10 Courses for Deskless Workers | Free Training Opportunities

10 Courses for Deskless Workers | Free Training Opportunities

Deskless workers play a critical part in their organisations, often engaging with customers, managing safety and risk, and contributing to the overall success of their companies. These workers are often on the frontlines of their organisations, which means they need to be prepared for anything that could happen while on the job.

Most learning management systems offer courses to improve workplace skills, but these are often generic courses without any particular focus. At Cloud Assess, we go beyond a learning management system to offer courses tailored for deskless employees.

Our free online courses equip deskless workers with the knowledge and skills to excel in their respective job roles. They provide a foundation for understanding industry-specific requirements, improving customer service, and ensuring workplace safety.

Here are 10 of our best courses for training deskless workers:

1. Information On Employment Rights & Responsibilities Course

Staying informed on your rights and responsibilities as a deskless worker can open opportunities for you to advance in your career as employers often prefer workers who are knowledgeable about industry standards. Understanding your employment rights can also help you recognize and address unfair or discriminatory practices in the workplace, enabling you to foster an inclusive work environment.

Our free online course gives you the tools to understand your employment rights in your industry. Join the deskless workforce with knowledge of what’s expected and your role’s responsibilities. Learn about industry-specific rules, inclusivity laws, and how to stay compliant.


  • Accessing Current Sources of Information
  • Understanding the Laws
  • Anti-discrimination and Harassment Laws
  • Equal Employment Opportunity Law
  • National Employment Standards and Specific Employment Arrangements
  • Compliance with Employment Requirements

Best for: Compliance Officer, Human Resources Specialist, Labour Relations Manager, Legal Counsel, Employee Relations Coordinator, Benefits Administrator

Cost: Free

2. Work Effectively With Diversity Course

Today’s global workforce is more diverse than ever. Working with individuals from different backgrounds and cultures requires an open mind as you stay respectful and sensitive to your diversity in the workplace. The mining industry, specifically, has seen a growth in diversified deskless employees over the years and each worker must understand the benefits of a diverse workforce.

Our free training courses provide training materials for you to brush up on cultural sensitivity so you can foster inclusivity in your workplace. This course is specifically designed for the mining industry and focuses on the benefits, challenges and strategies that apply to the industry.


  • Benefits of a Diverse Workforce
  • Challenges of Diversity in Mining
  • Strategies for Fostering Inclusivity
  • Effective Communication in Diverse Teams

Best for: Diversity and Inclusion Specialist, Mine Safety Supervisor, Cultural Sensitivity Trainer, Mining Engineer, Site Manager, Environmental Compliance Officer

Cost: Free

3. Communicate the Risk Treatment Processes to Relevant Personnel Course

Deskless work environments are typically high-risk workplaces as they deal with heavy machinery, healthcare hazards or retail customers. Each workplace will have its risks, and any potential workplace hazards should be properly reported to relevant personnel to avoid mishaps and accidents.

This online course will help you communicate workplace risks to relevant personnel, create risk treatment plans and execute preventive measures in your workplace. You’ll learn how to articulate potential hazards, assess their impact, and convey this information to those who need to be aware.


  • Identifying Relevant Personnel
  • Tailoring Communication to the Audience
  • Risk Treatment Plan Explanation
  • Providing Training and Resources

Best for: Risk Manager, Safety Coordinator, Compliance Analyst, Occupational Health and Safety Officer, Process Engineer, Project Manager

Cost: Free

4. Assess and Identify Unacceptable Risk Course

Our free “Assess and Identify Unacceptable Risk Course” is your compass in the tricky waters of managing a team. It’s not just about spotting problems; it’s about understanding them and knowing how to steer clear before they hit. Whether you’re new to business or a seasoned pro, this course will open your eyes to risks you might not have seen and give you the tools to avoid them. Sign up now and sail your team confidently towards success.


  • Key Steps in the Risk Assessment Process
  • Common Types of Unacceptable Risks in Mining
  • Methods for Risk Identification and Analysis
  • Strategies to Mitigate and Manage Unacceptable Risks

Best for: Risk Assessor, Safety Inspector, Risk Analyst, Compliance Specialist, Environmental Health and Safety Manager, Process Safety Engineer

Cost: Free

5. Confirm And Respond To Workplace Requirements Course

Deskless workforce training often includes compliance courses to provide employees with knowledge of company operations. Deskless employees are often deployed to different areas, which may make on-the-job training difficult. Instead, deskless training material may be provided to workers prior to deployment so that they may familiarise themselves with company policies and workplace requirements.

Our course on confirming and responding to workplace requirements will help you develop effective work habits and build positive relationships with your coworkers. Whether you work with industrial, retail or frontline workers, our course will encourage you to improve your performance at work while staying compliant to company regulations.


