding Key Audiences
  • Best Practices for Sourcing Information

Best for: Brand Managers, Influencers, Market Analysts, Market Researchers, Social Media Managers, Content Creators, Content Specialists, Remote Work Employees
Cost: Free

6. Digital Literacy & Mobile Technology Course

The industrial industry is mostly known for its physical skills, but companies are now hiring workers who have knowledge and experience in mobile technology and cloud computing. These specific skills have become in demand as the industrial setting advances with emerging technologies. Make a positive contribution to your workplace and improve your skills through our digital literacy course focused on the industrial setting. In this course, you’ll learn to apply mobile technology in the workplace, utilise tools for data collection and improve your productivity through digital tech.


  • Applications of Mobile Technology in the Industrial Industry
  • Utilising Mobile Devices for Data Collection and Analysis
  • Enhancing Productivity and Efficiency through Mobile Technology
  • Industry-Specific Mobile Applications and Their Uses
  • Applying Mobile Technology for Safety and Risk Management

Best for: Construction Workers, Engineers, Miners, Renovation Workers, Architects, Designers, Project Managers, Site Managers, Site Inspectors, Industrial Lawyers
Cost: Free

7. Develop a Plan for Review of Digital Strategy Course

The modern worker needs to have a comprehensive understanding of digital marketing strategies to stay competitive in today’s market. In our rapidly evolving landscape, digital skills emerge as in-demand abilities that companies hire for. Emerging tech like AI, decentralised platforms and other innovative solutions are providing opportunities for new skills to form in the workplace, so having these skills will give you an edge in the job market. Learn to develop digital strategies and marketing campaigns with our free online course. In this course, you’ll gain skills and knowledge in preparing a review plan and honing your problem-solving skills and critical thinking.


  • Identifying Relevant Policies, Procedures, and Objectives
  • Gathering Information
  • Developing a Review Methodology
  • Preparing the Review Plan
  • Seeking Approval from Relevant Stakeholders

Best for: Business Development Managers, Market Expansion Specialists, Quality Assurance Managers, Continuous Improvement Coordinators, Strategic Planning Managers, Strategic Analysts, Market Researchers
Cost: Free

8. Design an E-Commerce Strategy Course

E-commerce experience is another in-demand skill that companies look for in their sales teams. E-commerce has taken retail online, where customers can easily purchase and engage with brands with just a tap of a button. Learning to strategise your e-commerce shop will give you an advantage over your competitors. Our short course on designing e-commerce strategies will take you through the steps to identify and market to your target audience. You’ll learn to use instant messaging tools to keep your customers engaged, utilise ad tools to boost your brand visibility and identify the internal and external factors that affect your sales.


  • Formulating Purpose, Objectives, and Values for E-commerce
  • Identifying Target Market and Value Chain Structure
  • Identifying Technical Needs and Expertise
  • Managing Transition to E-commerce and Addressing Cultural Issues

Best for: Digital Marketing Teams, Marketing Managers, Business Development Teams, E-commerce Managers, Online Shop Owners
Cost: Free

9. Communicate Retail Promotional And Marketing Activities Course

Communication is a timeless skill that can help businesses grow if done effectively. Whether it’s verbal or written communication, this is an important skill to learn. Effective communication also ties in with active listening, which improves brainstorming sessions and reduces misunderstandings in the workplace, especially when it comes to promotional and marketing activities. Develop a strong bond with your team and work together to execute your marketing plans with our free course on communicating retail promotional and marketing activities. This course is ideal for teams working in a hybrid environment as it covers the use of instant messaging and other forms of communication to effectively converse with the team.


  • Internal Communication with Team Members
  • External Communication with Customers
  • Responding to Customer Inquiries
  • Enhancing Customer Relationships Through Communication

Best for: Marketing Teams Working in a Hybrid Environment, Marketing Leadership Roles, Retail Teams
Cost: Free

10. Generate Customer Loyalty Course

The current landscape has opened the market to multiple businesses and companies, which increases your competitors. Customers tend to stay loyal to brands that they know have good deals and products, so learning to generate customer loyalty will help keep your brand ahead in the market. This course will help you turn your customers from consumers to brand advocates. Learn to communicate with your clients, identify relevant trends that cater to your target market and establish loyalty programs to keep your customers buying more.


  • Converting Customers to Brand Advocates
  • Promotions and Loyalty Programs Communication
  • Identifying Customer Demand Trends

Best for: Business Development Professionals, Freelancers, Entrepreneurs, Retail Teams, Sales Teams, Digital Marketing Managers
Cost: Free

Other Courses for Skills Improvement

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