10 Best Courses For Sales Teams

10 Best Courses For Sales Teams

Sales is a competitive field where the most successful sales professionals hone their diverse set of skills that go far beyond traditional tactics. As the market continues to evolve, so should your sales skills. Whether you’re looking to elevate your team’s productivity or improve your performance at work, training for essential sales skills will help push your career forward.

We’ve curated a list of our top 10 critical sales skills courses for enhancing the capabilities of your sales team. You can access these courses and more for free in our course library!

1. Product Sales Reporting Course

Sales teams need to have strong product knowledge in order to make that sales pitch. This knowledge should include data about the sales performance of different items, their target markets and other sales information that is relevant to the sales process. Not only will you be able to figure out a sales strategy for your products, but you can also properly report your performance at the end of the sales period.

Our free course on product sales reporting will equip you with the essential sales skills to gather, organise and visualise your sales data. You’ll be able to understand the data gathered, analyse your findings, identify pain points and plan for the next sales strategy.


  • Understanding Sales Data
  • Analysing Sales Performance
  • Visualising Sales Information
  • Strategic Reporting and Action Planning

Best for: Sales Manager, Assistant Manager, Retail Supervisor, Department Manager, Inventory Control Specialist, Product Demonstrator, Online Sales Specialist

Cost: Free

2. Monitor Retail Team Performance Course

Monitoring the performance of your team can be overwhelming, especially when you’re just one of the sales managers overseeing the work of multiple sales reps. The most efficient sales leaders don’t just look at the numbers when it comes to performance reviews, they also provide their sales reps with helpful feedback and address issues that may be affecting their performance as a sales professional.

Work on building relationships and improve your communication skills with your team through our free online course on monitoring sales performance. In this course, you’ll learn to be an effective leader for your team, using active listening skills and providing feedback to your sales reps when it matters.


  • Introduction to Performance Monitoring
  • Understanding Retail Team Dynamics
  • Following Up on Allocated Tasks
  • Providing Constructive Feedback
  • Recognising Efforts
  • Addressing Performance Issues
  • Identifying Training Needs

Best for: Sales Lead, Sales Manager, Performance Lead, Team Manager, Assistant Manager, Productivity Monitor

Cost: Free

3. Promoting Retail Team Morale: A Guide For Leaders Course

Sales team leaders are responsible for the performance and status of their sales reps, including the team morale. When morale is low, your team cannot function properly to reach their quotas, and you may even lose a few good employees as morale takes a hit. It is important to your productivity to keep team morale up and as a sales lead, this becomes part of your responsibilities.

Our free course on promoting retail team morale is ideal for new and experienced sales managers who are looking to create a supportive work environment for their teams. Learn to identify motivators that boost team morale and encourage feedback and participation as you work on relationship building with your team members.


  • Identifying Team Motivators
  • Creating a Supportive Team Environment
  • Encouraging Feedback and Participation

Best for: Sales Team Leader, Retail Team Manager, Head of Sales, Sales Rep Lead

Cost: Free

4. Develop A Sales Plan Course

Sales strategy development does not have a one-size-fits-all solution. Your sales strategy will depend on a number of factors including your target market, product and overall sales process. Tailoring your strategy to your product can also establish effective sales relationships with customers.

Gain the sales skills to develop an effective strategy for your products and improve the overall performance of your team with our free online courses. Learn to use sales tactics that apply to your products and target audience, identify gaps with your competitors’ campaigns and use essential selling skills to engage with your customers.


  • Market Analysis and Positioning
  • Competitor Insights
  • Strategic Sales Objectives
  • Creative Promotions and Special Events
  • Building You Sales Plan

Best for: Retail Sales Associate, Sales Lead, Account Executive, Business Development Manager, Inside Sales Representative, Lead Generation Specialist, Client Relationship Manager

Cost: Free

5. Communicate Retail Promotional And Marketing Activities Course

Communication is an essential sales skill to develop in the industry. Effective communications can form meaningful relationships with your team members and with customers, which leads to improved sales performance. As a sales rep, it is important for you to develop these soft sales skills to properly communicate information among teams and clients, especially when it comes to your promotional campaigns.

Ensure that your team members are well-versed with the marketing activities of your company with our free online course. In this course, you’ll learn to navigate through internal and external communications to discuss retail promotional activities. Learn to engage with customers through different communication tools such as social media platforms, grow confidence with your marketing and sales presentations and work on streamlining information dissemination.