    • Workplace Communication and Seeking Information
    • Work Instructions and Timelines
    • Seeking Assistance to Complete Work as Required
    • Building Positive Relationships for Collaboration


  • Resolving Workplace Conflict with Communication
  • Encouraging and Acting upon Constructive Feedback

Best for: Health and Safety Inspector, Facilities Manager, Safety Coordinator, Operations Supervisor, Quality Assurance Specialist, Site Manager

Cost: Free

6. Complete Records and Reports Course

Keeping accurate records and reports is part of the responsibilities of deskless employees in the mining industry. There are different types of documentation needed in the workplace and it is essential for employees to understand the requirements for keeping accurate reports.

Our free training resources include courses on proper documentation and reporting. This online course is specifically tailored to the mining industry and will help you to maintain compliance with regulatory requirements and standards through your reports. The course includes the best practices for record-keeping in the mining industry.


  • Types of Records and Reports in Mining
  • Regulatory Requirements and Standards
  • Benefits of Complete Records and Accurate Reports
  • Best Practices for Record-Keeping and Report Generation

Best for: Records and Documentation Coordinator, Data Analyst, Quality Control Inspector, Compliance Auditor, Administrative Assistant, Regulatory Affairs Specialist

Cost: Free

7. Identify Industry-Specific Requirements And Preferences Course

Effective sales strategies start with understanding customer needs. It is essential for any retail team to do their research and identify industry-specific preferences to be able to sell to their customers.

This deskless worker training course will enable you to properly research and identify the needs of your target market. You’ll learn the key customer groups your company caters to and what their requirements are for staying loyal to their chosen brands. This way, you can leverage gathered information to improve your sales tactics and increase revenue generation for your company.


  • Understanding Key Customer Groups
  • Evaluating Social Media and Online Site Popularity
  • Assessing Platform Functions to Meet Requirements
  • Identifying Functions with Risks to Customers

Best for: Product Manager, Supply Chain Analyst, Manufacturing Engineer, Quality Assurance Manager, Regulatory Affairs Coordinator

Cost: Free

8. Contribute to a Service Culture Course

While fostering a service culture in the workplace may seem applicable only to the retail industry, other deskless employees can benefit from establishing a welcoming customer environment as well. Healthcare workers, construction workers and other deskless employees can provide enhanced service and improve customer loyalty when they foster welcoming and inclusive environments for all.

Our course on service culture will help you to create an inclusive space at work. You’ll learn to provide the best possible service for your customers while keeping your limits by seeking assistance for customer needs that go beyond your responsibilities.


  • Ensuring Quality Customer Service
  • Creating a Welcoming Customer Environment
  • Seeking Assistance for Needs Beyond Your Responsibilities
  • Continuous Improvement for Retail Customer Service

Best for: Customer Service Representative, Service Excellence Trainer, Service Culture Coordinator, Customer Experience Manager, Frontline Service Specialist, Guest Relations Officer

Cost: Free

9. Engage the Customer Course

Retail teams, particularly floor personnel and sales teams are considered deskless workers as they operate in the frontlines of the company. They are responsible for generating customer loyalty and increasing company revenues. Regardless of the industry, all retail teams can improve their work efficiency through communication courses to better engage with customers.

This online course will help engage deskless workers in communicating with customers properly and politely. You’ll learn to create a positive first impression that lasts while conveying clear and helpful messages to your customers, increasing brand loyalty.


  • Creating Positive First Impressions
  • Why is Effective Communication Important in Retail?
  • Verbal Communication Techniques
  • Non-verbal Communication Techniques
  • Why is Effective Communication Important in Retail?
  • Verbal Communication Techniques
  • Non-verbal Communication Techniques
  • Inclusive and Adaptive Communication in Retail

Best for: Sales Representative, Account Manager, Customer Relationship Manager, Sales Associate, Retail Assistant, Customer Support Agent

Cost: Free

10. Plan And Prepare For Risk Control Course

Simply identifying workplace hazards is not enough to prevent mishaps. It is crucial to report these potential risks and plan solutions to fix them. Preparing and planning for risk control is part of deskless workforce training for many industries, particularly those that have higher risks of injury or illness.

This free online course will show you the proper way to process, report and execute risk control methods at work. You’ll learn to implement risk control strategies while promoting a safe working environment for everyone.


  • Risk Identification
  • Developing Risk Control Measures
  • Implementing Risk Control Strategies
  • Monitoring and Review

Best for: Risk Manager, Safety Planning Coordinator, Risk Control Analyst, Health and Safety Officer, Risk Mitigation Planner, Emergency Response Supervisor

Cost: Free

Other Workplace Skills and Safety Courses

If you’re looking for more courses related to Workplace Skills and Safety, check out more of our curated lists:

You can also browse our complete Course Library to find many more free training and assessment opportunities.

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