5 Common Problems RTO Managers Face and How Technology Can Help

5 Common Problems RTO Managers Face and How Technology Can Help

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The Vocational Education and Training (VET) industry is on a continuous journey of change. With reform and pressure from all parts of the VET Quality Framework, the demands on Registered Training Organisations (RTOs) never seem to cease. For this reason, an RTO Manager faces tough challenges in running their training organisations as effective providers of education, but also as a reputable and profit-making business.

This blog takes you through 5 common problems an RTO Manager faces and how advances in technology can help.

1. Paper

As an RTO, there is an obligation to keep an audit trail to prove compliance, traditionally achieved on paper. There are many drawbacks to paper, including the cost and time to print, collate, post, file, process, scan, upload, retain and destroy. RTO Manager, Nick Bottrall, said he was looking for an electronic solution because paper was holding his business back.

You may be thinking, ‘but I need paper for Face-to-Face Assessments where my assessors are using Observations Checklists, plus, what about Authentication?’ Don’t worry, you can do all of this digitally.

Cloud Assess is a Training and Assessment Management System unique to the VET sector in Australia. A truly paperless solution, everything can be performed through an electronic device whether you prefer to conduct your assessment online, face-to-face or with a blended model, the solution is flexible and even supports RPL. Authentication is captured with electronic signature fields embedded into your digital assessment records.

You can even digitise the many forms RTOs require students to complete for example:

  • Enrolment Forms
  • Feedback Surveys
  • Visit Logs
  • Appeals
  • Enquiries
  • Continuous Improvement Register

The process of gathering the forms back, processing and filing is removed. You can distribute individually, in bulk or, even via automation.

No longer worry about retaining information in space-hogging filing cabinets, your data is stored securely in your system.

2. Visibility

Paper can be a good marker for how much work needs to be done as you can see the piles stacking up, but you can’t see if there is a question that hasn’t been completed. An Assessment and Training Management System supports the need for visibility and control within your processes with unique features to keep you on track or to flag issues before they become big problems.

Features like, Stats, the Dashboard, Quality Checks and the Timeline are just a few tools you can use to keep track. You can even export data to Excel to give you the insight you need to make business decisions.

RTO Managers who use Cloud Assess have seen their assessor’s confidence grow, as they can easily see the progress of their students and offer support as and when required.

With Cloud Assess’s powerful Integration results are fired back to your Student Management System as they occur, no delays, timely information and transparency to your Student’s status.

3. Efficiency and Growth

A recent study showed the biggest challenge to achieving work-life balance for small businesses was the overwhelming amount of administrative tasks. With Cloud Assess, you not only rid yourself of the drawbacks of paper you can also, automate repeatable tasks, drive learner outcomes and integrate with your other systems for a seamless flow of information.

You can provide a quick and efficient experience for your students that does not need to be limited by resource. Scale up or down quickly and spend more time on learners and their experience rather than administration.

4. Compliance

Compliance is a very common problem an RTO Manager faces. Ensuring compliance can be easier said than done. Using a solution designed by VET professionals, with compliance requirements front of mind will certainly ease the pressure. When surveyed, 100% of Cloud Assess clients said they feel more confident they are fulfilling their compliance requirements.

Mapping is a key feature that takes away the need for multiple spreadsheets, manual entries and room for error. The system pulls the information from training.gov.au, and you can map your assessment questions to ensure you are covering everything required. After submission, perform a gap analysis in minutes, saving you hours and ensuring compliance.

5. Student Experience

With the new ASQA Student Survey, your student’s experience is more important than ever before. From on-boarding to results, the ability to communicate, engage and satisfy your customers is key.

Most students carry a phone or have greater access to tech than ever before and expect access to information instantly. With Cloud Assess they can effortlessly capture their assessment evidence by recording through a smart device straight into the app, they have their own User Profile to track their progress, plus they don’t need to worry about losing their work.

With Cloud Assess Messaging you can communicate with your learners through 1:1 direct, private and secure conversations. Your Learners will be able to see all of their conversations in the Message Centre where they can start a conversation with an assigned Assessor or Course Contact.

How an RTO Manager Can Introduce Technology to the Team

When it comes to introducing the team to a new system or technology, it’s important to follow a few simple rules when getting started.

Take a Multifaceted Approach

Apply a wide range of training methods. This should include written and illustrated instructions, video training, live demonstrations and more. Your employees will all learn in different ways and it’s important to cater to them to make sure they’ll get the most out of the new technology.

Top Tip: Take advantage of the software supplier’s resources! At Cloud Assess we have an extensive Help Centre that contains articles, videos and webinars around how to make the most of the software. Plus if there’s any major hurdles along the way we have world class Support ready and waiting to answer any questions that may come up.

Lead by Example

Executives must be on board and using the technology themselves. They also need to remind employees about the support and training resources available on a regular basis.

Get the Team Involved in Managing the Change

Create opportunities for team members to ask questions and provide feedback whenever possible. This will allow the RTO Manager to identify any areas that may require more attention or resources, as well as any areas that are performing particularly well.

Use a Fit-For-Purpose Solution

RTO Director, Chris Weier stated that using a fit-for-purpose solution like Cloud Assess, you can easily attract more students, particularly those that want to learn at their own pace or remotely. He also sees it as a user-friendly solution in comparison to other options on the market. He aims to create job-ready graduates as this is where his passion lies, not in admin or compliance.

For this reason, Cloud Assess continues to create a Training and Assessment Management System to help RTO Managers and their teams spend more time doing what they love and worry less about the rest.

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