  • Internal Communication with Team Members
  • External Communication with Customers
  • Responding to Customer Inquiries
  • Enhancing Customer Relationships Through Communication

Best for: E-commerce Manager, Online Marketplace Specialist, Digital Marketing Sales, Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Sales, Social Media Sales Specialist, Affiliate Marketing Manager, Email Marketing Sales

Cost: Free

6. Planning Your Retail Career Course

Retail work is hard work. You have to finetune your sales calls, convince potential customers, work with difficult clients, and manage your time while promoting a product or service. You’ll need active listening skills, communication skills, negotiation skills, time management and a growth mindset.

However, retail can also be fulfilling as you hit those sales targets, talk to different people everyday, and hone important sales skills. Make your way into the sales industry with our free course that will help you plan your retail career journey. From social selling to e-commerce, identify the skills you need to grow as a sales professional!


  • Exploring Career Opportunities and Preferences
  • Identifying Skill Development Requirements
  • Planning Retail Career Progression

Best for: Retail Sales Associate, Cashier, Stock Clerk, Sales Lead, Greeter, Loss Prevention Specialist, Visual Merchandiser, B2B Sales Representative, Technical Sales Engineer, Pharmaceutical Sales Representative, Account Manager, Media Sales Specialist, Financial Advisor, Advertising Sales Executive

Cost: Free

7. Communicate With the Retail Team Course

Communicating with the retail team on the sales process of your product or service requires you to be on top of all the information that you need to deliver. After all, you’re leading your team to maintain professional behaviour, work on hitting their targets and progress towards team objectives.

As a sales lead, understanding the right way to communicate with your team will prevent misunderstandings and foster a supportive work culture. Learn to communicate with your retail team through our free course so you can improve your team dynamics and lead a more productive team.


  • Organisational Vision and Responsibilities
  • Setting Expectations for Work Standards and Behaviours
  • Providing Information on Sales Targets and Team Goals

Best for: Customer Support Associate, Call Center Representative, Order Fulfilment Specialist, Warranty Claims Processor, Returns Processing Specialist, Customer Experience Associate, Complaints Resolution Specialist

Cost: Free

8. Cross-selling Course

In a retail team, your goal is to continuously sell the products or services of your organisation while maintaining trust and loyalty of your customers. Cross-selling will require emotional intelligence as you will need to identify what your customers need in order to serve them better.

Hone your skills with our free cross-selling course. Learn to identify opportunities to cross-sell, create personalised recommendations for cross-selling, and improving your relationship with customers through excellent service and useful products.


  • Identifying Cross-Selling Opportunities
  • Effective Cross-Selling Strategies
  • Creating Personalised Cross-Selling Recommendations
  • Enhancing Customer Satisfaction and Loyalty

Best for: Retail Sales Associate, Sales Lead, Event Sales Manager, Trade Show Lead, Salesperson, Automotive Sales Representative, Department Store Sales Representative, Client-facing Sales Representative

Cost: Free

9. Sales and Upselling Techniques Course

Like cross-selling, upselling is another way for you to increase your sales while maintaining customer satisfaction. Upselling is not only focused on selling more products and services, but it refers to understanding the customers and what they need. This way, you can offer them solutions through your products and services.

Learn to effectively upsell with our free online course. Build relationships with customers, understand their needs and preferences and know your products so you can upsell them on solutions that will increase customer satisfaction with your company.


  • Building Rapport and Effective Communication
  • Understanding Customer Needs

Best for: Retail Salesperson, Sales Floor Representative, Sales Team Lead, Head of Sales, Sales Manager

Cost: Free

10. Analyse Sales Targets Course

Sales targets can be overwhelming and intimidating, but have you ever wondered how these targets are calculated? If you’re an experienced member of the retail team, you may already know how to analyse sales targets, but for newcomers, learning these targets can give you a better comprehension of your career progress, abilities, and your responsibilities in the team.

Our free course on analysing sales targets will help you progress through your retail career as you learn to understand your personal targets, check your progress and gain insights into consumer behaviour. Grow your retail career and learn to assess your skills in analysing your targets.


  • Understanding Sales Targets
  • Analysing Personal Sales Targets
  • Monitoring Progress and Analysing Customer Behaviour

Best for: Sales Team Representative, Sales Lead, Head of Marketing, Head of Sales

Cost: Free

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