10 Benefits Of Web Based Assessment

10 Benefits Of Web Based Assessment

RTOs rely heavily on an audit trail in order to prove their assessment processes are compliant. Paper has been the backbone to this process since day dot. However, technology is advancing at an ever-increasing rate and paper does not need to be relied on anymore. What are the benefits of ditching traditional paper based methods of assessing and going online?

Here are 10 benefits you won’t want to miss out on:

1. Space Saving

Managing your office paper consumption with a policy that includes recycling, mailing and print limits is a great way to impact paper usage and in particular storage. Even better would be to rid your business of paper entirely. By going paperless you need less office and storage space, saving you money (and filing!).

2. Editable

Document control is an essential part to most businesses including those highly audited. Digital files allow for easy editing and version control. Using a system like Cloud Assess is a great way to manage the collaboration involved in assessment from authoring, to a learner completing an assessment, to an assessor marking it. You can even manage revision control.  When assessments are submitted they become read only to ensure validity of work. Everything is saved centrally and is accessible to all those involved.

3. Loss Prevention

A PwC study stated that 7% of all paper based information gets misfiled and 3.5% of all hard copy documents are lost. Going digital helps to easily store and locate files. When saved in the cloud, they are accessible, anytime and anywhere.

4. Security

Paper can be quite a liability when it comes to security. For example, unsecured filing cabinets, printer trays and fire can lead to the loss or leaking of documents. Digital documents can be secured by encryption and behind firewalls providing peace of mind for authors and subjects. With ISO certified hosting and 256bit SSL encryption, your data is safe and sound with Cloud Assess.

5. Speed to File

How many times do you see employees searching for paper-based files? How much time do you think it takes them and how much is that costing the business? Digital documents allow for speed and ease when it comes to filing and recovering documents, plus it can all be achieved from the comfort of your desk.

6. Searchable

Going digital allows for a huge upturn in search capabilities. Instead of going to a filing cabinet, in tray or file and scanning and reading all the information; searching digitally with keywords brings a plethora of information to the forefront within seconds and cuts out the manual scanning.

7. Shareability

Digital documents hosted on a cloud system reduce the use of email and storage devices plus it improves accessibility. All required members can collaborate on documentation to achieve the best result and make for an easier life when it comes to exchanging documents.

8. Automation

Having automation within your processes is a huge advantage for yourself and your students. It provides a consistent experience, which is important in order to run a fair process for all of your learners.

9. Integration

If you have multiple apps you can generally integrate to ensure the flow of your data and the best student experience. In some instances like with Cloud Assess, this can come off the shelf and at no extra cost.

10. Cost Saving

Printing is a costly exercise. If you think about all the tasks that come with paper: printing, collating, posting, filing, processing, scanning, uploading, retaining and destroying.

Web Based Assessment

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