12 Best Hotel Industry Courses

12 Best Hotel Industry Courses

Hospitality is a highly customer-centric industry, so training to work in a hotel setting entails you to hone your customer service skills. Hotel clients often expect luxury amenities and services when they check in and hospitality staff are responsible for maintaining customer satisfaction.

Learn to navigate around working in a hotel setting as you aim to provide quality service to your guests. Proper training is a must when it comes to customer service as you learn to handle different people with varying personalities and demands. Our course library offers hundreds of free courses focused on providing quality services so you can push your career forward.

Here are 12 of our recommended courses for those working in the hotel industry:

1. Assist Customers Course

One of the main responsibilities in hotel management is to assist guests with their concerns or anything they might need. Hotels typically put guests first as they aim to make their stay as comfortable as possible. Learning to assist customers professionally will help improve the quality of your work and bring positive impacts to your hotel.

This online hotel management course will equip you with the skills you need to provide quality customer service to your guests. Learn the benefits of providing exceptional service, gain the awareness to be proactive at work and use active listening techniques to communicate well with guests.


  • Benefits of Providing Excellent Customer Service
  • Recognising the Signals and Being Proactive
  • Active Listening Technique
  • Effective Questioning
  • Routine Customer Problems
  • Answering Enquiries with Accuracy
  • Ensuring Clear and Courteous Communication

Best for: Front Desk Receptionist, Concierge, Guest Services Agent, Bellhop, Night Shift Staff, Reservation Agent, Front Office Manager

Cost: Free

2. Contribute to a Service Culture Course

A service culture presents a welcoming vibe to customers and guests from the moment they step into your hotel. The hotel management industry is especially focused on service culture, so pursuing a career in hospitality will require you to contribute to creating a welcoming environment for all your guests.

Improve your customer service skills with our range of free online hospitality management courses. Our service culture course will help you establish a welcoming environment as you learn to ensure quality services for guests. Work on your continuous improvement and recognise when to seek assistance for tasks beyond your responsibilities.


  • Ensuring Quality Customer Service
  • Creating a Welcoming Customer Environment
  • Seeking Assistance for Needs Beyond Your Responsibilities
  • Continuous Improvement for Retail Customer Service

Best for: Waitstaff, Bartender, Host/Hostess, Sommelier, Food Runner, Barista, Restaurant Manager, Guest Services, Front Desk Personnel

Cost: Free

3. Identify Potentially Disruptive Customers Course

Disruptive customers aren’t only stressful to the staff handling them, but they can also cause disturbances to other guests. As the disruption escalates, they may also pose a threat to other individuals, which is why it is crucial to know how to identify potentially disruptive customers before they cause problems in your workplace.

Handling potentially disruptive guests is part of hospitality and tourism management. Learn to monitor customer behaviour, look out for signs of potentially difficult behaviours, show willingness to assist and prevent incidents from escalating further. Our free course will get you ready for any issues at work.


  • Monitoring Customer Behaviour
  • Effective Questioning and Active Listening
  • Demonstrating Willingness to Assist
  • Referring to Organisational Policies and Procedures

Best for: General Manager, Hotel Manager, Guest Services Manager, Guest Relations Officer, VIP Services Coordinator, Guest Experience Manager

Cost: Free

4. Respond To Customer Complaints Course

Customer complaints provide feedback to your hotel on its services and amenities. For the most part, customer complaints are valid and must be addressed to provide quality services to guests. However, managing angry customers is a delicate process which you can learn through online management courses.

Our free hospitality course will help you to distinguish valid complaints from irrelevant ones. You’ll learn to look for customer-centric solutions, communicate with customers for possible resolutions and balance authority while maintaining organisational policy within the hotel.


  • Mastering Professional Customer Complaint Handling
  • Customer-Centric Solutions: Engaging Customers for Mutual Resolution
  • Navigating Complaint Resolution: Balancing Authority and Organisational Policy
  • Mastering Complex Service Issue Escalation

Best for: Guest Relations Manager, Guest Relations Officer, VIP Services Coordinator, Guest Experience Manager, Guest Services Manager, Loyalty Program Coordinator, Guest Feedback Analyst

Cost: Free

5. Manage Disrespectful, Aggressive Or Abusive Customers Course

Because the hospitality industry is highly customer-centric, most hotel management courses include training materials on managing disrespectful or aggressive customers. No doubt you would encounter a disruptive customer throughout your career and learning how to properly handle their concerns will help you maintain customer loyalty for your other guests.

Our course will show you how to manage challenging customer behaviours. In this course, you’ll learn different strategies to de-escalate the situation, understand the customer and take the necessary actions according to company procedures. Learn to prioritise the safety of your staff and other guests, terminate conversations and eject disruptive individuals as necessary.


  • Understanding Challenging Customer Behaviour
  • Strategies for Dealing with Difficult Customers
  • Refusing Service and Ejection Procedures
  • Ensuring Safety for All
  • Terminating Conversations or Encounters
  • Escalating issues to Supervisors or Relevant Parties

Best for: Hotel Manager, Operations Management Team, Security Officer, Surveillance Operator, Emergency Response Coordinator, Safety Trainer, Security Manager

Cost: Free

6. Managing The Personal Impacts Of Negative Customer Behaviour Course

Negative customer experiences do not only leave lasting impressions on customers themselves but also on the staff that served them during their stays. The best hotel management courses often include debriefing courses for when staff encounter disruptive customers. Whether it’s due to a disrespectful guest or an isolated situation, these negative experiences can affect your mental health and affect your work performance in the future.

