10 Best Courses for Handling Customer Complaints

10 Best Courses for Handling Customer Complaints

Working with customers can be challenging, especially when handling customer complaints. Customers may be agitated, disruptive and unsatisfied with your products or services, so it is important to consider a delicate approach when de-escalating the situation. At the same time, you will need to understand the proper response to rude or unruly customers.

Our free course library includes several complaints handling training courses to help you maintain customer loyalty while managing the impacts of customer complaints in your organisation. Learn to navigate the complaint-handling process so you can effectively address customer concerns and turn negative experiences into positive ones!

Here are 10 of our top courses for handling customer complaints:

1. Respond To Customer Complaints Course

As a frontline representative of our organization, you are entrusted with the responsibility to establish a strong rapport with clients, even when they express their concerns. Your role involves not only addressing customer complaints but also maintaining a positive experience for your customers.

Learn the essential complaint handling skills and responses in our free online training course. In this course, you’ll learn to generate customer-focused solutions that will help you find a mutual resolution and keep your customers satisfied with your services.


  • Mastering Professional Customer Complaint Handling
  • Customer-Centric Solutions: Engaging Customers for Mutual Resolution
  • Navigating Complaint Resolution: Balancing Authority and Organisational Policy
  • Mastering Complex Service Issue Escalation

Best for: Customer Service Representative, Complaints Handler, Customer Relations Specialist, Guest Services Agent, Support Desk Associate, Call Center Operator, Retail Associate, Hotel Front Desk Staff, Restaurant Manager, Social Media Customer Support Agent

Cost: Free

2. Provide Service To Customers Course

Part of customer complaints training is knowing how to provide quality service. When you meet customer expectations, you can increase brand loyalty and satisfaction with your clients, leading to better customer retention.

In this online course, you’ll learn to identify customer needs and anticipate potential issues about your products or services. These will help you understand your next step in complaints handling and deliver exceptional service to your clients.


  • Building Rapport with Customers
  • Identifying Customer Needs and Expectations
  • Promptly Meeting Customer Needs and Requests
  • Anticipating and Resolving Operational Problems
  • Delivering Extraordinary Service

Best for: Sales Associate, Cashier, Waitstaff, Customer Service Representative, Store Clerk, Front Desk Receptionist, Barista, Retail Associate, Hotel Concierge, Call Center Operator

Cost: Free

3. Provide Internal Feedback On Customer Service Practices Course

Every complaint handling requires a post-processing session to evaluate and identify areas of improvement for your customer services. Providing internal feedback will help resolve similar issues in the future and may even prevent the same complaint from recurring. You get to improve your company services and enhance your work performance as a team.

Our online course on providing internal feedback will help you go through the proper channels in making improvements to your customer service practices. Learn to do post-evaluations of complaint-handling situations, provide insights into areas of improvement before issues arise and empower your team to enhance their work.


  • Feedback Fuel: Empowering Excellence in Hospitality
  • Improvements in Ongoing Internal Feedback on Practices, Policies, and Procedures
  • Empowering Change Through Internal Feedback

Best for: Quality Assurance Specialist, Mystery Shopper, Customer Experience Analyst, Service Quality Evaluator, Feedback Coordinator, Quality Control Inspector, Customer Service Trainer, Guest Satisfaction Surveyor

Cost: Free

4. Manage Disrespectful, Aggressive Or Abusive Customers Course

Disrespectful, aggressive and abusive customers don’t only negatively impact your team, but they can also pose challenges to the safety of other customers. Understanding how to properly disengage with aggressive customers can help your team maintain the integrity of your company while keeping the brand loyalty of other customers.

In this complaint handling training course, you’ll start with understanding challenging customer behaviour and how to properly respond to difficult customers. Gain insights into ensuring safety for other individuals in the space and know when to escalate the situation to other relevant parties.


  • Understanding Challenging Customer Behavior
  • Strategies for Dealing with Difficult Customers
  • Refusing Service and Ejection Procedures
  • Ensuring Safety for All
  • Terminating Conversations or Encounters
  • Escalating Issues to Supervisors or Relevant Parties

Best for: Conflict Resolution Specialist, Security Officer, Guest Services Manager, Loss Prevention Officer, Customer Relations Manager, Crisis Intervention Specialist, Customer Support Supervisor, Call Center Manager

Cost: Free

5. Managing The Personal Impacts Of Negative Customer Behaviour Course

Aggressive or disruptive customer behaviour can be traumatising for team members. It is important to do self-reflection and post-evaluations of the situation to manage its negative personal impacts. Whether you’re a fellow team member, in a client-facing role or a team leader, it is important to develop better complaint-handling skills to avoid negative experiences from affecting your mental health.