Take care of your stress levels with our course on managing the personal impacts of negative customer behaviour. Learn to manage your responses to these situations and know when to seek professional support.


  • Self-Reflection and Debriefing
  • Responding to Personal Impacts
  • Recognising the Need for Professional Support
  • Developing Personal Response Strategies

Best for: Front Desk Receptionist, Guest Services Agent, Concierge, Reservation Agent, Customer Service Representative, Restaurant Server, Banquet Server, Sales and Event Planners, Guest Relations Manager, Security Personnel

Cost: Free

7. Generate Customer Loyalty Course

Hotels rely on guests to bring in business. These guests may come from out of town or maybe locals looking to have a luxury staycation. As part of hospitality management, generating customer loyalty ensures the hotel can continue its operations.

Learn to keep up the customer loyalty to your hotel with our free online course. In this course, you can equip yourself with the skills and knowledge you need to convert customers into brand advocates and identify demand trends in the market.


  • Converting Customers to Brand Advocates
  • Promotions and Loyalty Programs Communication
  • Identifying Customer Demand Trends

Best for: General Manager, Guest Relations Manager, Loyalty Program Coordinators, Concierge, Front Desk Staff, Customer Service Representatives, Housekeeping Staff, Restaurant and Room Service Staff

Cost: Free

8. Identify Functions Provided By Social Media And Online Platforms Course

Social media can be the ultimate marketing tool for any hospitality business as more customers search for accommodation spots online. By leveraging social media, you can engage with customers more easily, reach a wider audience and release marketing information that can draw more people to your hotel.

Our free course will show you the different platform functions and tools provided by social media platforms. You can learn to utilise these for your business and digitise your marketing campaigns. Find out the different costs and functions irrelevant to your company, engage with potential customers, and upload digital ads to bring better visibility to your hotel.


  • Key Platform Functions for Organisations
  • Benefits, Costs, and Non-Beneficial Functions

Best for: Social Media Manager, General Manager, Hotel Manager, Human Resources Manager, Sales and Marketing Manager, Revenue Manager, Finance Manager, Procurement Manager

Cost: Free

9. Identify Industry-Specific Requirements And Preferences Course

The hotel industry has its specific standards and procedures when it comes to marketing and operations management. Even more so, international hotel management must abide by global standards when it comes to services and amenities to provide guests with consistent and quality service regardless of which hotel branch they stay in.

Our online course will help you identify these requirements and preferences. Level up your hotel services and maintain compliance with industry standards as you understand key customer groups, identify different platforms for marketing and gain market insights for effective campaign promotions.


  • Understanding Key Customer Groups
  • Evaluating Social Media and Online Site Popularity
  • Assessing Platform Functions to Meet Requirements
  • Identifying Functions with Risks to Customers

Best for: Concierge, Guest Services Agent, Marketing Team, Digital Marketing Team, Social Media Manager

Cost: Free

10. Determine Review Findings And Outcomes Course

Reviews provide feedback to your hotel on the areas you need to improve. These reviews often present how guests feel about staying at your hotel and will inform you of any potential issues or points of improvement that you need to address to provide better service and generate customer loyalty.

Improve your management skills by assessing review findings on your hotel operations. Learn to identify relevant reviews, source information on your hotel operations and prepare recommendations for action when communicating with stakeholders.


  • Develop and Discuss Preliminary Findings
  • Identify Issues with Relevant Stakeholders
  • Source Additional Information
  • Prepare Recommendations for Action

Best for: Guest Services Manager, Loyalty Program Coordinator, Guest Feedback Analyst, Guest Experience Manager

Cost: Free

11. Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) Awareness Course

Hospitality, especially international hospitality, involves encountering and communicating with individuals from different backgrounds. Cultural sensitivity and awareness are basic skills needed in this industry as you aim to provide only the best services to all your guests regardless of their background.

Improve your diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) awareness with our free online course. In this course, you’ll gain insights into understanding bias, learn to communicate with other individuals effectively and practice intersectionality when it comes to working with others.


  • Understanding Bias
  • Intersectionality
  • Allyship

Best for: All Hotel Staff and Personnel, Front Desk Staff, Waitstaff, Restaurant Manager, Hotel General Manager, Housekeeping, Concierge, Valet

Cost: Free

12. Coach Colleagues On-the-Job Course

As a long-time hotel staff or manager, you may be tasked to show the newcomers the ropes around the hotel. This is easier said than done as coaching colleagues requires you to take the lead in empowering your coworkers. However, learning to coach new colleagues can ensure consistency in your guest services and streamline the onboarding of new staff.

Master hospitality coaching techniques with our free online course. Learn to convey techniques and knowledge to newcomers, navigate organisational processes and provide constructive feedback to colleagues so you can collectively improve your overall work performance.


  • Empowering Your Colleagues for Success
  • Mastering Hospitality Coaching Techniques
  • Conveying Knowledge and Ensuring Understanding
  • Navigating Organisational Procedures for Workplace Excellence
  • Fostering Skill Development and Encouraging Curiosity
  • Delivering Constructive and Supportive Feedback

Best for: Housekeeping Staff, Front Desk Staff, Restaurant and Bar Staff, Pool and Amenities Staff, Gym Staff, Janitorial Staff, Security Personnel

Cost: Free

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