This fully online training course will enable you to handle complaints and manage your impact by investigating complaints, evaluating them and recognising the need for professional support.


  • Self-Reflection and De-Briefing
  • Responding to Personal Impacts
  • Recognising the Need for Professional Support
  • Developing Personal Response Strategies

Best for: Customer Support Agent, Guest Relations Officer, Front Desk Clerk, Call Center Representative, Retail Sales Associate, Restaurant Host/Hostess, Store Manager, Customer Service Coordinator

Cost: Free

6. Communicate With Internal And External Customers Course

The hospitality industry relies heavily on customer service to upkeep the business. Client-facing roles in this industry are responsible for meeting customer needs and expectations, as well as handling complaints in a way that maintains the reputation of the brand.

Hone your customer service skills through our free online course on communicating with customers. Learn to develop active listening skills and elevate your hospitality services to increase customer satisfaction with your business.


  • Elevating Customer Experiences in Hospitality
  • Understanding Customer Cues in Hospitality
  • Mastering Active Listening and Customer Engagement
  • Mastering Hospitality Interactions for Every Context

Best for: Client Services Coordinator, Inside Sales Representative, Account Manager, Sales Support Specialist, Customer Relationship Manager, Marketing Coordinator, Customer Support Representative, Client Liaison

Cost: Free

7. Determine Review Findings And Outcomes Course

Reviews can provide helpful insights for you to determine areas of improvement with your brand’s products and services. However, your company needs to identify relevant and helpful feedback among all the reviews you get. These will give you a glimpse of how consumers feel about your brand so you can address any issues that arise from them.

This free online course will help you to determine relevant review findings and what you can do about them. This way, you’ll be able to anticipate any customer complaints and prepare complaint-handling procedures. You’ll be able to minimise negative feedback as well, as you use the review information to improve your brand’s products or services.


  • Develop and Discuss Preliminary Findings
  • Identify Issues with Relevant Stakeholders
  • Source Additional Information
  • Prepare Recommendations for Action

Best for: Customer Feedback Analyst, Quality Control Specialist, Review Analyst, Service Quality Assessor, Complaints Resolution Officer, Guest Satisfaction Analyst, Customer Experience Researcher

Cost: Free

8. Respond To Customer Difficulties Online Course

Handling customer difficulties in an online setting can be particularly challenging as you cannot communicate with body language. Fixing issues through online communications also limits the solutions you can provide your clients, so you’ll have to identify alternatives that work for both you and your customers.

This complaint-handling course is specifically designed for the online setting. In this course, you’ll learn to understand customer difficulties, find solutions within your scope of responsibilities and maintain professionalism throughout the situation.


  • Understanding Customer Difficulties
  • Handling Dissatisfaction and Complaints
  • Complex Issue Management
  • Professionalism and Reporting

Best for: Online Customer Support Specialist, Social Media Customer Service Agent, E-commerce Customer Service Representative, Live Chat Operator, Online Community Manager, Email Support Specialist, Digital Support Agent

Cost: Free

9. Process Online Refunds And Exchanges Course

Issuing refunds can be stressful for any business. With the rise of e-commerce platforms, customers can easily get refunds for any unsatisfactory items with the touch of a button, which is why businesses have to establish clear and understandable return/refund policies in their online shops.

As we advance through the digital age, it becomes increasingly important to manage customer services online, including returns and refunds. Our free online course on refunds and exchanges can help you better understand the best practices for refunding or exchanging items purchased through your online shop so you can continue to provide exceptional services to your clients.


  • Return Policies and Procedures
  • Refund Methods and Best Practices
  • Challenges and Solutions in Processing Returns and Refunds

Best for: E-commerce Returns Specialist, Online Order Refund Coordinator, Refunds and Exchanges Clerk, Online Store Customer Service Agent, E-commerce Returns Supervisor, Customer Service Returns Specialist

Cost: Free

10. Identify Potentially Disruptive Customers Course

Managing customer behaviour can be difficult as you have no control over how customers will respond to your store policies or in specific circumstances. However, you can best manage the peace and safety in your business by learning to identify potentially disruptive customers.

Our course will help you do just that. You’ll learn to monitor for potentially disruptive or suspicious customer behaviour while continuing to demonstrate quality customer service and willingness to assist. You can prevent escalating negative experiences and improve customer satisfaction at the same time.


  • Monitoring Customer Behavior
  • Effective Questioning and Active Listening
  • Demonstrating Willingness to Assist
  • Referring to Organisational Policies and Procedures

Best for: Security Officer, Loss Prevention Specialist, Guest Relations Manager, Bouncer, Event Security Personnel, Restaurant Manager, Bar Manager, Call Center Manager

Cost: Free

Other Customer-focused Courses

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